Dec 28, 2011

Merry Xmas 2011


Oh I love the smells of December. The festive season that's filled with joy, love, excitement and anticipation of annual holiday party, gift exchange, family gathering, and other merry celebration.

This year I spent my lovely xmas in Singapore with mua familee.. But it's not the end yet as there are 26 days more to CHINESE NEW YEAR ... Whee! and it means I have 26 days more to shop for CNY ;p Although my wardrobe is loaded with my new clothes *wink wink*

OMG ! Talking about CNY, I m so happy as I get to celeb my CNY this yr in MSIA, no more INDIA mali ;) But the 3rd day of cny imma gonna be in S'pore preparing for my next exhibition.


Oh dear, 2011 is just a roller coaster year to me as I am eff-ing busy ever since January til nao. But hopefully everything would be over. Opt for a better year ahead ;) Hopefully with bonus and increment ;) heh !

ohya, I know all of you gonna miss me as usual, t4 I m going to bombard my blog with picha(s) of me @ LIMA 2011 ;) Don't worry, few selection of pictures only. I m not going to upload the entire album into this blog kay

Anyway, thats the hotel we're staying ;)

And every single morning I would be rolling in bed instead of rolling in deep to wake up #failmax

Another creation from the carpenter - this time with cushion cum carpet w leg support ;p

Another condo that we're staying in Langkawi - I don't like ! ;(

Makan time ;) I lost 3kg(s) in Langkawi but I increase to 5kg(s) once I m back to KL #failmax

Got this pix from 1 of my client who scold me every single day for NOTHING - he emailed me this picture to remind me the torturing experience in LIMA. So good of him rite ? SWEAT !!!

The girls who are replacing me soon ;)
Yes, hopefully I will be marrying off next year and be a siu lai lai/tai tai
Everyday shaking leg at home #FML

I guess that's all for today..

So see you in 3 mths time again ;) HAH JK ! Will try to blog as much as I could...

Lynette Da Piggylicious

Sep 18, 2011

The month of September

No updates ahem! I mean less updates heh ;p I know I m sucha lazybum..
The more holiday, the lazier I am.. As usual, caught up with work, work and work.. FML!

Had been really obseesed with eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blusher, lipstick, lip gloss, hairspray, fake lashes, color-lens, accessory on,off, on again and OFF! Never thought it could be that fun, im addicted.

Btw It's not going to be a long update. As I m going to summarize everything in a single blog post, this time I m not going to strength your eyes ;) heh, ain't im sucha good blogger ;)

Basically weekends as usual, dear would pick up me up from work. Then we'll spend our weekends couch potato-ing @ home with latest/back-dated movie.
Thats the reason why I am so looking forward to weekends ;)

And not forgotten our crazey moment of camwhoring -_-lll
wat-a-sweat-couple i could said

And not forgetting shopping once in a blue moon. Great buy
Green chiffon blazer RM 25
Black Maxi RM 29
Studded flat shoe RM 10
See ! I told you. Great buy ay ?

Cha-time ;)

And as usual, wandering around for food, food and more food

Dinner @ New Boston, Klang
Must check out the femes lala, mee goreng and fried oat mantis

Mum's fav diner place - Chili Padi

Weekend with familee @ Chilis KLCC

Yes, thanks to the overloaded works. That causes me GERD/heartburn..

and gathering with ex-colleagues, we finally gather-up after 3 years long ;)
I miss my them sho much esp Kak Sha, Clarist, Boi and etc

I had been really stress up with works lately, couldn't explain the stress that I m going-thru at the moment. Sometimes I really wish I have the courage to tender resignation again. Perhaps a new environment/new job would be a good choice. I m so looking forward to work for the Motor Show. I am still thinking.. It's sucha good opportunity/chance. Should I move forward by taking this new challenge ?!

- The End -

Sep 5, 2011

Everyday shufflin' - LMFAO

Hello Zouk, Phurture and Velvet *scouting*

Yes, I finally went out partying after like a godzillion years of antisocialness..

I still remembered my last party was on Oct 2010 @ Opera, omfg, i know it was like eff-ing decade ago wtf.. I know I am so anti-social at times.. but sorry la dey, i was getting old you see.. hardly stay up til midnight anymore, can't really open my eyes once the clock strikes past 11 o'clock.. FML!

Picture time !

Imma gonna show you my very first color lense which took me hours to put-it-on.. FML!!!

I almost bang myself on the wall putting it on.. Successful after countless trial.. Insya-allah, halle-luyah and amithabah... it almost kills me..

Taddaaa !! My honey color-lense.. lub it max !!!

can't stop myself from cam-whoring

Thats all for tonight.. ADIOS !

