Nov 29, 2008

ARTrage Lab @ Soho KL

The day began at 8.00am when I woke up. After pulling myself out of bed, dressing up, and getting ready to work but happen to realize that I’m LATE again because:- my office is happily situated in the middle of horrible pollution and traffic. As usually, I'll run like a Mad Cow Woman into the hotel to my office; though that this time sure DIE because I’m LATE. Sure “ kena 9 9 “ from them but guess what, there are nobody at all although it’s already half past NINE. Shit! I said to myself, questioning myself did I miss anything ? Came on the wrong day or day off because it was practically empty. What to do? (-_-lll) I quickly hop on my chair and switch on my comp to make sure that I does not overlook any email regarding off days which I’m sure it won't happen to ME. GUARANTEE!!! HOW WOULD I MISS OUT ANY HOLIDAYS OF DAY OFF? while I already marked my every single day off and holidays on my calendar. Teehee

30 minutes later…

And yet, none of them is in yet although it’s already 10 something, So I told myself that if 10.30a.m it is still empty. I’ll just pack my things and go back, I want to snuggle into my comfy blanket and snore like a pig. So while I’m countdown-ing the time to go back, I sat there, staring at the clock, listening to the tick tock of the clock while keys on my hand and I’m ready to ciao. Woohoo! 10.29a.m, 1 more minute to run like speedy gonzale back to pig's net BUT then one of my directors suddenly came in and wish me MORNING!

End of story !

Next chapter : I went to ARTrage Lab @ Soho KL

I reached there at 5p.m; luckily there are still lotsa goodies for me to grab *Woohoo*

1st purchase2nd purchase

3rd purchase

And I’m going to tomorrow’s Sunday Sundaes

See ya there !!

Kopi "O" dua !!!!!!

I know I’m missing in action again. SORRY lorh! FYI, I wanted to blog like how other people do but I just cant because I’m just a poor naïve kid who gets cheated every time during interview(s). I just don’t understand why can’t they be a little more honest? Just tell me the truth although it might scare me away (>.<)

Wait a minute, I heard someone scold me stupid, is it "YOU"? I bet u do *sob*
Okay, FINE! i admit i'm stupid because this is NOT-THE-FIRST-TIME but I won’t blame others after all its started from my own stupidity or inadequacies.

However blog must go on, so here it is --- the summarization of the week for Net [Da] Pig

Gloomy Monday : Bosan !!!
Shadowy Tuesday : Boring !!!!!!!!
Wednesday : On MC *evil grin*
Depressing Thursday : Back to work ! But still very Sien!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suppose to be Funky Fri but I’m going to work on Saturday so: - today it’s the amalgamation of BOSAN, BORING and SIEN-ness

Haih! Sometimes I wonder if there is a tinge of madness mixed into my superbly emo feeling; I don't know, is it possible to be a little bit bipolar? I do go through patches full of manic energy, lots of rushing about and always needing to be doing, like how I’m working now, I just can't sit still can't just do nothing.. And I am extremely tetchy and irritable, so much so that I look at the calendar and am surprised to find it's not 'that time' like how I miss the re-launching of Zouk.

Argh! I really need some time, time for leisure and pleasure. If I am allowed to be greedy, I wish to have more and more time, time to take silly picture and time to flood my blog *superbly evil grin*

O ya, here’s a picture of me in my new uniform. Tadaa !

Will be posting more picture of me if you never miss me AT ALL.

Nov 24, 2008

Kopi "O" satu !!!!!!

P/s : PLEASE, PLEASE, PLLEEAASSEEE ignore the title ! I know i'm sucks in title-ing

Yes, it's Sunday, and it's gloomy. Not totally gloomy. In fact, the sun is out and I’m almost turning into a roaster chicken while I’m standing in front of my house. Both hands on my waist, gazing up to the superb hot sun and I’m almost blind. Yeah! Stupid , i know.

It’s been a busy week, a slumber less week for me coz I was supposed to go out for drinks last night but ended up cancelling on it. I just couldn’t drag myself up from the comfy sofa I was lazing about in and about to snuggling onto my bed! Not forgetting the fact that I’m back to the 9-5 working life. And I know exactly whose laziness virus are to blame for that too.

