Mar 21, 2011


I'm in dilemma... I'd never thought it's a big issue to you until you drove to my house and rushed into my room at 1 in the midnight !!!

I gave you second chance, and yet you blew it off again...
by leaving me at somewhere I'm not familiar with...


and yet you demand for another chance ? Should I give you another chance for letting you dumping me and walking away from me again ? IDK!

Being with you it's more like a responsible than lovin' you nemore.
I really had no idea of what am i doing now..

- To be continued -

Mar 9, 2011

Ccccccrrreeeezzzyyyy moment !!

2nd Day in India : The weather and air pollution is not as bad as what I heard from my boss.. I You must be thinking why do I post a pic of 2nd day instead of first day aite ? Well, its simple.. Bcos i reached at midnight and there aren't anything interesting spotted along the road to the hotel including this picture. Yes, I know ntg special .. saja-saja take it and bombared my unglam blog as usual ;) Thats me !!! the annoying and out of mind Nette ;)

We went to the air force to settle the godamn badges which takes up few hours for nothing .. WATAFAK betoi! but luckily the next session of food testing cheer up my mood, hurray ! ;) Let me introduce the few things that you must not miss in India

Soup : Man Chou/Man Chow soup (spicy)
Drink : Fruit Beer (a carbonated drinks) pic as attached

dessert : Fried noodles with ice cream scoop ;) Yummy ;)

After that we went to print for the posters that will be using in Aero India ;)

Random picture in India

Our guys using mdf board and putty tin to make a dining table, salute 99!

and this ;)

They build this using a broke ladder and usable wood ;)
OMG! ain't they are incredible ;)

And our CNY reunion dinner @ Chung Wah

Yes, that's my boss who are happily yum seng with them (-_-lll)

and the fav moment in India is supper time ;) we cooked instant noodle every single night without misses except we hafto work up to 3/5a.m in the morning ;( worst experience ever !

and of cos, BEER time with Ai Lin @ night ;) Yummy !

Next post :
(a) Picture of me
(b) Picture of the Aero India 2011
(c) Langkawi trip 2010
(d) Christmas 2010

Let you decide ;) for once ;p

- The End -