Oct 31, 2007

DSC-M2 virus

See this ?
and That
Nice ? !!
Absolutely 'wat tat' (disgusting) laaaa~~
Know why ?
Nah !! nt bcos of my lousy ciplak handphone
and also not becos of my lau yah photo skills
its jus that
i dun have a nice cameraaaaa !!
i really want the Sony Cybershot DSC-M2 *drool*

H-u-n-g-e-r S-t-r-i-k-e

Its cloudy and I'm hungry
Its Wednesday and I'm hungry again
Its evening and I'm eff-ing hungry again and again
I've been browsing and googling around for some yummy-o-licious's food + recipes
Its killing me...sofely !!!

Basically mum says i'm like a hungry ghost, I gets hungry all the time. I guess I'm a hypoglycemic so I need to eat every few hours or else my blood sugar drops and I will faint or feel very bad wtf. I eat about every three or four hours and if I don't, I become CRAZY! (Siao in Mandarin). T4 I'll always carry along some crackers, bread or etc with me no matter where and when.

Hallelujah !!

Oct 28, 2007

I'm getting married !!!!

So TODAY I finally sat down and looked at my class schedule for this semester. Now there are a few obvious problems with it.
(1) it contains 4 classes. but not really bcos 2 are lecture class
(2) i have a 10am class on every FRIDAY *yawn*

Unfortunately, these are classes i have my heart set on. the thing is that i am not a morning person. i think a 12pm would be good to force me to get my lazy ass out of bed at a decent hour. but 10am is too punishing. i'm starting to think that maybe i'll just wake up at 9.55am, 5 mins drive to college, run to class, reach punctually at 10a.m, hope there is no one out there realizing I’m in my pajamas, unshowered, messy hair or mayb some saliva remark on my face, yada yada yada and just hurry home afterwards. *good management planning*

* salute *

Oct 22, 2007

i am so.... happy *snort*

Basically life is composed with not only the happiness and fun, but also the sadness and depression. Everyone gets in a bad mood sometimes but I gets bad mood most of the time. I guess I have anger management problem. I really think so. I get irritated very easily. I have low tolerance for stupid behaviour. Everything pisses me off when I step into college.

Yeah!! Yeah!! I have the worst, craziest, most random mood swings! Seriously, my mood can change drastically in a matter of moments, and cover all spectrums... like, 1 minute I’m happy, then next I’m suicidally depressed but for the reason of college most of the time. I feeling like a different person, I don't want a new personality! I wonder how am i goin to control my roller-coaster emotions. I don’t want to feel so morose and down in the dumps for the entire semester.

I find myself getting irritable for almost no reason and suddenly feeling down without knowing why. I feel so boredom and hopelessness when I’m having class the next day and It’s not that temporary occurrence or from something significant. I really can't stand myself sometimes. And the guilt I feel for having a lack of control over my moods is very frustrating. I can not seem to shake this horrible mood I have been in for days now. I was in a REALLY bad mood...so I blog my feelings out instead of reading da WWF website for tml’s meeting *snort* however i’m nt going *hahahaha!!* I feel pity for those who’re in same grp with me. Yeah !! Yeah !! i’m so bad, u can just curse me as how many times as u want.. *yawn*

After all this long grandmother story, I just want to switch off the light and get some sleep. *yawn*

I need ...................plastic surgery *yawn*

I just don't want to talk about it
I don’t want to listen
I don't want to explain
I don’t want to think
I don’t want to know
I don’t want to be bothered
I should just let go, and not care about what others think, no?

