Feb 27, 2010

I m trapped

That day I was blog hoping as usual, suddenly I came across to this blog. This young couple seem like a really genuine, sweet couple. I loves reading her blog.

But reading her blog makes me encounter a certain word “trapped". Idk why but I start to feel a little claustrophobic just staring at the word. After I reflected on it twice, it continues to show up in different contexts. Now it really has my attention. I’ve been asking myself, “What am I supposed to learn?” Well, let’s see if by the end of this post I have that figured out.

I felt sorta mixed feelings in me again. Mostly sadness. Sometimes it becomes a little more profound.

In some way losing J last year has made me appreciate the people we do have in our lives. I do not want to look back on the times he spent with us and feel I did not do enough to earn his approval or that he was not happy enough. Every time when I'm back, I stumbled and look at the the empty house there will be a lump in the throat. Each time and every time I will automatically think of him. For example, each time he snores while we're watching movie, I will kick or do something irresistibly annoying till he awakes. (Yes, thats Me! the devilish and sassy me)

And there will be moments when I will appreciate the private time J and I get but there will also be moments when I wish there were other family members around to share our happiness and sadness. As I m more to a family oriented person, t4 I hope my another half is a family person too.

Occasionally there will be times when I look around and feel happy about everything that I've maintain but I also look around in the same time feeling an emptiness inside and outside. It is amazing how people grow on us. I would have never expected to feel this way about anyone who was not related by blood to me.



Feb 23, 2010

Ox to Tiger Year

Happy Chinese New Year !!
The year of the Tiger has proved to be a challenging one.
We’ve just crossed the line from the Ox to the Tiger.

Phew! CNY is almost over but i’m still so into holiday mood
I wanna eat, eat and eat.. non-stop eating,
cookies, drinks, chocolates, peanut, yue sang n etc...
FYI I havent been drinking H2o for the past 2 weeks..
Thats what I lurve about CNY !!!

Failure moment

That day I asked my mum
"Can i go back to sleep and wake up on the first day of Chinese New Year again??
You know what she did ?
Walk away... without answering me... FML ;((

Thats all for today, time to prepare RED BRA for tonight's mahjong session *wink wink*
Wish me luck *muakx*

- The End -

Feb 22, 2010

Hi and Goodbye!

TBowl @ Sg. Wang

Food : 3/10
Environment : 4/10
Service : 5/10
Cleanliness : 2/10


Warning : Emo Post ahead !!!

Something Strikes My Mind lately!
Something that touches our lives as we grow up and experience ...
Now i m perfectly understand a plain fact of human relationships :
People Come People Go, and thats life!!!
One day they're here and the next day they're gone, leaving you clueless where they are. Not even a goodbye was expressed.

I m flashback-ing of all the people who have wandered away from me and then I wonder, will there ever be a time when they might reconnect? Not just for a ‘blast from the past,’ but a real reconnection, a rejoining, a resumption of the friendship routine as if the split had never happened. Probably not, but it has happened, and I dwell in hope that it might happen again.

The greatest difficulty lies in the uncertainty that accompanies any relationship. There are no guarantees. Even with those closest to our hearts, we have no assurance that they will be there beside us tomorrow or next month or next year. There's always a very real fear hidden in the uncertainties.

It is that fear that reminds us of how precious our relationships are, of the importance of showing our love to those closest to our hearts, and the value those relationships have for us.

There was a time when I met someone whom I thought could potentially be one of those "permanent" people, but I'll choose to ignore, avoid and run away. Hoping that I won't be hurt again and again. Maybe as the years have passed and I've learned tiny slivers of wisdom, I've become more protective of my heart. I am no longer feel the need to immediately bare all my hidden layers. Perhaps previous heartache has led me to this place. Or perhaps it is just a growing patience and the faith that relationships will lead wherever they are meant to go. It is difficult not knowing, and yet I am surprised to realize that my fear with these uncertainties is minimal.

