Jul 30, 2009


11 days more !! *sob*

She went her unremembering way,
She went and left in me

The pang of all the partings gone,
And partings yet to be.
~Francis Thompson


Few photo(s) of me during the launching

Omg~ my face is getting chubbier and chubbier

Net turned into a big round and chubbier tomato -__-lll
H E L P !!!
May god bless me *Halleluyah~*


Outfit of the day :

Mamamia~ i heart this ruffles dress *muakx*


Net is goin to PC Fair tomorrow *excited*
Net is not going to sit in the office tomorrow.. *fascinating*
Net needless to yawn all day long.. *happy*
Net not going to Facebook/Msn tomorrow..
so Dun MISS me !!

- The End -

Guardian Angel

This blog is back with words and words than picture(s). I don't feel like writing about my life anymore. But seriously I need a space to blah-out all my thoughts and unhappiness in my life.
Yeap, yet another emo post.
Kindly click (X) to exit...

Well, people look at me and think that I've a very interesting, perfect and happening glamor life with good looking and papa-mama rich friends but they doesnt know that i'm usually filled with a lot of sad thoughts which i tried not to list everything out and makes my blog filled with more eemmooooo post.

Although i've been hanging out alot,
as most of the time u couldn't catch me at home nemore
but deep inside I just need a shoulder for me to lean on..
I'm tired of such a lifestyle.

I always hope that i can blog something happy to share with my readers but when actually i can feel genuinely happy again? God knows how long that will take!


Today I just realized that he deleted all the pictures of me and him.
I doesn't know that he even put a "full stop"in our friendship
Truthfully and undoubtedly, i know its stil goin to happen...
sooner or later
I would be lying if I uttered that I don’t and I won’t lie to myself
I always thought we can be a very good friend
since i'm not meant for him
Well, i guess its my turn, to put a superbly

Pst : God, please help me to send this msg to the big head prawn :
Do Take a very GOOD care of your own,
as i couldn't be your guardian angel anymore..


Jul 28, 2009

A lesson to walk

Have not been updating "Net's outfit of the day"
for sometimes.

So here it is
Top : Long sleeve black long blouse - Message
3 quarter legging - Sg. Wang
Vest : Blogshop

- The End -

13 days more !!

I wanted a perfect ending.
Now I've learned, the hard way,
that some poems don't rhyme,
and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end.
Life is about not knowing, having to change,
taking the moment and making the best of it,
without knowing what's going to happen next.
-- Gilda Radner

Jul 27, 2009

14 days more !!!

When we are to part with friends
and know in our hearts that somewhere in the future that we will meet again,
the farewell can be bittersweet.

Jul 23, 2009

18 days more !

You and I will meet again,
When we're least expecting it,
One day in some far off place,
I will recognize your face,
I won't say goodbye my friend,
For you and I will meet again

Jul 22, 2009

19 days more!

Forever, and forever, farewell,
If we do meet again, why, we shall smile;
If not, why then this parting was well made

Jul 21, 2009

Good Bye

20 days more !

"So many faces in and out of my life;
some will last, some will be just now and then.
Life is a series of hellos and good byes,
I'm afraid it's time for goodbye again.”

- To Be Continue -

Jul 11, 2009

Safely kept secret

I've more than 50 blog entries of all the things/words
i would like to tell you without realizing it..
but i chose to save as draft, safely kept to myself..

- The End -

Jul 10, 2009


** Quoted from Le Love
Align Center
It always fascinated me how people go from
loving you madly to nothing at all, nothing.
It hurts so much.

When I feel someone is going to leave me,
I have a tendency to break up first before I get to hear the whole thing.
(and this is not a good practice)
So here it is. One more, one less.
Another wasted love story.


