Dec 14, 2010


This is coming from experiences, and also, Gossip Girls. Uncertainties make your life seem like a rocking boat in the middle of the sea, in which, there is absolutely no compass or whatsoever that could direct you back to the shore. You have to wreck your brains and only ending up taking chances with 50-50 probabilities.

One thing that you have been holding on for what seemed like forever suddenly changes, what do you do? You can't think straight no more. You don't know what is real and what is not. You doubt at almost everything. Faith evaporates right out of your poor soul. More uncertainties.

I am terrified of this. I can't seem to handle them well. I change myself, my beliefs. Thinking this change would protect myself. Hell yeah, I very well know its merely a self-denial kinda thingy. Life's a gamble. Now i know where that quote came from. Life is a goddamn true gamble. U either take chances or U TAKE CHANCES. Yes, NO CHOICE in LIFE! there's no definite answer to anything at all. Yeah, perhaps, the answer will be along the way as you live your life.

I was in dilemma. Working doesn't seems fun to me anymore. Nina left the company without telling me ;( We might not close to each other after some minor unhappy things happens at work but she is the ONE and only ONE who'll entertain me while I'm dead bored in the office. Everything's in the office is cracking up, its just like earthquake. I don't know whose the real friend and whose not anymore.. But the answer will be reveal soon, i doubt so *finger crossed* No guarantee !

- The End -

Dec 10, 2010

The month of Dec, much love !

This year passes so quickly, i could hardly remember what I've did..
Looking at my previous post which I'd updated 2/3 posts in a mth..
but I found nothing! FML

Sometimes i complained too much til I almost forget how lucky I am..
I've a family that loves me and pampers me like a princess
(most of the time)
and I love them more each day..
I've a group of friends who are still there for me, after years of friendship
I appreciate them even more ;)
I've two lovey dovey dogs to accompany me whether they like it or not ;p
I've a car to bring me wherever i wanna go
(only if i know the route)
I've a good paid job and enables me to travel too..

Yes, I really shud stop complaining/whining about the tiniest things
I will grow up and be as independent as i could be

So I am moving forward, and I can't wait to see what's in store for me in 2011..

- The End -

Dec 5, 2010

3 letters 8 words, say it, i'm YOURS

Everything happen too fast..
Too fast til I hardly digest.. Eff me !

Idk am i ready for it..
idk am i really moved on..
idk !

Cause even til now his face, his smile, our memory are still flashing thru my mind occasionally and I really dunno am I ready for a new relationship after being single for so long... Everyone advice me to give SK a chance as stalking my ex is not an healthy things to do.. I know but I worried I'll hurt SK if things weren't working out..

I know I am a spoil princess whereby its really hard to please me.. altho I doesn't need a vava-voom handsome good-looking bf or a wealthy richly brat, all I need is someone who can make me laugh, understand me and accept all my weaknesses. Yes, I need a TLC (Tender Loving Care) bf..
I am freaking out.. FML !!!

- The End -

Dec 4, 2010

December ♥

Hello DECEMBER !!! That's mean it's time for annual partey and exchanging presents with friends, spending time with familee, enjoying the end year sales, and most importantly vacation from work ;) Yes, I am clearing my working leaves and I am going to the femes island of beer for 3 days 2 nights and the rest will be used for DVD marathon with my bee ♥ much love ! Yes, would be spending most of my time for mua familee ;)


Backlogged pictures from my China trip ;)

My superior twin room @ Sunshine Airport Hotel
(This is the hotel whereby I am sleeping alone)

Second Hotel

Pst ! this is a red hotel.. t4 u'll found lotsa interesting packet in the hotel ;p

The exhibition hall is so empty when we reached there

and this is my boss's favourite restaurant,
the restaurant of all the snake worm rat ant -_-lll FML!!!

Macao !!!

OMG! I am so in love with Macao, i heart their Portuguese style building.. Everything in Macao is much love altho it is hell expensive.. so i focus more in sightseeing and act like a typical kiasu kampungish tourist that can't stop taking picture ;p

Pictures are all taken @ Tai San Pa (a place that full of beautiful church)
The only place to visit as we only have few hours before our flight ;(

- The End -

Dec 2, 2010

As fragile as the glass...

Wtf am I doing right now ? Blogging during working hour while there are piles of work mountain up on my desk and SMS-es waiting to reply.. FML! What's wrong with me ! Wake up wake up.. Nette! you really hafta wake up !!!

Yes, I know I was like totally disappeared from this world for the past few days due to emo strikes. And I don't eff-ing care or bother to communicate with anyone and act like a spoil rude princess towards anyone and everyone.. FML! Yes, I told you, I've noticed that I'd changed, changed to someone I dislike and it definitely and certainly makes me hate myself even more..

And the only thing can lighten up my day is shopping ;) Haha! Yes, I was addicted to online shopping.. Eff the advanced technology of blog shop, online transaction and etc.. Shit me! I was very broke this month as I spend all my money during my business trip to CHINA with no regret !!! HAHHAHA! FML ! I think if i went China during the summer, I am so gonna declared myself as bankruptcy due to shopping bugs ;)

Another things that will brighten up my day is reading emails. Yes, that's the first thing I'll do once I reach office. Throw my bag, sit down, switch on my laptop, login to my email, read and reply before Im happily shitting and breakfast ;p Ever since I start working in this company, I had few very close foreign friends which we contacted via email/skype every single day. Reading their email certainly makes my day ;) and did I tell you that I finally received an email from 小莫 yesterday ;) I almost burst out in tears reading the email and I even told Jay about it.. I guess I feel more secure talking to someone who are 2479 km far away from me ;) Or maybe he understands me more than anyone else... Someone who I hate the most during work, end up being my good listener ? Wth!