I'm overwhelmed and melt down…

- The End -

Feb 19, 2010

Happy Tiger Year 2010 *roar*

Hello all! I'm here wishing everyone of you a Happy and Prosperous Year of the Tiger, stay healthy, gain more wealth, have a wonderful and successful year ahead.

and Happy Belated Valentines day!!!



Chinese New Year for me is all about food, food and lotsa food ;p Not forgetting family reunion, house visiting, red packets, almond cookies, pineapple tarts (my all time favourite!!), love letters, sweets, gamble, packet drinks, barbequed pork and juicy bite sized mini mandarin oranges.

FYI I'm wearing ALL my pretty new clothes EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! I keep changing 2 different outfits a day in Malacca and I think I can still manage to wear new clothes during CNY and after CNY *Grins happily*


Pst: Lately I'm so addicted to Polarize Application in my Iphone. T4 from now onwards, all my pictures will be in Polaroid mode ;p Tee-hee

- The End -

Feb 18, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday to me!

One more year passed...
Well, I'm officially 2x now!
(I think its best to end the sentence with an exclamation point)

Time past really fast & now I'm blardy xx years old *sigh*


- The End -

Feb 11, 2010

First Homemade Video

Hello All !
As promised in my previous post..
Here's the exciting yet interesting BIG project that I'm busy with lately
So, lets put our hand together and
welcome my very first 'homemade' music video

Anyway, this was something we always wanted to try out.
Altho we're not a good singer as compare to our beloved Machi (Melissa Ting)
But we've tried our very best in singing, recording and editing.

We doesn't have any idea how this would go, but overall we winged it and did what felt natural to us. Obviously, we aren't UTube music stars so we knew we wouldn't be that good as compare to Alyssa Bernal or MarieDigby but we tried our very best. We practiced, filmed, and edited this all in roughly five hours. (Wat2do, its our first homemade video wokay) However, it didn't end fast/early as long as we thought it would, but we definitely learned how hard it is to do everything perfectly in one continuous take

My lil bro some more complained that I sang while I'm sleeping, he heard his beloved sis (me) keep Ra Ra-Ra-ah-ah, Roma Roma-ma-ma, GaGa Uh la-la *gulp*
I think I'm too obsessed with the songs ;p

Anyway, this is the first time either one of us have done something like this, so just come in with low expectations, hopefully you'll like it as how we love it too...

But if you're not ready to view it yet, kindly click (X) to exit this page before you end up having nightmare.

Enjoy =)

Original version

Edited version

Before anyone says this, I'm just going to say 'Please Don't Boo Us' yet..
Remember, this was all just for fun

and here is another video of us dancing Nobody by Wondergirls

Altho this is not a high beat hysterics dancing video but personally I lup this video very much, I almost peed my pants everytime I watch it...

and here is another video to end this post

Any comment about the video(s) above ?
Good ? Bad ? Clueless ?
What say YOU ?

Don't worry, I can accept harsh criticism..
altho I'll end up cursing @#fcukurmuthacb$%^
T4 u betta leave down Nicceee comment .. tee-hee!
Sounds like I'm threatening YOU ?
Yes, indeed.. *SMILE innocently*

Pst! Sorry for the quirky title ;p

- The End -

Happy Belated Birthday Kenny

Morning Peeps !
Its me again...
Anyhoo, this post is special dedicated to a friend of mine...

Happy Belated Burfday =)

Edited Version
Click here

Hope you like it !!!

- The End -

Feb 9, 2010

Insomnia hits me again

Hello peeps =)

I know, less update again. Nowadays I am too cynical to blog. I think I don't like the feeling of being watched over when I write things about my personal life. But I usually find myself feeling the urge to share my unsophisticated and slightly exaggerated thoughts whenever insomnia hits at 2 or 3 in the morning. But am i revealing too much of my private life ?

Anyway, she's back...

Yep. Finally she's back
after months of silence
Life has been good for us, though we are uberly busy!
Wanna know what we're busy with ?

I m not going to show u NOW
But I'll reveal it tmr in my blog.. *drum rolls*
Stay tune! =)

- Taa-