Aug 16, 2011

LeVain Boulangerie Patisserie, Kuala Lumpur

Pst! Did I tell you I'd a lubly weekend ;) as Xin came to kay ell..
This time she's driving here altogether with po po
so PROUD of her, she's all grown up nao.. so do I ;) *watery eyes*

Hardly catch up with all my dearie cuzzie as we're all big nao, bz catching up with works all the time. Duh! I miss the ol' time whereby we're playing Barbie Dolls/ Masak-masak and etc. But now, we're only interest in shopping instead of barbie dolls anymore ;p

Anyhoo, this time besides shopping.. I brought her to LeVain Boulangerie.
A french-style bakery cafe, a best place to CHILL AND RELAX
Wanted to visit LeVain long-long time ago,
as it's frequently mentioned and highly introduced by a numbers of bloggers
and so, here I AM ;) to taste it myself.. heh.. excited max !

The one and only one thing that I wanna try the most is :- Macarons ;) Too bad we're late, or else I would had bought chocolates macaron ;) If you are a fan of durian, you shud try their Durian flavour macaron, not bad thou ;) and orange !

Besides macarons, we ordered their set dinner too - Raya set dinner if im not wrong but I couldn't remember how's the menu-like.
So let's just enjoy the picture ;)

Caught Xin and SK enjoying their food ;)

See how SK looks like behind the camera.. heh

Looks like he's having LOVE-HATE RELATIONSHIP with the chicken.. *Drooling eye*

Btw, its really a good environment for tea, coffee and ME ;p
So please bring me along if you are heading to LeVain for lunch/dinner ;)


Few hours before LeVain, we went shopping @ Pavilion.
Visiting both of my fav stores but coming home empty-hand
Sounds unbelievable and impossible huh.. so do I
I guess I m down with anxiety or dunno-what-so-ever shit sickness that can possibly attack my brain so that I can stop shopping 100%-ly. FML !
My life is ain't FUN nemore.. FML twice !!

Been really caught up with work til I hardly play-around with my Canon S95,
So here's some snapshot I took at Tokyo street ;)

Look!!! Who I found !!!!!

Did i tell you that I am a small fan of domokun ;) *shyaway*

OKOK. a proper one with DOMOKUN !
How i wish to smuggle him home ? and acc me to sleep every single night
*watery eyes*

Snowflakes ;) Nom nom nom..
Sucha nice things to chew after a tiring walk in sucha hot weather ;)

- The N -

Aug 10, 2011

I hope I have long-term memory loss

almost forgot what it was like to have friends.
Friends who actually listened to what I have to say. I'd always have a friend I looked forward to visiting. But those times are long gone now. As I'd nobody to talk to anymore, I'd nobody to share all my problems and unhappiness, I'd nobody to gossip. I dare not even bother them with my so-called dramatic moment anymore, I feel terrible to disturb my bestie about my thingy. I'd never feel this pathetic shy before. My life has been going downhill, I think its just the beginning but I'd falling into a bottomless pit here.

P/s: Sorry I m not perfect. Take it or leave it. TQ. Please do not disturb me and my life anymore. I had enough..

Aug 8, 2011

Iphone 5

Hello August! Heh. SORRY for disappearing for more than a week (which nobody even gif-a-damn) but here I m blogging out of no where again, hate me not :P Anyway, time flies huh? It's August already, another few more months to 2012. Wth! Btw, happy berbuka puasa to all my dear friends ;) Can't wait for all the house visiting with stomach bloated with ketupat, rendang and etc... *excited max!*

Goodness, I’ve been so caught up with things in the office lately! Ever since Im promoted, things hasn’t stop ever since! I'm still seriously busy at work which makes me seriously unhappy. It's also giving me a serious headache. But I can't call in sick to work because if I fall any further behind, I'll be dead, my boss will buried me alive. When I said it, I mean it! FML !

But luckily, something brighten up my day after all the hard-work and crazy politics @ work. Cause dad bought me an Iphone 5 ;) woot woot! Who doesn't love present aite..? I lub it til the max altho I hardly use it as I've a Iphone 4 ;) *wink wink*

But good things shud share rite ?

So here's a sneak peak of mua new Iphone 5 in white


and I bought myself lotsa lotsa Iphone4 casing ;) I know Im sucha spendthrift cha bor.. But I-DONT-CARE !

Went to Lowyat today to buy myself this 3 Iphone4 casing which Im craving like shit

From left : Diecut Cat design case in black, Panda Slim back case and last but not least - Kate Spade polka dots ;)

My previous purchase which I m still lovin' it ;)

and souvenirs from my sorority sis from Taiwan ;)

Ipad casing - blink blink ;)

Iphone4 casing which is uberly blink too.. heh

- The N -