Jun 28, 2010

Happy Father's Day

celebrated at Korean Sushi @ Ampang

Idk what happen to me lately
as last week im so crazee with crab
and... this week I am craving for Korean food.. fml
is this what they called as "Growing Stages" ?
or more to "Growing Old" ? *sweat*

Anyhoo, my DAD is not a big fan of Korean food
but I am ;p tee-hee
hence I dragged him to Korean Village @ Ampang
altho he keeps mumbling and grumbling that he prefer
to have steamboat @ Cheras
but I just ignore him as usual... fml!
I know I know, im sucha bad daughter ;p tee-hee!

Anyhoo, let me present you few dishes that we ordered on that night

im chi is crunchy, tangy, salty, addictively spicy and less pungent. The panchan dishes such as spicy cockles, bean sprouts, omelette with sausages and sweet pumpkin has been ‘malaysianised’ to suit our taste budBindaeduk (korean pancake)

Daeji Galbi (BBQ pork ribs)

BBQ Chicken


Unagi set

Sweet & Sour pork rice

Last but not least, my favourite of the night
Spicy Kimchi soup...

Pppssssttt!!! DAD !!! Steamboat @ Cheras this week kay ? ;p
But you gonna pay the bill ;p
Bua ha ha ha ha~
Im sucha good daugher... rite DAD ?


I you DAD!

- The End -

Jun 24, 2010

Seafood freak

Idk what's wrong with me..
its kinda like morning sickness (nausea gravidarum)
or those dunno what-what pen-menstrual craving
Im suddenly so into SEAFOOD - esp CRAB... yummmm~

I bugged my dad from weekdays to weekends and from morning till noon
Idk how many phone calls I've made and email I've sent .. wtf
Luckily my wishes had finally been answered by GOD
Hence he agreed to bring me to Klang for seafood ;p
THANKS DAD! tee-hee

Picture time :

Yesterday dinner was SUPERB

But Daddy says I may ONLY choose either 1 part to eat ;(
So i keep searching and digging around,
as if I'm treasure hunting.. FML!
I know im so uncivilized at the moment
I wish I can eat all I can bt too bad,
I'm allergic to seafood
when eva I took seafood - red itchy patches will appear all over my body
and it tooks hours, days or months to recover
Luckily I doesnt have any bf to complain rite now
so I can eat when eva I want and what eva I want
or will I be lucky to find a guy who can accept who I am ? ;p

- The End -

Jun 21, 2010

The toilet inventor

I know, I've been neglecting my porky blog again... Sry!
I'm really very de busy lately
I know same ol' excuse!
I shud think of a new excuse for neglecting my unglam blog..
Uhm, mayb I shall said Im busy inventing a new portable toilet bowl
so I can shit when ever and where ever I want ;p
and you'll go vava-voom to see me in front page of the every newspapers
esp FML.com with the headline - "Lynette the crazee toilet inventor" ;p

Btw, I'm free for 5 minites today so i decided to use it preciously
by updating my death fish blog
as I'd just finished busy with Hari Pameran @ TUDM
New experience I shall said, enjoyed all the stuns did by the air force - esp parachutes
Sorry, no pictures as I'm stil saving my arse to get myself a camera -_-lll


Anyhoo, I realized things changed - my life, my work, my interest, myself
Its kinda like a turning point or maybe its those midlife crisis ? fml
I felt like im breaking down soon...
I learned much to my disappointment...

Hence the only things that may enlighten my mood is food
I need food therapy

My fav Taiwan Noodles @ Ampang Point
*Highly recommended by Lynette*

and here is the outfit of the day

Floral dress (Fashionlicious)

They said I looks like grandma rather than a red carpet stunner or a butt-kicking Avatar in this floral dress -_-llll
What says you ?

- The End -

Jun 14, 2010

What women hates about men

Every weekend, me and my gfs will went out for a couple of drinks at our favourite cafe. Automatically our topic will inevitably turn to men and in most cases, it will eventually turn into a massive ranting session about how hard it is these days to find a good man to date… which will lead to an intensive bitching session about the male sex in general…and inevitably wind up with a detailed list of all the traits guys have that annoy girls.

I know 'no human being is perfect' but there are some bad habits which every human being is indulging in. But these habits should never be out of limits. That's how we develop a dislike with people with certain bad habits. This is some of the habits which for sure are hated by most women.

Guys, please take note !!!

(1)The selfish
- He'll just think of himself without giving any shits on you

(2) The childish
- Acting cute ? FML!

(3) The arrogance
- He thinks he is oh-so-handsome or oh-so-attractive altho u r, please learn to be HUMBLE

(4) The emo
- One moment they are happy and the very next they become angry beasts, totally unpredictable. Women would never prefer such men.

(5) The cribo
- This kind of men want women only to vent out their feelings about how unjust life has been to them.

(6) The bad mouth
– Some men who likes to bad-talk about woman or use foul language.

