Dec 31, 2009

Linda and Lynette

Linda da '3rd mushroom' and Net da '6th grandma'

Pst~ Kindly ignore our ohh-soo-retarded yet tired face because we took this at 2 in the morning before we travel down to Singapore for Shhhooopppiing =))

Thats Us!! From left : Net, Linda and Cutie Pie a.k.a Apple..

Linda said we should camwhore with 'Guan Yi Gor' *sweat*
Gee, my arms are FLABBY -___-lll

We started to move backward when we noticed that we looks "Fat" in those picture
(aint its betta now ?) tee-hee

My-Oh-My! We looks good now!! =))

Linda threatening apple with her 'so-called gun'

Linda showing and highlighting her dimples *sweat x2*
Linda forcing me to smell her armpit *sweat x3*

- The End -

Dec 30, 2009

Sucha BzB


Im such a busssyy bee.. Mum says im just "busy body" *sweat*

Working my arse off to cover my shopping debts... FML

Dec 24, 2009

Spun of depressions

You changed constantly.
What started out looking like a knight in shining armor ended up being a monster that overtook my life.

It was sad to see you acting that way.
But you wouldn't know how fearless I am
I'm scared to meet you
I'm scared when you text/call
I'm scared when you start torturing yourself
but mostly I'm scared of YOU
I want to believe you, I want to trust you
but I'm scared and keep thinking about the worst possibility that will happen to us
and I don't know how and when to believe you nemore
You never know how upset and depressed I am,
and you'll never knew..

Thus I'm suffering from sleepless night too..
From the anger under construction
and tension bulging the walls
with so much unhappiness.
How quickly we build walls of silence and fear.

- The End -

Dec 18, 2009

Net the Puppysitter

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present u mua new job of the week :
Puppy sitting

Yes, basically im now a full-time nanny for a 2 mths old shih tzu.
Dog-walking, training, yelling and etc.. everything except breast feeding..
Its a great yet tiring job.. but its FUN thou

and here is a picture of the monster that im puppy-sitting at the moment

This little maniac (named Apple) is growing fast and active !
She loves running in circles and jumping over things and pulling toys out of the toybox that are three times hes size and dragging them around the house! Kinda clumsy cause she always end up banging into something if I never stop her. Shes adorable when she wasn't terrorizing mua dear lil baby or trying to bite anything available in the house.
I actually like her despite the numerous piles of pee and poop all over the house but her sweetness and lap dog cuddling makes it tolerable.

Shes sorta over-hyperactive, esp night time, thats the reason why I was pretty much a zombie on day time. I didn't get much sleep thou. But it was easy to forgive her when she curled up on the couch with me and we napped together for over an hour.

Thus, here's a picture of Apple and Baby. It was sorta hard to get a moment where both the dogs were sitting still in close proximity, but I did get a couple of the two of them while they busy watching anime (They love anime -_-lll)

Finally I've the time to blog while both of them are absolutely exhausted after a long hour running, playing and fighting.

Last but not least, here's a picture of Apple in her cute pajama and a "senget" bow ribbon

When there’s new life in the house I feel somewhat energized. This puppy sitting job is no different.

U see, aint I'm a great puppysitter ?! *sengih panjang*
I think i can even start a puppy/dog sitting business ;p

Net pet sitting agency Sdn Bhd

* great and excellent communication with the dog
* reliable toilet-training
*house sitting, puppy sitting
* dealing with dog behavioral issue
* stress free environment - good for raising a puppy/dog
* provide freedom gradually

More info : email me at

- The End -

Dec 16, 2009

Fringe Dresses

Fashion of the day : Fringe Dresses by Jill Sander

The sway and swing of a fringe dress - something to shake up your wardrobe and at the same time, shake all over town.

and here is me swaying and swinging with mua-very-own fringe dress too

- The End -

Dec 13, 2009

Nightmare before Christmas

Christmas! MY favorite holiday of the year!!
FYI I love Christmas for many reasons, mainly though because I have a good excuse to go shopping *jumping in joy excitedly* and nt forgotten the crazy end year SALES *excited x2* and I have a legitimate excuse to sing Christmas Carols whenever I want and I don’t have to deal with people complaining that I sang/humming like a frog…*excited x3*

Anyhoo, I've been cracking my head for the past few days, figuring what should I get for lil wen *headache* Luckily 辉少 pointed out something which I'm t-totally agree. Yep, for the first time in ages, imma sorta/kinda agreed with him *sweat*
辉少 ! U should be proud !!!!
BTW, 辉少 says we should get something that we like as a xmas pressie to the others..
Thats the reason why im getting him a durian and im sure he's going to thank me for the worst Chrismas gift, ever!!! *excited x4*

so.. what do you think I should i get 4 Wen ?

Fuji Instanx Mini 7 ?

XIXILI Sherry 3 Collection ?