I need to stop being confused.
I need to stop dragging others down with me
I need more memory to store in my bloody brain
I need miracle
I need a mentor
I need some sleep
I need some time
I need some privacy
I need a listener
I need therapy
I need a hug
I need a bottle of sleeping pills
I need a knife to kill those who irritate me and block my way….
I need a holiday
I need more money ($$$)
I need help badly

Oct 19, 2007

Mber Cha

I was watching some video clips at YouTube
then i come across with a very farnee video clip of Amber Chia
here it is >>

Nice ?
Farnee ?
Just sit back and Luff ur lung out

Oct 18, 2007

Back to college -- by OnewingAngel

Heck, its Oct..
I gotta go back, back, back to college AGAIN !!
Holiday has come to an end
That’s mean no longer getting lots of action, having lots of fun
It's bye bye fun, get your assignment done

Attending Mr. Chuan’s class it’s just a pain
Culture is communication, communication is culture; destroy mua brains
I guess I’m going down with a fatal disease
Save my soul, the board of education took away my parole

school today was quite Umm....boring i guess,
the class seems never to end though.
The tutor, well, shes nice but not to me
then the module is absolutely boring.
Ok maybe, i have enjoyed too much during the holidays and
don't wish to go back to school so everything seems to be boring
Come on! who likes to go back to school again after like holidays,
How I wish everyday is a holiday,
That’s wat I alwiz say: live life the fullest
oh man , dream on!

Oct 17, 2007

Shoe monger

Die die die !! I'm sort of becoming a shoe monger! In drab I only own like 2 pairs, and some sneakers. But now ? I purchased this , that and thatttt !!

in 2 hours time *snort*
I tot I can resist myself from buying this, this and this ..


u mm.. For your information, I'm not shopaholic. I'm more Shopaphobic

OMG !! I still see shoes everyday that I'd love to have!

Oct 11, 2007

Yn says Nailis bankrup ^______^

Date : 10th Oct 2007
Time : 9.30p.m

Journey started at 8.30 P.m from Setapak to Nailis..
From moi house -> Yeen Nee's house -> Lao Soo's house ->
Lai mae's house -> Yi-Pei's place...
at last we reach Nailis at 9.15p.m..
Thanks to my road guide -> Ms. Lao soo
Anyhoo, happy playing merry-go-round and
stuck in da middle of the traffic light wif u ->Ms.Lao Soo ><"
who also taught me to ran over da traffic light
Hey !! im a good driver OKAY
i follow LAW 1...*sigh*

Let me begin with a short and simple introduction of moi Convent schoolmates...

1st. Ms.Lao Soo ->

(Ms Lao Soo aka Laughing Buddha)

Laughing Buddha = �� 38 + �� Crazy + �� Blur ..

Peminat setia Nailis's Nasi Lemak ...tambah sambal


(Ms. Yi-Pei da ex-Head prefect)


Yeen-Nee da Ex-Head Librarian


Miss Lai Mae aka 36D

From left : Hiu Mun, yeen Nee and Suk Teng

Conclusion :- Yi-pei win.. See she luff until so happie ^______^
Lao Soo: I dun belif, i ady 3 yrs no shave dy (-_-lll)

OoOOo~~, at last our most famous KPC sudah mali...

-> Miss Chan Kit Yee da President of KPC club

Moi sweet sorority sista ^____^

Even thou we changed and finding our own place in the world,

we all know that when the tears fall or the smile spreads across our face,

we'll come to each other bcos no matter where this crazee world take us,

ntg will eva change so much to the point where we're nt all still frenz


Truely great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget..

Oct 9, 2007

The 5 factor of live

Your Values Profile


You don't really value loyalty.
In your opinion, friendship should be earned.
If you don't agree with someone, it doesn't matter how close you are.
You'll let them (and everyone else know) exactly what you think.


You value honesty a fair amount.
You're honest when you can be, but you aren't a stickler for it.
If a little white lie will make a situation more comfortable, you'll go for it.
In the end, you mostly care about "situational integrity."


You don't really value generosity.
Your needs always come first, no matter what.
And you'll possibly help someone else out...
But only if it helps you in return.


You value humility a fair amount.
You tend to be an easy going, humble person.
But occasionally your ego takes over.
You have a slight competitive streak - and the need to be the best.


You value tolerance highly.
Not only do you enjoy the company of those very different from you...
You do all that you can to seek it out interesting and unique friends.
You think there are many truths in life, and you're open to many of them.


