Sep 17, 2010

Red light

Jesus, there are hell lots of things on my desk ;( things waiting to be confirm, quotation waiting to be prepare, checking air tix, hotels and etc but i TAKRAK mood to work on it at all..

So i decided to update my blog.. wee~ aint im smart ;)

Oh well, I realized I have a very bad driving habit which I couldn't control. No no, not scolding the foul words (altho I did it quite often) ;p fml! back to the topic, FYI I've a habit of red light running which I don't even realized altho everyone pinpointed me the same problem over and over again. I doesn't know whats on my mind but it's really dangerous thou cos that day I ran a red light and almost got into accident :9 which freaks Mandy off like hell ;p I'm sorry ;) I'll try to change kay ;)


Last week my 2nd ex during highschool added me in FB, its almost 10 years that we've last contact. Jeez, this shows how powerful is Facebook, to get us connected and stay connected.. wth and wtf as I never thought he will add/contact me back as we broke up in a very bad way and he even message me and talk like as if we're those long lost friend, he even invited me out for dinner next week which I am still considering. I know I sounds so immature now but I just don't know how am i going to re-act when I see him ;( fml! Dumbo me ;( SLAP ME KILL ME WAKE ME UP!


That day there's a friend of mine asked me 'aren't you tired to be alone ?/ Uhm, seriously I don't, or maybe I am too scared to start a new relationship after all ? Yes, I am.. I m lack of self-confident as I don't think people out there will accept me but life goes on, I won't blame them.

Thus I have a problem in believing people too, omg, idk what's wrong with me ? Maybe guys are still being guys who are just allergies to pretty woman, so in love with many woman would be normal for them. Setting dating schedule is their favourite games and they fall in love as easy as they catches cold, esp if she is cute, funny and has strong personality. No one can tell you how long they will be in love each time. Scary monsta don't they ?

- The End -

Sep 16, 2010

Jamie and Jooles

Holiday is over and everyone is back to their ol' hectic city life - congestion on the road, out of parking slot, uncivilized and uncultured driver everywhere, oily marks on my windscreen, even the bird starts bullying me by shitting on my car, everything is back to square one.. and it ain't fun at all ;( and there aren't any holiday available in the month of October/November/December (besides Christmas).. fml ! What a life !!!

Anyhoo no special during the Raya holiday as I just crashed on the sofa with both of my dogs watching movies from early in the morning til late midnights in the same sluggish pyjama ;p Oh well, I know Im such a dirty brat but its holiday so its forgivable rite ? uhm.. I'll just gonna take ur silent answer as 'Yes' ;p hahhahaa!

I know less update with less pictures again altho I am fully occupied every single weekends.. I think its time for me to get a new camera. Yes, I've made up my mind.. I think I'll go for a new camera than a new phone after dog-walking with Ai Lin after work last Tuesday ;) Ai Lin strongly threatened me to get rid of my slow motion camera with vava-voom flash, red eyes and easily blurred pictures.. So it's time to research for a new camera ;) Any suggestion ?


Picture time ;) Yes, we took more than 100 pictures during the 2 hours.. Entire album upload in my facebook, check it out ! ;)

Us, on the way ;)

Camwhore awhile while waiting for the traffic light to turn green ;)

Let me introduce you Jamie and Jooles ;) and kindly ignore the blue monsta ;p

and thats me ;) trying to go near as they doesn't like when they first saw me thou ;( How sad ! But it turns out well ;) They keep sleeping on my flabby lab and play fetch with me altho i goes more violent than them.. wtf!

Btw it was my first time dog-walking, its really fun altho he kept pulling me while he saw cat, bird, anything that beyond his eye sight.. fml! Luckily I m strong enough to hold him or else I think I'll bang by any car beside the road while he's running towards the so-called moving objects ;)

After dog-walking, its camwhore time.. but tis time, its with the dogs ;) Luckily they are so cooperative with me despite the flash irritates them alot.. Sowee !!! But I just can't resist myself from taking pix with them as they are irresistibly adorable.. Aww they are so kiut and obedient as compare to the blue monsta ;p Kidding!


I miss them alot..

Love you loads

- The End -

Sep 3, 2010

I love U

There are so many unhappy thingy that strikes my mind lately - my health, my work, my friends..
Idk where to start or how to start..
I m struggling to find the words to describe the cataclysmic
I m not as tough as you think,
I m breaking down anytime by now..
I keep forcing myself not to think, not to sad, not to hurt myself nemore
but.. pain is the only thing that can stop myself from thinking all this shits..

Luckily I have my precious furry balls by my side..

When eva I'm unhappy
they are the one who light up my light up my life
they are the one who cheer me up when im down..
they are my good listeners ..
and they will never eva hurt me except scratching/biting me at times.. WTF!

Anyhoo, I LOVE YOU !!!

Pst! Kindly ignore my messy and unglam nerdo expression


Sep 2, 2010

Merdeka 2010

Holla !!! i m back =) Pls do not ask me where I've been or what I am busy lately , let me jus syok-sendiri pretending to be one-of-the-busiest people altho I'm NOT (self-consoling) *cough*. Anyway, did you guys ever realized that there's holiday every week from now on ?

31st August : National Day
10-12th Sept : Hari Raya Puasa *rendang, ketupat & etc*
(OMG! its time to EAT again)
16th Sept : Malaysia Day

I know you are as excited as me *jumping in joy*

So how you spent your Merdeka eve ?
Couch potato-ing @ home ?
Countdown @ the city ?
Clubbing ? or ... ?

Let's see what's my last minute Merdeka plan

We went to Opiumm @ Jaya One for drinks as my idiotic cousin bro is so freaking boring. He called me at 10p.m, threatening me, uhum, i mean telling me nicely that I've 15 mins only to dress up, make up and shit ! t4 i quickly text both of my bestie along to accompany my lovely dovey cousin bro. Duh! Aint im sucha good friend + good cousin ;)

Enjoy the pix =) Altho there's nothing to enjoy ;p

Happy Merdeka !!!


Wanted to post about mua favourite denim and stripes outfit but I m just too lazy to blog about it *sweat* I can't stop myself from buffering movie at home with popcorns on my left hand and a big cup of pepsi on my right.. Aaaahh! mua life is sooooo fantastique et fabuleux *LOL!*

Sorry for leaving my blog empty for so long.. Well, I can't really find anything to update as my life is so freaking dull, boring and lifeless.. I don't mind to update every single day if you can stand with my long-winded grandma stories plus my camwhore pix, as there are x216437536438 of camwhore pix waiting to be upload in this blog... Hahahhaa ! Stay Tune !

O ya, my handphone and camera are seriously breaking down.. so shud i get myself a new handphone or a camera ? FML ! im in serious dilemma ;(


- The End -