(7) The show-off
- Girls can’t stand when a man will put you on blast for something he does all the time! esp towards his friends or in front of his friend.

(8) The unhygienic
- Guys who are lack of hygiene etiquette shud police your hygiene and hand washing!

(9) The casanova
- Guys who ogle at girls and flirt all the time

(10) The despo
They are desperate for everything. They cannot stand delays and waits.

- The End -

Jun 11, 2010

Fickle mind

Last week, I went to meet Clarist @ Old town *Moi new nest*
Missed her so muchie cus we haven't met up since god knows when.

Well, thats us...
gossiping while waiting for Princess Alyn
Time : 9p.m

That's us again, gossiping bout bf(s) while waiting for Princess Alyn
Time : 9.10 p.m

That's us again, camwhoring while waiting for Princess Alyn
Time : 9.30p.m

That's us again and again,
waiting for Princess Alyn
Time : 10.00p.m

That's us again, again and again,
still waiting for Princess Alyn
Time : 10.20p.m

Time : 10.40 p.m
Status : Still waiting without any news from her

Tired faces of me waiting for Princess Alyn
Time : 11p.m

Time : 11.30p.m
Supper time

Time : 11.45p.m
We decided to go back !!!

P/s : Cik Alyn, please do not take evening nap when u decide to yum cha wif us...

- The End -

Jun 3, 2010

Ruffles Maniac

I'm not that great at adding color to my outfits. I am a huge lover of grey, black, and white. Yes, so most of the time you'll saw me either in black, grey or white.
or mayb because I'm born to be melancholic wtf.

Outfit of the day :

And I think myself is a ruffles enthusiast – i have piles and piles of them (probably more than i need – hence, surplus), and I’m always searching for more. I’ve been eyeing over a new white ruffles top again altho the price is 3x of my favourite brand wtf. Can anyone get rid the shopaholic maniac syndrome inside of me ?


Remember in my last few posts,
I've been begging people for free mobile phone in a jokingly way ?
*maybe I sound too serious at times wtf im sorry*
hence, this is what I got in my letter box today..

A box of new hp...

Thankiu sender..
Pls ignore my messy table, I know my working station is a mess -_-lll

- The End -

Jun 2, 2010

Happy Birthday KAL

I would like to take a moment today to wish
my senior a.k.a CEO of 38 association
a very happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Ms Kok Ai Lin

I am blessed and fortunate to have you as my elder sister and also one of my closest friends. You'll always be there for me, at the lowest of lows and all they joys as well. Thanks for being my good listener (altho I know most of the time u dun really listen) in a way, but I'm truly appreciate and ahem I'm touched ;p Hence, I know you must be really headache to have me as your junior - and sorry for what I've done - by bringing u to the wrong place to meet up with clients, paid parking with client's calling card, frighten you with my mad cow driving skills, occupied all your time for badminton, karaoke, shopping and drinking session ;) Anyway, last but not least, Happy Burfday *muakx*

- The End -

Jun 1, 2010

DVD's wedding ♥

*** Another backdated photos of DVD's wedding on 21st March 2010 ♥

DVD, a friend who i met in college
First impression, I tot he sell pirated DVD t4 ppl calling him DVD
who noes its jus a short form for David *sweat*
He really mempersiasuikan people who called David wtf

Picture time

The guys

The girls

Ready to pick up the bride

Moi favourite moment! *Me like!!!*

Idiotic DVD with stim face ;p

Dinner time ♥

Spotted !!! Leng chai of the night.
2 some more ;p

OMFG! the food is yummy ;)

- The End -

H a r l o

Wokay, this post is going to be extremely random wtf..

dot dot dot...
dot dot dot dot....
dot dot dot dot dot.....

Uh-oh, my mind is totally blank at the moment,
and I really do not know what to write about wtf.
All I can think of... is....

(insert picture of me, the prettiest one anyone has ever seen)
Nette's camwhore spirit is Back in action !!!

So here is the back-dated picture of me and moi sista(s)

My dear lovely Epal Kuek,
posing with her chocolate vanilla

and here is my second crime partner : Yinnie Ong


Epal pm-ed me for drinks a couple weeks ago,
she told me that she need someone to talk to due to..,
and of cos I'll always be there for her
altho she had conned me lotsa times -
I won't forget how she got me to drive up til Old Klang road
for Dim Sum instead of shopping @ mv wtf
and poignant me with bad management skills,
invited Thim along instead of meeting him at KL area for dinner...
OMFG ! I know my schedule is so freaking messy and unorganized,
t4 I usually mix 2/3 grps in every of my outings
(Ain't Im good in multi-tasking ?) ;p hahaha

FYI I looks like busy but actually im not as busy as u thought wtf
You get what I mean ? You don't ?!!!
OKAY fine, ignore me as usual please

Ok, I am blabbing again. End of story. Time to ciao.

Buh bye..