Before that, I always scared of loosing the one I love.
Its so hard to let go when you build your world upon the one you love…
I shed so much tears…
but then one day, I realized that I never loose him…
cause he stays here inside, deep inside my heart…
I love seeing him smile…I feel dying seeing him cry…
The last thought comes my mind…
I will care him as long as I'm alive…

That is why I told him that I'll never cry anymore
cause I don't want him to feel bad/unhappy..


Pst: If he wakes me up every single day by sneezing right in my face,
well I think I love his sneezes more than anyone else's kisses.

Do you know that I lusted you so much, and I still do.
And for that reason I will almost always resemble you in some way....
in the smile, in the walk, in mindset.
It's what made me exactly what I'm not today

I'm not sure about why on earth I'm doing this.
Obviously people will think I've gone crazy..
I know you hate me as how i hate myself..
I believe, in my heart, you'll never take time to read this.
but I hope I'm wrong !
How I wish that when we met each other,
you'll tell me you had read my letter to you/blog.

Speaking of "the yesterday's incident"..
I am really, really very sorry to trouble you..
I really thought that I wouldn't meet you anymore
that is why i beg my Boss to let me start doing sales,
altho i know I'll be death tired of doing the same ol' task,
event thingy, some write-ups, media and now - sales
Thus do you doesn't know how scared am i to drive on the road?
(as you know how good is my sense of direction)
but thinking of the 0.0001% possibility of meeting you,
I took the challenge even thou i need to memorize the whole god damn road for the whole night and missed my sleep..

Sometimes how I wish that I looks good,
to be the woman that u're craving
and to be with you forever and ever.
I even start learning cooking your
favourite chicken pongteh, BBQ chicken and etc from my mum
(I really wish that I may cook for you one day or someday)

Regarding about the yesterday question,
its my fault for not talking to your mum.
You doesn't know how scared/worried am i,
I worried that i might talk something wrongly till your family dislike me,
I worried will there be any one who will object our love?
Cause I know your mum and family are so important to you

and you asked me why everything had changed
such as my aunt's car, the lamp post and every tiny lil thingy..
actually it did not changed at all,
you're the one who never realized,
cause you've made the decision to leave me earlier..

I knew it
When our meet-up become lesser and lesser,
you don't even come to my house or
to spend your weekend with me anymore..
that is why i punish you to stay at home on Valentine's
while i'm happily club at somewhere
but u wouldn't know how sad am i/how much i wish to spend my time with u
on the special day..
Do you know, the feeling you had on that night
was the same the feeling i had for the past 2 months
That is why i shed my tears every night
esp the day I waved good bye..

And yesterday you start throwing me question about guys/love
I know you'll be happy seeing me with another guy
I know you'll be happy if i stop disturbing you
I know you'll happy if i found another guy
I know you'll be happy if i start loving another guy
I does not need the questions to be answered by you, nor I'm wanting you to.
All I need is that a one, honest answer to a one curious question.
I will listen to you and open up to another new love
I promise I won't LOVE u,
But i hope we're still friend

- The End -

Jul 6, 2009

I'm in love..

“When we are together I stay awake all night”
When I'm on my own I cannot sleep. It's true we don't know what we've got until its gone,
but we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives.
Life and love are like hide and seek.
People spend their whole lives looking for love,
but when they finally forget to look for it, they find it.Of all the pain, the greatest pain,
It is to love, but in vain. ”
Love is just a word until someone you meet gives it a proper meaning.

I missed the time we msn all night long,
I missed the time we sms all day long..
I missed how you make me smile when i'm down
I missed how you make me laugh when i'm moody..
I missed the way you call me crazy,
I missed the way you call me pig,

Since the first time I met you,
I feel so happy around you,
And I thank God that I found you.
At first I thought of you as a really good friend,
But I realized that my feelings there didn't end.

Anyhoo, I'm so glad that we did meet
For now my life is complete.
You're what they meant,
You light up my life..

I can't wait to meet you everyday after work..
and I can't wait to spend every single weekend with you..
Heart you!