Anyone watched “Guess Guess Guess” yday ?!!
If u din, its OKAY
Cos anyhow, its time for a story telling session with Ms. Piggy
Yeapz !! That’s me *evil grin*
*mua ha ha ha*
Sry to those who have watched it bt still need to listen 2 my grandmother story
The video clips - - >

Best i have seen so far. Not that I'm into the beat boxing thing but it was amazing!
The beatbox player was so …Great! and ‘hensem’ too *winkz*
Dieing to learn so much
But I afraid not, cos my tongue is too short for beatboxing *snort*
Do u know learning beatbox can improved your kissing skill too ? *winkz*
So, what are u guyz waiting for ?
Lets sign up for the beatbox classes with me …

Lets check out some amazing beatboxing video clips


Funny way of beatboxing and funny hairstyle *evil grins*
and the another 1 by JJ Lin..

And here is a short tutorial with …. dunno wat name dy >.<

Another coming up video clips will be chikako(me) beatboxing
Taraa !!!
p/s: not available at this moment *snort*

Oct 5, 2007

Steven Lim

Do you know whose the most “HENSEM” guy in Singapore ?
Do you know whose the famous stripper in Singapore ?
Who else - Steven Lim lo
“Everyone loves Steven Lim” *cough*

Check out Steven Lim’s DIY MV
Lets give a big applause to Steven Lim

Those who are under 18 *please leave this website immediately*

ZzzzZZZzzzzZZZZzzzzzZZZZz !!!!

Oct 4, 2007

♥ Malaysian English = Manglish ♥

These days we are bombarded with vivacious expressions
Charming funny, occasionally embarrassing bt alwiz colourful
This is Malaysian English a.k.a Manglish

Let’s check how Manglish are we *winkz*

1. How many of U put into practice the tail-ender ‘lah’…
Frequently ? Extremely habitually ?
2. How many of U scold ‘Bladibarsket’ or ‘Bladiful’ when we’re stressed out with
the Malaysian driver and follow wif @#$%^&*. Want to die-ah?!!!
3. How many of U will called the busybody, who loves to butt into other ppl’s affairs
as ‘Kay poh chee’ or ‘KPC’ ?

– And –

Do you know which is the most common Manglish ?
1. ‘Kiasu’ – Literally means ‘scared to lose’ in HOKKIEN
2. ‘Mangkuk – nt bowl, this is denote that 1 is empty-head as an empty bowl (bodoh)
3. ‘Pat poh’ – another word use for KPC (7+1 type)
4. ‘Swaku” signify a persons who behaves in an unsophisticated ulu manner
5. ‘Ackshun’ (action) – a person who show off or behave arrogantly
6. ‘Chapalang’ – indicate of mixed blood, mixed parentage during 50s – 70s
7. ‘Chee sin’ – some1 who’s got the wire crossed in their brain compartment
(crossed/ fused wire)
8. ‘Cheh Kai’ – Lousy, hopeless, unimpressive (canto slang)
9. ‘Cheong Hei’ – Longwinded person, talking w/o knowing when to stop, to go on,
to ramble, …
10. ‘Chin chai’ – a tidak apa, lackadaisical attitude
11. ‘Gatal’ – means itchy in Malay bt it also stands for humsup
12. ‘Kacang putih’ – symbolize as ez, simple. Achieve something with the eye closed.
13. ‘Leceh’ – troublesome, a big bother, commonly used by MEN to describe WOMEN
14. ‘Pai she’ (shy) , also called as malu-case or maluation
15. ‘Pokai’ – extremely commonly used, denote as broke, in dire financial straits or
either used to scold ppl ‘Pokai’lah-u”
16. “Ngam’ – BETUL or suitable… ‘Tak ngam’ – TAK BETUL or nt suitable
17. ‘ Soay’ – Bad luck!
18. ‘Sabo – sabotage
19. TIpulogy = bluffology – the art of bluffing
20. ‘Ham ka fu kuai’ – Whole family prosperities
21. 'LCLY' (Lan si lan yeong) - signify action
22. 'Walau-eh' - an expression denoted 'WAH'
23. 'Tiu' (Fuck) - nowadays it doesn't used to scold ppl anymore, people using it
as an openning or ending of a speech..
E.g : Tiu, why ur 1 so long de -or- Why mine is so short 1, tiu
(Nah!! there aren't any extra meaning in this example, please do not think yellow)
24. 'Tulan' - nt bone... another expression of 'mad or angry'
25. 'Sebok' (sibuk) - also known as 8 kua, nt aqua huh
26. 'Relek' (relex) - E.g: Relek-lah, brudder!!
27. 'Aiyoyo - tamil exclamations for 'Oh woe is me!'
28. 'Cham' - 'to be in dire straits'
29. 'Choy' - an exclamation by superstitious china-pek to ward off bad luck
30. 'Gostan' - reverse..
31. Cow sense - the opposing of common sense
32. 'No eyes to see' - 'mou ngan tai' - Look away for the sake of preserving peace
33. 'GST' - Goreng Sampai tua - bullshit till u grow old
34. "kapster" - a nosy or talkative person
35. 'Terrer' (terror) - refers to some1 who are awesomely amazing or good. Terrer-nye
36. slumber" - relaxed, laid-back; possibly a conflation of the Malay "selamba",
meaning nonchalant, and the English "slumber".
37. "pon" - to skip school/play truant (from Malay "ponteng", meaning the same
38. "yam-cha" - socializing with friends in "mamak stall" also called as 'minum teh'
39. "Fooi sheh/Foo yoh/Foo lamak" - exclamation of amazement/wonder/marvel.
40. 'Ah Moi' - used to call a girl.. E.g, wiu-wit, ah moi lu manyak piu-wit ar
41. 'Manyak' - banyak
42. 'piu-wit' - symbolize something which is overpoweringly and overwhelmingly marvelous
43. 'Sapa' (siapa) - who

