Aug 10, 2012

Foodporn @ Mont Kiara - Plan B & Uncle Jang

I guess I m the "most efficient" blogger ever who update my blog once in 2/3 mths time.. heh!

but today - I m gonna blog about FOOD - all FOOD ! Nothing else ;) And thats the reason behind why I gained so much weight !!! *gulp* but trust me, Im trying really hard to slim down too but godknows when only I'll managed to slim down until I become model lookalike with curvy body shape *wink wink* and manatahu I could be one of MALAYSIA'S NEXT TOP MODEL *Miss pageant wave* wtf

O ya, I finally visited Plan B after so long. I even bring my familee there for breakfast. =) 
OKAY OKAY I LIED! It's actually for brunch.
C'mon, can you guys be more considerate ?! Just a little while..
I can only sleep until my ass 'chao tah' (burned) on Sunday, which its gonna happen only once in a week, in conclusion its only four times in a month.. GOSH! never thought I am so pathetic ?
*pat myself at back*
Anyway back to topic, what I love about PlanB is I can still order the breakfast menu eventhou it's 1pm.. heh

Basically I love everything there esp Eggs Benedict and Breakfast platter (besides spaghetti). They have a wide range of spaghetti. You'll gonna love it if you're a fans of spaghetti. But I find the food is way too salty @ Publika.. So not sure if I will come back for the second time.

Next food up : Uncle Jang @ Jln Solaris

If you have been to Maybank, Mont Kiara, it is hard to miss this huge advert board with a weird bald man smiling at you. Yes, that’s Uncle Jang. We decided to celeb burfday for our beloved Chen Chen but it is way belated - it keep postponed from week to week. But still we managed to make it ;) Friends spirit !!!

I've been searching high and low for Dak Galbi authentic which I tried it once in Korea, and I loving it ever since. Let me explain a little bit to those who had not heard of Dak-Galbi. It is a popular South Korean dish generally made by stir-frying marinated diced chicken in chili pepper paste based sauce, sliced cabbage, sweet potato, onions and rice cake together on a hot plate. 

I m not gonna crap and blog much cos I m a lousy lazy blogger as usual. So I'll just let the pictures do the talking ;)

Muka Ychen yg hungry ;p

Pic taking momento. A must before we start eating ;)

- The end -