Jun 13, 2012

Mother's day 2012

Happy Mother's Day to all pretty mama out there ;) *hugs*

O well, i spent my lovely mother's day @ Malacca, celebrating with my beloved popo and cuzzie this year ;)

And surprisingly boyfie tagged along too ;) So right after his exam, we quickly drove down to Malacca for Mother's Day dinner as I really can't wait to meet my beloved cuzzie. Can't stand the separation anymore ;)

Here's a pic of me enjoying my crab @ Aunty Fatso ;)

After our dinner at Aunty Fatso, we went KARA O K ;)
Our fav past time with cuzzie whereby bf and bro will just snoring all the way

Photobomb-ed by Linda T

 Finally a pic of my idiotic bro, Linda and Xin ;)

After hours of bugging, threatening and etc. Linda finally brought me to Nadeje on the second day ;)

Taaddaaa ~~~ Drooling huh ~~~ *evil grins*

Camera time, while i tak sabar sabar wanna taste the yummy-o-licious cake slurp slurp

 Hiding my face behind him, makes me looks extraordinary slim ;p Here's a msg specially dedicated to him : Thanks for loving me wholeheartedly, spending most of your precious time with me and giving me the best you can afford. Hugs ;) I love you very de muchie despite you have sucha big round chubby face with sakai hair ;p Counter strikes 1 !!! Yay !!!

 I'm a happy kid now ;)

Outfit of the day ;)

Mustard crop top : Linda
See thru black long skirt : Sg Wang

 Last but not least, a family picture with all my beloved ;)

Kindly ignore our messy hair, oily face and cin-cai outfit. Cant expect much on a family bonding time ;) Afterall, thats the true us ;)

Last but not least, happy mother's day altho it was 1 mth ago ;p 

The End

I love my job


Excited max ! although I will be going there alone again but it means nobody gonna stop me from shopping ;p heh! Shopping alone is undeniable boring but it is still better to shop with bosses rite ;( Yes, boring max and so not fun thou !!! 

Plus I have extra money for shopping this time ;) But of cos I will keep half of the money for my next runaway trip with the girls, so I have to control myself and remain calm *cough cough* I know I can do it ;)


Just finish ONE exhibition @ TUDM Subang. A very last minute job whereby I only have 4 days to prepare, 2 days for design, 2 days for carpentry and 3 days build up. Its really crazy thou and we only managed to hire 5 carpenters who are all 60 y/o and above *sweat max*. And I almost fainted when they tried to change the design and door location of the booth. 

In conclusion, we still managed to finish up the stand on time ;) Thanks to all the 60 y/o heroes ;p

The End !!!