Aug 16, 2010


Boo !!!

I know I'm missing in action againnn but its forgivable cos I'm down with food poisoning *sob*

Yeah, I fell sick last Tuesday, and I spent the rest of my day napping at home... I spent the entire day in bed - feeling numb, drowsy, dizzy, cold sweats, stoned, high or whatever u call it..

But I felt much better today, and I finally had normal meal after days of porridge and bread.. But I felt way much much better after tom yam steamboat dinner on Fri with the girls but I end up diarrhea for the whole godamn night ;( Shit me !!! Btw I managed to finished up all the horror movies downloaded by Eriyque =) I felt awesome... despite my stomach is still giving me headache...

FYI I dunno what causes me food poisoning but to avoid me from food poisoning again, I shud learn to be a little nicer to waiter/waitress, friends or enemy before I put anything in my mouth.. fml !!! and I should learn not be so greedy anymore, I should learn to control myself !!! More vege(s), less meat ! More fruits, less eat !!! fml fml fml !!!


Pictures taken from my Iphone


Nette's working station

Nette's favourite

Photos taken @ Temple

Last but not least, me in Baju Nyona

- The End -

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