Jan 8, 2011

Bedtime stories

I always having hard time falling into sleep at night
Every night, I'll fluff my pillow and jump into the bed with my Iphone
slashing veggie (Veggie samurai)/watch youtube til I fall asleep
or else I'll end up insomnia throughout the night ;( FML!

But that day my finger was so tired
so I end up youtube-ing
FYI I found something interesting while I'm youtube-ing,
in fact very interesting !
I found MyDamnChannel while Im searching for some bedtime stories ;p

Let's check out what's interesting about it

My top favourite from MyDamnChannel
(Warning : Please do not proceed if you're under 18)
18 sx !!!

1) The Frog Prince

2) Rapunzel

3) Little Red Riding Hood

4) Hansel and Gretel

5) Goldilocks

6) The Emperor's New Clothes


- The End -

Jan 4, 2011


Merry Christmas *singing Christmas carol*
and Happie New Year Peeps ;)

I know this post is soooo backdated.. Sorry la dey ;)
mina-dey (me) is so busy lately
and ana-dey (boss) is killing me softly every single minute-ne ;(
yes, I almost goes cuckoo-ne..
and almost die of high blood pressure-ne..
Btw I am flying to India for Aero India
on CNY and my burfday ;(
and "might" be staying there til Valentines ;( FML
So you would notice that I'll keep abu-ne-ne or dey-dey-dey in tis few days ;(
Can't get to celeb cny this year
But mina-dey is bringing Taiwan sausage, red packets,
my new bra and panty to India-de-ne..
Uh, did I miss out anything ?
Hope I still manage to smells CNY atmosphere once Im back-de-ne


OMFG! It's January.. Time flies
Well, let me refresh back what I did this year

January : Happily shaking leg @ home as mina-dey is jobless
February : Finally, Siowen is back from US ;)
celebrating my burfday and valentines with my dearie
March : Start my new job @ UA
April : First defense job - DSA @ PWTC
May : Can't recall/Ntg special
June : Can't recall/Ntg interesting
July : Can't recall
August : My first trip to Malacca with bestie
Sept : Can't recall
Oct : Octoberfest - BEER !
Nov : My first business trip to babi laut
Dec : Busy with holidays + shopping ;p

Darn, my memory failed BADLY or I am down with Alzheimer-de-ne ?
or should I said my life is so DULL, uninteresting, boring til I can't recall what's going on for the past few months.. SHIT ! ;(

Woops, time to work..

Will blog about my new year resolution in my next post ;)
but my first new year resolution in 2011 is
EAT MORE VEGE(s) !!! forced by my mum.. SHIT!

Taa !!!