Feb 23, 2014

Horsey Year 2014

English version : Happy New Year Everybody !!! 
"A New year, A New Start, A New Chapter, A New Beginning, Forget the bad, Cherish the GOOD, I sincerely wish u a very blessed new year ahead. Happy New Year."
Cantonese version : Gong Hei Fat Choy !!!
Mandarin version : Gong Xi Fa Cai !!!
年大吉 (Wish you luck in the Year of the Horse.)

I know this post is superb backdated but at least imma back to my almost dead blog. 
OMG! Never tot i've abandoned my blog for 9 months 21 days 7 hrs and 34 minutes
*smack head* LOL kidding
I dont even know how long I've leave my blog. 
I main hentam on the above timing only.. heh

Btw did I tell u that I loves CNY the most ? As I can shop happily without feeling guilty but this year I was so busy at work until I've no time to shop at all but luckily I still managed to purchase 3 outfits (T.T) at the very last minute. Scared the shit out of me, I thought I m going to wear 'old clothes' during CNY. 

This year I went back to Malacca much earlier on 30th instead of 1st day of CNY. Yay!!! Must start appreciate and enjoy my CNY before I get married and settle down to unknown fisherman town. You'll have the same feeling when you're hitting three-o FML. 

Lets see what we have for our dinner on 30th. This year we did not prepare 10 dishes 1 soup anymore, we opt for something very simple as my popo is getting old and weak, try not to trouble her. And she doesn't have any confident towards her children and grandchildrens, most importantly she did not want anyone to steal her fame and limelight. SO SIMPLE IZ THE BEST! But at least we still get to taste her femes stewed duck *slurps*. 

While we're busy preparing, Xin busy snapping picture and Linda posing -_-lll

After dinner, we always chillax at the car porch. Enjoying the thunderous fireworks and family bonding session instead of sitting and watching television. And that's Bobby, chilling beside the bicycle because he is so afraid of the fireworks *evil grins*

Popo, dad and mum busy preparing for the prayer thingy.

while we busy snapping our OOTD for Day 1 heh (The long awaiting moment)

Spotted any difference ? Yes, I m so lady-like in red dress with big curls ? heh! Better agree on it as Im sure you doesn't wanna mess with my private hair stylist a.k.a Linda T (my beloved shorty cuzzie)

Plus I have a very good photographer (my bro) during CNY. He took lotsa pics for us and surprisingly it turns out quite well ;)

Later on, we went to 2 famous temples in Malacca. Exposing ourselves to the UV -__-lll 
Its really people mountain, people sea. 

And we have steamboat for dinner.. woot! my favourite 

On the 2nd day, we will visit Gugu's house as usual. It is so hard to get everyone to ready on-time especially my beloved Xin "Mo Wang" (Queen of Slow). As usual, she will took up all her time in make-up, dressing up and etc.

We have assam fish (popo cooked it specially for me thou), chap chai (mixed vege), Pongteh chicken (Malacca style, prepared by Kai Ma). Best explained why I had 2 bowls of rice. Burppppp~

OOTD for 2nd day. 
Left : Day time outfit for house visiting
Right : Night outfit.. hehehe! 
I know I m so 'hiao', keep changing clothes like fashion show even thou I've 3 outfits only FML

Finally a group picture of us ;) with my new camera SONY NEX F3 *flips hair*

As usual, we will have our dinner at different Chinese restaurant (every year) on the 2nd. 

We continue with our BlackJack as usual after dinner and camwhore with our matching pjyamas bought by Linda during her previous HatYai trip. My mum even volunteer herself to help us took all the pictures just like the good old days. 

And guess what ? I've received a big bag full of pre-loved clothes by cuzzie Jilyn too. 
Yay! which means NO shopping for the next few months time. 

On the 9th, we usually went to Yinnie's house for Bai Tian Kong.

Last year, we have Wen to celebrate with us. But she is now married and moved to US (T.T) 
Altho we're 9,334 miles away but our friendship will remained the same. Love both of you!

- The End -