Jun 28, 2009

King of Pop is dead

The "King of Pop," Michael Joseph Jackson
(August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009),
who was preparing for a comeback tour, died Thursday at age 50.
I am truly saddened by his sudden departure.
He was truly a legend.

I grew up listening to his music, thrilled to his MTVs ,
still occasionally blast his music esp
"You're Not Alone" lately

Anyhoo, may you find peace wherever you are now that you did not have here when you were with us.

Jun 27, 2009

A lesson to love..

*Inspired by Le Love*

Can you love me till my heart STOPS?
Yeap, you're all I NEED ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Do you know when I know I am loved the most ? is when i'm waking up right beside you,
hair tangled, stinky breath
and I'm nuzzle in your nook..
Down the path, we fight like no one's business
but it wouldn't be LOVE without the FIGHT
and I'm SORRY if i hurt you .. i'm so SORRY but I LOVE YOU
Pls, allow me to blindfold you with LOVE and kissing you every single day..A kiss at the sidewalk A kiss down the road
A warm and fuzzy sunset kiss and today we make out.. I'll wear the TOP, and u wear the BOTTOM

A little bit closer please.. Lovely and quiet ..
I can sleep the whole night on his arm and
when he links his fingers with mine,
I feel so complete
I just couldn't ask anything more..Please Do Not Leave Me..All I want is..
Hold me tightly PLEASE !

- The End -

Jun 26, 2009

Current Update

Current update : Fever never gone down,
and I'm starving.. *sob*

No lunch, No food, No family, No nothing..

Still not feeling well, I've a sinus of headache and my muscles are sore
and yet I'm sitting here blogging
Well, I just worried that I doesn't have the chance to blog anymore
By that time, no more stupid nonsense post appearing in my blog
No more the Net the clumsy pig,
No more http://onewingangelic.blogspot.com

Its raining heavily now, and i don't think that
I'm able to drive to the clinic now
I guess i shall just wait another 6 more hours til my mum/dad are back..

I suddenly feel so release now..
Maybe that's the bestest way for me!!
May GOD bless Me !

Last but not least, another outfit of the day :
Turtle Neck Peach Dress : F21

Ain't this dress suitable to ROB the bank ?
Yep, we may cover our fugly face with the turtle neck,
Ak47 and bazooka hiding in my dress
Bomb hiding in my lacey sexy Bra.. teehee
and kidnap all the muscular security guard to be my sex slave,
and I'm going to slowly enjoy it every single night til im bored..
*poke my stupid head*
I guess, I'm sick till I'm a little bit psycho..
so I think i should cut the crap, and get back to rest

- The End -

Jun 25, 2009

Under Home Quarantine!

Net is down with fever

Feeling really unwell in the office,
Net was seriously ill, shortness of breath,
headache, cough and flu *sneeze*
Colleagues were shoo-ing me away, urging me to see doctor..
they are so WORRIED about ..... H1N1 influenza, not me *sigh*
To those who know me, they knew that
I am dead scared of going to doctors
I haven't been to clinic or hospital for years
But this time, I make it
I went to the clinic alone, yep, by myself *Proud*
Explaining to doctor my current condition *Proud x2*
Wait for my medicine and pay by my own *Proud x3*
Whee~ I'm a big girl *Proud x4*


Conclusion : the amount of annoyance sickness
and pain bring is terrible.
*sigh* I hate it when I'm sick and I'm all alone at home

So after a long consideration,
Net decided to hire a full time male nurse..

Requirement :
1. First of all, you need to be a hawt and sexy muscular guy
2. 180 cm tall
3. 9 inches long ... ahahaha *JK*
4. Strong and healthy!!

Gee, im such a pervert
-___- lll


Update : 2 hours later..
Die, demam tak turun-turun lagi
Am i going to die ?!!


Outfit of the day :

(To work)(After work)

I always love those clothes whereby it's suitable
for work, shopping, movie, and dinner too
and i called it *Multi-function-wears*

Yep, Net is back into the mood to dress nicely to work
and on 24/7 stand-by mode *God knows why*

And today's theme is : Zebra
*Damn, why am i so sucks in giving title*
anyhoo, ignore the title and back to topic
well, Imma jus love stripes..
I've plenty of clothes in stripes, big stripes, small stripes, wavy stripes,
blue stripes, black stripes, red stripes, whatever stripes
as if i'm living in jail..

Let me share some of my fav fashion wear
(Source from Chictopia)

(Source from : Jing, vanilla-whites) (Source from Tongue and Chic)Thats all for today!

- The End -