Feb 21, 2008

To my dearest grandpa

Life's too short to dwell on things
that pull and tear on your heart strings
so park those thoughts that make you worry
and create new goals to which you'll hurry.

Make your list of things to do
that always seemed not part of you
make yourself explore unknowns
write down your thoughts dig up those bones

Take a step toward things that scare you
Show who's boss while mind prepares to
overcome what seems unrealistic
before you lose it and go ballistic

Do something different every day
and watch as life shows new path ways
Life's too short to dwell on things
that pull and tear on your heart strings.

p/s : Forgive, forget. Bear with the faults of others as you would have them bear with yours. Be patient and understanding. Life is too short to be vengeful or malicious.” Love ya

Feb 20, 2008

The day after tml

Today is one of those days, feeling down, feeling blue, nothing clicks for me. It’s raining, it’s pouring, and my life seems so boring. Nothing is really wrong, just this overwhelming feeling of nothingness.

Another frequent feeling nothingness, I feel a void, a black hole, an abyss, hollow, and empty space. Basically there is a feeling that something is missing. I feel a hole in our heart, emptiness somewhere in the space of my chest.

Life is full of changes. I, as a person, am changing a bit everyday. I think I am beginning to live a life of nothingness. I do nothing and now don’t feel much and soon would be thinking nothing as well. Thinking doesn’t help, thinking in the right direction helps. I kept on thinking how, when, why and so on but it wasn’t in the right direction. So starting this moment I stop thinking until I realize what that right direction means. Pain has become me. It’s not a stranger anymore; it’s not an uninvited guest. I think the only thing which has been consistent with me is pain so it’s like a buddy now. I have lost all ties with the world. I don’t talk much, sometimes I feel like but then that feeling disappears faster than ever. I have to literally force myself to live, talk or do things.

I started to hate talking , bt sometimes I really hope tat I can just ‘bla-out-everything’ that kept in my mind bt I didn’t, I still feel so lazy and continue being my unimportant person that sat at the corner considering everything that happened or mayB I shall stop being sluggish to stop the feeling of nothingness and boringness that strikes against me. The Cny holiday had been an excuse for me being sluggish.

The first thing I shall do is to post up the 12k picture (34G) for the past 3 months: Bangkok + Singapore trip, Outing with sista(s) , cousins and BF(F). I need to get everything done before I start my work. Taaa !!

Feb 12, 2008

Happy Micket Yr 2008

Happy Rat Year everyone!!!

It is the year of the rat, the first of the 12-year cycle of animals in the Chinese zodiac. The rat is supposedly a protector and bringer of material prosperity. Rat is also associated with aggression, wealth, charm, and order, as well as death, war, the occult, pestilence, and atrocities. Yippee.

I am personally just worried that the rats of DC will decide, “It’s OUR year!!” and raise a revolt. Have mercy upon us.

Living in the city, there are some rats that dwell in the alley behind our house. I was disgusted when I first saw them one night, running around my garden. Actually, they were so large; I first thought they were small cats or an opossum or something. But no, those were rats. I saw them again another night and another night. I usually just looked away quickly in horror, but then one night I started to watch them. This one rat just kept going left and right of the garden near the fishpond, over and over. It was hilarious. I would look out the window and –oh!, there he was again! — left and right, up and down. I named him Mr. Choi San Yea. And you know what happens when you name something — it brings me wealth *I Guess*.

There appeared to be the only rat in my garden, though my research on the species indicates that there are always many more, which is a somewhat disgusting thought.

We tried to live peacefully with the rats. This was in part because it is really hard to get rid of rats in the city, so I felt resigned to accepting them as neighbors. Whenever I walked outside, I would greet the world by shouting, clapping my hands, and stomping my feet (the joy of the Lord is my strength, you know) to scare any rats away. All of this may sound insane to my suburban or rural readers, and it is, but just substitute some cuter pesky creature — a raccoon, perhaps — and it may make more sense.

One week later, I still have not heard or seen anything else suspicious (at least not in the creature-in-the-house department), so I am just trying to convince myself it was a squirrel on the roof, or an auditory trick, or the dogs next door. I just pray the year of the rat is *not* the year the rats take over my home. Anyone have a nutcracker and an army of wooden soldiers I could borrow? Or I shall say I need DORAEMON *sobs*


Lack of updates, I noe.. but
I was effing sick (fever, flu, cough, sore throat) for the past few days during cny
I cant stop myself from Dong Dong Chang for the past 3 days (cough and sneeze)
Mr. Rat , where r u ?!! u neva protect me huh
I tot the rat is supposedly a protector *disappointed*

I need some sleep
I need panadol
I need blanket
Taa !!a

Feb 5, 2008

Im six feet tall

22nd of Jan 2008 was the last day in coll for me if Im able to pass every single subject for the last semester. It was a big relief to finally get to the end of semester. I still surely have a lot of work to do such as lazy-ing, spring clearning, getting a job, tailor-ing, business-ing, traveling and cny-ing. Gawd !! I need to start brushing, blow-dry and comb-out my hair everyday and get myself used to the tragic traffic jam. But at least, no more attending classes next week and weeks following next week. Hahahaha!! Anyhoo, no more waking up in the morning and driving to campus barely waking up with my pajamas! Early classes usually kept my adrenalin level high by giving me some morning excitement. Thanks god that it has come to an end. Hurray !!

Oh gosh !! U know wert, I ter-swallow the chewing gum that I took last 2 days and I just realized it today *snort*. Yaya, I shud just bang my head on the wall rite now. Well, I guess I shall thanks to my evil bro who’re unintentionally tempting me with his chewing gums and of cos, it’s due to my own greediness too. So I definitely need a reverse bungee session, anybody care to join me ? But on the bright side, at least now i know that a ppl wouldn’t die after swallowing chewing gums for days...oh and I can feel that the gums’ were glued on my intestines and etc. So far so good, looks like my stomach is holding up, haha!

Every ones left – Linda, boyfriend, girlfriend and etc *yawn* I hate the feeling being left alone. Everyday doing nothing, filling my empty days playing Facebook and I start to get bored with it *rolling eye*. Darn, I am sooooooo~~~ boring and lonely. Finish watching 53G movies that kept in my external hard disk (the L word, America Next Top Model (Season 9), Hong Kong Chinese dramas n etc). I’m waiting for another 40G marvelous and sensational movie from Sw *winkz*. But b4 tat I wonder how I am going to make my days more exciting and interesting. If I could choose, of cos I would like to shop, shop and shop but no more shopping spree, as I am abso-abso-absolutely broke at this moment. Oh gawd!! Where is my Genie in the bottle ?!! Taa !!