Oct 29, 2010

It's Friday peeps

Holly Mama ! I'm late to work again..
thanks to the best invented snoozed alarm..
what seemed like a dozen times steadfastly trying to continue this wet dream I was part of. fml!

Anyhoo, Mummy Lee lighten up my day by sending me a cute email
with title : Can you smell Friday ?
LOL! I thought she's writing me a to-do laundry list or
'm grounded warning letter or whatever shit
But I m wrong ! I am so wrong

In the email, it written its Friday
I can smell it... the weekend its getting closer and closer
so put ur hand in the air and wave'em like u dun care cause
Let's prepare for FRIDAY dance..

T4 i decided to join the crowd and partey like a wild animal
celebrating Halloween 2010 ;)
Time to whatsapp, skype, bbm, ping, msn, fb all my sorority sister ;)


Did I tell you that I've lost my enemy ?
someone who I met a yr ago..
someone who I hate
someone who I loves to irritate and annoy
and also
someone who I missed talking to
he's the one I blah out all my
secrets/gossips/unhappy and happy shitty thingy..
But now I hafta kept everything to my own as there
aren't anyone out there for me..
So sad but true ! but life goes on ! fml !

I am still very happy for him,
I belief he'll have a better future out there ;)
All the best and I'll be there for you (mentally) ;p

- The End -

Oct 27, 2010

End of oktoberfest !

A short update as I realized I really haven't been blogging for century.
Don't you guys MISS me ?
I know you MISS me truly deeply madly esp ah fai !
I know you're reading this ;) *evil grins*

Anyway, I've a confession to made,
I m late to office every single day ;) wtf
I just can't get rid of the slugabed virus inside me *Ergh*
or I m losing interest in this company ?
Yep, I am still not into a good mood *moans in agony*
I shud never be allowed to succumb to moments of weakness anymore,
People change, things go wrong, crap happen but life goes on
*Pats self*

Been really very busy with works, haven't been catch up with the girls/darlings for ages. But the irritating crazy guy is still disturbing as usual altho he'd been scolded seriously by me!!! fml!!!
What happen to me ?
Why am i so suay ?
Where is all the normal people ? come back to mua life pls..

I am so broke lately, used my whole month salary decorating my new bedroom ;) Downgrading my Queen size bed to single princess bed, and I got myself a pink egg stool for RM 99 while a low coffee table for RM 79. Aint its freaking and effing cheap ? I am so proud of myself and thanks to IKEA and to my lovey dovey cousin for fetching me to Ikea altho he's unwillingly and forcefully hafta do it and thanks to my hensem dad and cute lil bro for helping me DIY and fixing my table.. *Love u til max* muakx ! and YaY to mua favourite meatball, pasta (RM5) hotdogs (RM2) and ice cream (RM1) ;) How am not to be FAT ! You TELL me !!!

Gee, October is almost end.. Oktoberfest! Beers, Bottoms Up ! I am so gonna miss YOU !

Oraite, end of story, better get my arse back to work.
Lotsa shit waiting to be clean !

- The End -

Oct 21, 2010


I havent been so down so far in this company. Hypocrites, politics, fakers! I just want to get home, hug my mum and cry like a baby. This whole social issue taken out of context has taken its toll on me, besides the increased feeling of anxiety and loneliness. It is like being paranoid 24/7 and it is just a crap feeling definitely. I m so tired of being blamed for the mistakes done by others and useless after you'd put so much effort and hard-work on the projects, and this is tough for someone as socially awkward as me. Its meaningless holding back in the company if there is no one there to appreciate it. It is once again that period of time in life when you find out that maybe being by yourself is not always that best decision you have made. It actually make sense, you've to be a devil with 2 horns and 1 tail in order to survive in this spooky and creepy society that full of lies/fakers/hypocrite/backstabber/whatever shit. For all that I have work hard in what I have achieved, it all boils down to nothingness. Maybe I really just dont belong here nor anywhere.

I miss home, more than ever and I miss him (Pst! he's back, yes, he's finally back). Many people just do not realise what they are missing till they leave it for a long period of time. It is about the comfort levels that ensure peace in your life that actually hit you once you lost it thoroughly. Everytime people leave and return to your life, so much changes, that it scares me that I m not aware nor part of them. Maybe it is just time to re-evaluate my life. Or maybe I m just being a emo nemo bobo right now that I just want to be sad and accept sympathy. Whatever.



FYI I met a guy last weekend and he starts being a annoying, irritating and maniac stalker. FML !

Will blog more once I've the time ;) as I am too addicted to Angry Birds in Halloween version ;)

- The END -

Oct 6, 2010

Korean cuisine @ Ampang's Korean Village

I know I know, I've been delaying this post far too long, forgive me. I've been busy, freaking busy..! but luckily today I've the chance to update my porky blog.. thanks to the sick virus ;) yeah, altho I am sleeping on my bed with bad running nose, cough + sore-throat but at least I've the chance to rest at home after weeks of work/dateline to rush - packing list, suppliers, freight forwarder and etc. Eventhou I am sick, I still hafta drag myself to work just to email the finalized packing list to the freight forwarder and checking for the light suppliers for our upcoming renovation job in India.. Fuh! but I surrender at last, I cant stand it anymore. T4 I passed the rest of my unfinished/pending job to my colleague while I got myself 2 days MC and rest at home ;) Hurray!


Nothing special lately, as I am too busy with works t4 no outing, no drinking but I found a nice place for Korean dining @ Ampang's Korean Village ;)

There is a reason for that particular spot in Ampang to be called Korean Village. It is dotted with so many Korean restaurants that even your own eyes cannot believe. If I am not mistaken, there should be about 20 Korean restaurants in the Korean Village. I can assure you that each restaurant can offer you a different gastronomical experience. No two restaurants have the same recipe for kimchi. :)

Can you see how excited she is ;p

This is all the side dishes which I find it kinda unique as they serves si ham also :p and it's refillable (thats what KAL's love the most) ;p

Let's eat ;)

Can't wait *slurp slurp*

We ordered 1 dinner set which includes a bowl of rice, traditional kimchi soup with glass noodles and BBQ beef which cost RM 20 only
*Unbelievable isn't it ?* ;p but its TRUE

and thats my favourite dish of the night :
Spicy Korean Fish cake ;p RM20


Little things about Korean cuisine:
-Cuisine: Korean, mostly barbecue
-Ambiance: Typical Korean restaurant with wooden chairs and tables. They do have rooms.
-Portion: Reasonable
-Budget: Reasonable with guaranteed be full after the meal esp the side dishes
-Location: To be honest, I do not quite remember where it is located except that it is in the Korean village. You will have do some rounds and when you see this apartment's guard house, it is right opposite of the guard house and situated in the middle row with orange signboard if I'm not mistaken

- The end -