My mood was colorless the entire day and that night but not anymore because I found something meaningful while I’m standing under the sun AGAIN (Stupid x2) because out of the moment I get to understand that with a limited life and quoted time to establish a bright and warm tomorrow I somewhat feel blank and uncertain about the result. But the superb hot burning sun make me understand the most important thing in my life is to cast myself into a useful implement, and my direction is first to enhance myself in a higher and qualified academy, then devote to the certain field of translating. Learn more about the unknown, be humble, and patient.

Ignore the outcome, enjoy the progression. Someday I may find it useful.

Nov 16, 2008

I will survive

Sunday, my only day for Kara-O-k-ing. GOsh! I'm so into those OLDIES song nowadays and eventually Sunday is the only day that i'm free from all those hectic work n etc so i tot i wanna rearrange and bombarred my Iphone with more and more oldies songs. Look what i found when i google for "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor.

Mempersiasuikan my favourite song. -_-lll

- The End -

Pet society *Double thumbs up*

I know I'm missing in action AGAIN! Sowee lorh!! Recently I've been addicted to Pet Society. In this game, you are able to decorate your house like "THE SIMS" and even bring gifts for your friends *YIPPIE* when you visit them. HAHA! I'm sitting in front of my lappy 24/7 just to get all the trophies esp GOLD trophies. Till my lil bro call me , "SIAO" jie.. laughing at me non-stop because there is a section where u can bet for race. What ever i bet, sure lose. Damn SUAY -_-lll Memang takde "ONG".

O ya, eventually you're able to shop til u DROP from clothes to shoes and accesories to furniture. GAWD ! this games ROCKs lorh. I can't remove my finger from it. Everyday sitting there, waiting for GIFT *Ahem! obviously hinting to anyone of YOU*

** More screen shot so you can have a clearer picture of what this is all about **

Check it out !!!!

Nov 4, 2008

Piggy is extricating

I’m lost, losing something like my future. In fact, I'm not "temping" at a big firm, which is not at all what I intended to do with myself, but a confluence of factors -- including my sequential indecisions, meekness in the face of adulthood, and a sudden bad economy -> poor job market.

I am entirely lost in life, which I hate saying because it seems so much the privilege of the privileged. I always wanted to be a copywriter but not anymore. I'm not a scion of wealth or power, though I grew up in an objectively comfortable home. Sometimes I feel, in some way, that I am capable -- compelled, even-- to do so something interesting self-motivated, substantive, artistic with my life. And yet I am wholly incapable of being any of it. Basically I enjoy anything to do with creativity, esp in PAINTING!!! NUDE BODY PAINTING!!! *ahem!* JK! I hope that my job works along with my interest thru art, fashion and writing.

I want so desperately to be someone, to do something (though to no one other than myself) -- but I realize I have no idea what I want to say or, really, who I am. People constantly tell me to do neither this nor that -- and yet I find I'm terminally intimidated by the idea of actually defining myself, to the point of paralysis. I can't decide what to do with my life because whatever I do just won't say the right things, which sounds (and probably is) unpleasantly solipsistic.

I've allowed things to wither to such a point that I'm literally involved in nothing, interested in less and less and, frankly, worried about a slide into real depression. I have no idea how to make anything of myself, no idea what to make of myself, and no idea who to make of myself. I volunteer and fade to the back of every discussion. I try to figure out my objective, anything to reengage a passion for anything, but nothing comes.

I feel, very literally, as though I'm wasting away – strength, thoughts, time and feelings just crumbling aside. And yet I have no idea how to make it stop. I hate myself for even being this awake to my own complacencies and grudges and otherwise dead to the world. HELP ! I can't breathe anymore.

Pls! Cheer me up, cheer me up with :-

All time favourites, YUMMY~~~~

Nov 1, 2008

W-H-Y ?!!

What do you know does not mean what you know, how do you know may not be what you wanna know, why is it so does not mean what it is.

Therefore.... "confused" become confusing.. and MORE confusing


1. Doesn't "expecting the unexpected" make the unexpected expected?

2. What's the opposite of opposite?

3. Why is "bra" singular and "panties" plural?

4. Why are a "good man" and a "good guy" opposites?

5. What happens when the future has come and gone? Robert Half

6. Why is the number 11 pronounced as eleven but not onety one?

Why-why-why ?!