Too tired to list out every Manglish words that I know, there are too many wackiest and amusing Manglish words such as
1. ‘Bombing Tokyo = Pangsai a.ka berak’
2. Pay water bill = Pang liu

Do u know that there are Manglish idioms too ? here it is :-
1. Eaten more salt than you – Elder, therefore wiser and more experienced
2. Heaven got eyes – justice will rule ONE day
3. No head no tail – doesn’t make sense, incomprehensible
4. One screw loose – Sudah tiga suku – unusual, strange and weird person
5. One cent like bullock cart wheel – a true scrooge, a miser.
6. Red spot, open shelves, magazine section
7. Under a coconut shell – ‘Katak dibawah tempurung’
8. Your coffeeshop is open – Ladies who sit with their legs open

Can u see how fascinating can Manglish be ?
Sometimes we really need to hang loose and forget about tenses, grammar and pronunciation

Oct 2, 2007

Yellow da mellow

Aloha !! its me again *wink wink*
Lets talk something yellow today *evil grin*
Wait a minunte….
I mean yellow the DIGI man, not those sexual thingy
Ew, dirty-minded
Let’s not talk about sex for jus ONE day… for god sake *bua ha ha ha*

You know wert !!
I am super in love with DIGI advertisements
See -->


This -->

And this --->

Cute rite ?
I bet this ad had impressed thousand and millions of people
Altho I love their ad bt still it doesn’t magnetize me to change to DIGI user *sad*
Never mind, now im helping you guyz to promote *wink* FOC of cos
Bcos there aren’t any viewer in this blog yet *sob*
I was looking for their songs … Anyone have it ?
Mind to share it with me ? * blink blink, muz act innocent abit *
I jus have the Malay version ><” *sobz* When I was surfing the net … I found this, I dunno u guyz saw it b4 o nt… BUT still I wanna share it over here in my blog….

Check it out ^______^

♥ Moi first entry ♥


Basically I've migrate from multiply to blogspot.
So I'm still adjusting myself (sounds like i'm jetlag wtf)
Please give me some time for the layout, templates or whatever shit you can think..

Basically this blog is all about me, me and me..
Boring ?! Definitely but sorry !!! =))

T4 this blog is all about a kampung girl (which is me) who will never stop cursing around and rant about her ohmyfucking emo shit.. So please click (X) at the upper right if u'r below 18 =))

Taa !!