Aug 25, 2008

Story of a pig

I'm a cranky, exhausted and co-sleeper!

Aug 10, 2008

Immature Piggy

A short brief of PIGGY’s working life :-

I’ve entered the work-world, and spend each day waiting the day to come to an end. Been working like a buffalo for the past few weeks and so far I still couldn’t find any of my new colleagues that I can go crazy with. Maybe because most of them are not around the same age as I am, therefore I don’t feel quite at home *snort*

My job scope is still pretty new to me. It's a constant challenge since I started and I’ve got lots to learn! Actually, im still on the fence as to whether this is what i really want to do; because all the while, i've always thought of myself doing something related to media - Advertising, Events or PR , something that i'm really comfortable in doing. Since I have learned the gravity of problems, i've always been unsure with calls and mails handling. Lol. I do it now, but i dont like all those calling, mails and etc.

Apparently, the last few weeks have been one big attempt for me to escape from what I fear (9-5 job, acting hardworking, politics, etc). Therefore, I have chosen many paths, paths that have not been right for me. I have left a lot of jobs on bad terms (I "copped out" a lot). Like I have been running away from adulthood, I have ran from job to job, as I mentioned, leaving on bad terms. I know my coworkers and boss (yes, I am talking at the job for which I am currently employed) have know idea what to think of me. I am sure they wonder why I avoid being at work (we are allowed to make our own hours, something I don't have the discipline to do). I am sure they think I am odd.

My new job just encompasses all the things that I feel for, be it in a good way or bad. Best of all, I get to be a PR executive in my first job! But it’s just a name only. However, it is still a good platform that allows me to learn about servicing industries.

It always seems to be just a matter of time before I "Jump the Couch" (like Tom Cruise) at every job. Things always begin well. Oddly enough, I interview well. Then....something happens, a communication breakdown between another employee and me, a work load that is not into my interest and with my sub-par coping skills, or anything that seems out of my control. As always, when the "shit goes down" I bolt. I guess I shall just pick something that I’m enjoy doing it so I won’t find that myself dreading to work anymore.

Okok, i'm rambling too much about my job.

There are a few health issues at home - mainly my grandma. Sigh. Hopefully everything turns out well and everyone stays healthy , happy and WEALTHY *evil grins*

I heart Blogspot

I can blog AT LAST, few weeks back, something wrong with my blogspot, I couldn't upload any picture. This irk me alot lorh bt luckily now i can upload all the stupidity photo that i took with my ex-classmates *winkz*

Let the photo(s) do the talking , STAY TUNE
Check out the sampat-ness and stupidity that hits us *lmao*


Seeing that working life is so hectic with all the peer pressure, frantic and etc, therefore I think its time to pamper myself thru shopping. I haven't been pampering myself very much here lately. Although I did yesterday I bought a new mini skirts, a high waist skirt, bag and a new top and 1 new pair of earrings. *winkz* That's how I usually pamper myself, by going on a shopping spree. *Yippie*

Check out the items that I bought in Treadzoo bazaar yesterday.

OooOOoo~~ can't wait for the next bazaar..

Taa !!

p/s : Want to view more picture ?!
Too bad i'm too lazy to upload *kekeke*

Aug 4, 2008



Current mood: exhausted and helpless

Today I am going to blog about a superb unfriendly, terrible and helpless Malaysian story that happened on me.

Yesterday after work, as usual, I’ll walk to JW Marriot hotel to look for my mum. Essentially she will park the car over there waiting for me. Thus, I will give a call to my mum after my de-brief session, but who knows my iphone automatically switching off due to low battery. HOWEVER I still managed to read one single very last sms from my mum informing me that she has reached JW Marriot hotel. So what am I waiting for ?! of cause fast fast get my ass down larh. Normally I will spot my car from far but yesterday I can’t see my YELLOW ATOS at all. As all of u may know, how striking is my cute little ATOS. And yet I can’t reach my mum so I quickly looked for a telephone booth. I asked around at the JW Marriot and Starhill’s front desk attendance/guard/manager/passerby for the nearby telephone booth but they just point here and there without giving me clear information, I’m walking around like a MORON in the street due to all the misleading information. -_-lll *sweat betul*

Luckily there is a guard who notify me that I can make a call at the 7 eleven, which is just next to the Starhill. So I speedily rushed into the 7 eleven just like a SPEEDY GONZALE to make a call, who knows the worker over there TAK PAHAM ENGLISH -_-lll and insist me not to stand near the counter as I will block the customer, so I try to stand a little nearer to the counter seeing that there’s a telephone at the corner and yet they ‘shoo’ me out too.

So the only thing that I can do is to borrow passersby’s handphone. I’m helplessly look around for a helpful person but just they walk past me without lend a hand, shaking head, showing sign language, avoiding me, staring me like a mad woman and bla bla bla sooner than I finished my word. At this point, not only I feel frustrated, I feel helpless. And, of course, the overtones of helpless fear carried over into the day. Finally, there’s a lady who willing to lend me her hand phone but disallowed me from touching it -_-lll Never mind, as long as I am able to make a single call after wandering around for 30 minutes *sobz* I looked up at her, desperate, helpless, and showing the fear in my eyes (Lol! Sounds so ‘kua cheong’ hor ?!!? but this is the only expression that showed on my face for the whole pitiful evening . Finally, she allowed me to hold the phone and talk to my mum personally. The details varied but the feeling was always the same: terror and helplessness.

No wonder, Malaysia have been listed as the completely unfriendly, terrible and helpless country as most of the Malaysians were so unfriendly, helpless, rude and uneducated.