- The End -

Jul 5, 2009

Muscular yet feminine

Please IGNORE the unglamorous and weird title

Well, Net doing silly thingy in the office again..
kindly ignore my stupidity and enjoy the picture(s)..

First of all, let me introduce you my cute lil innocent colleague
*and please stop shouting my chinese name in da opis*
Ahem~ well, ain't she looks familiar ?
Yep, shes my junior back in high school
but now shes one of my colleague.
What a small world duh !!!
and shes da big evil that makes me grow fatter and fatter,
kilo keep increasing and face getting chubbier.. *sigh*
Eating day and night,
24/7 dragging me out for tea, goreng pisang, apam balik, tomyam and etc..

Please ignore our non make-up face

When we're too stress
we starts doing silly thingy like this..
Left : Alyn, moi and clarist
and sometimes we will act cute *sweat -_-ll*and we're the so-called 'Malaysia Next Top Model' version OWS..teehee
Woops, why am i the only one who pose ?!Fast fast oi, my hand very tired dy..and when the clock strikes 6,
we run, we jump, we laugh !!
cos its WEEKEND !! woot~
Ain't we ROCKS ?!

- - -

Finally i get to wore the dress.. woohoo~
Poignant me, bought TWO almost similar dress.
but luckily i managed to sell this away..

and i kept
(Moi favourite)
Yep, i finally managed to wear it yesterday... to...
MAMAK !! -___- lll
but luckily thats not the first destination..
*I think this is the first time i wore a dress after so many months/years*
We went to Bonton out of sudden instead of Feeling,
and later on we change location to mamak
Jus bcos wen with her big gigantic elephant leg
was craving for Teh Tarik..
but end up, she ordered MILO PANAS ~ grr

Normally Wen wouldn't and doesn't ask,
but yesterday she sudd asked me something which i chose to avoid
I think she felt something wrong hidden beneath me,
and she knows i need someone to talk to desperately.
So she ask, she analysis, she question, she elaborate..
and I sat there listening.. and waiting for something unreturn again

- The End -

Final Destination

I sudd was so into mood to watch Final Destination
Thus I decided to download the Final Destination from Part 1 - 4 to surprise the Boi.

Final Destination 1

Final Destination 2

Final Destination 3

and the latest

Pst: Hope he'll like the necklaces..

Jul 2, 2009

Net in gloomy bloomy mood *sigh*

I'm sitting quietly in the office,
I felt today was like the longest day ever.. *sigh*
and work finally ended at 8 something,
energy drained off completely..
and everyone had left the office except me -__- lll
unbelievable huh ?!!
anyhoo, starting from this week onwards,
I'll be extremely tied up with works, events, sales and media..
I suddenly think that event doesn't suits me nemore,
cause i wanna spend more time with my dahling..
yep, after a long hour of hardships in work force,
I need a koala hug from the boi..
Read my lips, i said koala hug not karate kick or shadow hand

Eventually, I did something kinda crazy yesterday
I SPEND RM 500 in less than 30 minsI KNOW I'M INSANE !!!!! Argh !!!!!
Halleluyah, may god bless me !
To cover back the stupid debts,
i think i hafta agree to accept the indoor and outdoor photoshoot
*as i feel like changing my blog banner too*
Was kinda concern about the shoot, outdoor was stil wokay
but he want something like 'Nira' for the indoor photoshoot..
-__- lll
We'll see how !

Let's move on to "Outfit of the day"
*Moi favorite*

Theme : Kungfu Hustle
Tank top : MNG
Pant : Thrited

Theme : Puffy Huffy Duffy Net
Puffy blouse : Sg Wang
Legging : Cultivation

Theme : Aedes Net
Aides dress/blouse : Thrifted

My colleague called me the aedes girl because
most of my clothes were in black and white!
Duh, i just love Black..
as black has the magical slimming effect that make us looks good

Best buy of the Month :
MNG inspired ribbon spaghetti

- The End -