Accessories, Gold big Bangles, Real-Vintage Ring, Headband..?

and im writing mua Christmas list to Santa too, if Santa loves me more this year,
pls get me a new lappie
cos my old laptop is in ICU *sob*

Doc said I shud be prepared and starts getting a new lappie
SO im thinking of getting

(a) Asus Eee PC 1005HA

(b) Apple MacBook Pro Summer 2009/Macbook Air

Any opinion / suggestion ?

Dec 8, 2009

Read and Grin !

Right now I was pretty addicted in Bejeweled Blitz and Sorority Life at one point and neglected moi Pet Society, Restaurant City, Cafe World, Happy Farm, outing, shopping and etc.
Well, thanks to my beloved evil cousin (LINDA T) who beat my highscore in Bejeweled
im like 'Oh nooooo' this cant be possible....... right ?!
500k is literally sounds so immpoooosible........
owhmuafarkingoat! ya, i mean fark the goat instead of GOD who bless me from.. whateva
and I need more combo(s), hypercube(s), multiplier ..
I hafto crash her down *evil laughing*

Gee, I need to smoke, I need some air...
Basically Christmas is driving me crazy...
right after my BF told me that she bought me a xmas pressie in USA..
*im feeling so delightful in eff-ing mode*
and what am i going to get for her ?!
I need something vava-voom that makes her go gugugaga-ing around,
mayb a hug or kiss thru SKYPE.. Fantastic *sweat*

Luckily and finally I found something interesting and exciting,
I bet shes going to love it like i do *evil grins*
and when i starts to grin, u'll know im thinking stg dirty again.. *winkz*

Yep, im getting her this MAGIC BRA PAD
*jumping in joy excitedly* Imagine pls
This magic bra pad can increase your cup size as big as you desire.
No more airport runways thou!

"No operations, injections or drugs needed to upgrade your cup!"
Its a Safe & Effective Way To Enlarge Your Bust *wink wink*

and if my moods good, I'll get you this .... too

The latest BUTTOCK LIFTING tool... *sengih panjang*
Kid u not !!!

Omg! I love this thread so muchhh..
cos I found lotsa kewl things to buy for myself too.. *wink wink*

P/s: Need one ? I'm writing my order now..

- The End -

Dec 5, 2009

OMFG ! Its December (The Partey Month)
and its the month whereby I need to start figuring shud I buy myself a Christmas pressie, wrap it up and put it under the tree/into a smelly sock of mine, lock myself back into da room, wait the clock strike 12, syok sendiri unwrap my-very-own pressie and snore like pig happily later on...

Anyhoo, I think I really should pamper myself with something afterall its been a hectic month for me and I've a whole long wishing list such as tops, dresses, XIXILI sherry 3 collection, blazer, shoes, accessories.. etc (Nothing can ever make me happier than receiving this)

But currently I do not have any fixed income
so I think I shud set myself a few ground rules..

1. The pressie has to be something practical and functional
2. The pressie has to serve my current needs
3. The pressie has to be something that I really need than I like

such as : DSLR, laptop, car ?!!!


- Outfit of the day -

Dress : Dorfbury
Lacey legging : Velvet Ribbon

- The End -

Dec 3, 2009


I’m a little freaked out nowadays, looking at my grandma getting older and weaker day by day.

My tears were just out of control when ever I saw how suffering she was in the hosp for the past few days, the tears just welled up in my eyes when ever i think of how ill is my grandma, not deep, convulsive sobs, just slow, heavy tears, in realization at how terribly important she is to me.

So far, I think there's nothing i want more than to sit/sleep on my grandma's lap, enveloped in her embrace. But currently I am happy to be a health care advocate/driver/physical therapist/entertainer/activity director for grandma and I’ll continue to do it-happily.

p/s : kindly ignore mua oh-so-retarded face in this picture taken 4 years ago

Nov 25, 2009

Best Friend, Crime Partner, and Enemy

P/s : Reedited the whole post bcos i find my blog is so
eff-ing BORING

The blog's owner was puzzle and stucked up with her oh-so-boring mode
ever since she stopped drinking..
alcohol level drop thou (thats how Kenny explained)

Anyway, can u guess whose my bestfriend, enemy and crime partner ?


Tips : Shes the ONE i shared all my secrets and
Shes the ONE i treasured the most..

and here is where and how we met.. OWS/CTA..
(aint camwhore is the best medicine when you need to work full day on SATURDAY)
Yeps, thats my messy yet full of bugs opis.. Thats Melvin, the guy standing at the middle
Looks freaking irresistibly GAY rite ?
thus he's the ONE, people thought I'll be marrying to..
thanks to my BIG BOSS with his unlogical theory.. FML

and here is another ONE -> KENNY LEE YEW FAI !!!!
Da lansi ONE

The ONE who always bully me T.T

But when im sick, he'll drive all the way to buy me this
well~ its jus bcos he's the ONE who makes me sick....
He's probably GUILTY thou!

and he also bought me this (imma lovin it so muchie)
and the Rose Lavender Ciggy (2 Pax)

In return, I gave him.......... this :


So, any answer yet ?
Whose my best friend, crime partner and enemy ?

- The End -