Oct 4, 2007

♥ Malaysian English = Manglish ♥

These days we are bombarded with vivacious expressions
Charming funny, occasionally embarrassing bt alwiz colourful
This is Malaysian English a.k.a Manglish

Let’s check how Manglish are we *winkz*

1. How many of U put into practice the tail-ender ‘lah’…
Frequently ? Extremely habitually ?
2. How many of U scold ‘Bladibarsket’ or ‘Bladiful’ when we’re stressed out with
the Malaysian driver and follow wif @#$%^&*. Want to die-ah?!!!
3. How many of U will called the busybody, who loves to butt into other ppl’s affairs
as ‘Kay poh chee’ or ‘KPC’ ?

– And –

Do you know which is the most common Manglish ?
1. ‘Kiasu’ – Literally means ‘scared to lose’ in HOKKIEN
2. ‘Mangkuk – nt bowl, this is denote that 1 is empty-head as an empty bowl (bodoh)
3. ‘Pat poh’ – another word use for KPC (7+1 type)
4. ‘Swaku” signify a persons who behaves in an unsophisticated ulu manner
5. ‘Ackshun’ (action) – a person who show off or behave arrogantly
6. ‘Chapalang’ – indicate of mixed blood, mixed parentage during 50s – 70s
7. ‘Chee sin’ – some1 who’s got the wire crossed in their brain compartment
(crossed/ fused wire)
8. ‘Cheh Kai’ – Lousy, hopeless, unimpressive (canto slang)
9. ‘Cheong Hei’ – Longwinded person, talking w/o knowing when to stop, to go on,
to ramble, …
10. ‘Chin chai’ – a tidak apa, lackadaisical attitude
11. ‘Gatal’ – means itchy in Malay bt it also stands for humsup
12. ‘Kacang putih’ – symbolize as ez, simple. Achieve something with the eye closed.
13. ‘Leceh’ – troublesome, a big bother, commonly used by MEN to describe WOMEN
14. ‘Pai she’ (shy) , also called as malu-case or maluation
15. ‘Pokai’ – extremely commonly used, denote as broke, in dire financial straits or
either used to scold ppl ‘Pokai’lah-u”
16. “Ngam’ – BETUL or suitable… ‘Tak ngam’ – TAK BETUL or nt suitable
17. ‘ Soay’ – Bad luck!
18. ‘Sabo – sabotage
19. TIpulogy = bluffology – the art of bluffing
20. ‘Ham ka fu kuai’ – Whole family prosperities
21. 'LCLY' (Lan si lan yeong) - signify action
22. 'Walau-eh' - an expression denoted 'WAH'
23. 'Tiu' (Fuck) - nowadays it doesn't used to scold ppl anymore, people using it
as an openning or ending of a speech..
E.g : Tiu, why ur 1 so long de -or- Why mine is so short 1, tiu
(Nah!! there aren't any extra meaning in this example, please do not think yellow)
24. 'Tulan' - nt bone... another expression of 'mad or angry'
25. 'Sebok' (sibuk) - also known as 8 kua, nt aqua huh
26. 'Relek' (relex) - E.g: Relek-lah, brudder!!
27. 'Aiyoyo - tamil exclamations for 'Oh woe is me!'
28. 'Cham' - 'to be in dire straits'
29. 'Choy' - an exclamation by superstitious china-pek to ward off bad luck
30. 'Gostan' - reverse..
31. Cow sense - the opposing of common sense
32. 'No eyes to see' - 'mou ngan tai' - Look away for the sake of preserving peace
33. 'GST' - Goreng Sampai tua - bullshit till u grow old
34. "kapster" - a nosy or talkative person
35. 'Terrer' (terror) - refers to some1 who are awesomely amazing or good. Terrer-nye
36. slumber" - relaxed, laid-back; possibly a conflation of the Malay "selamba",
meaning nonchalant, and the English "slumber".
37. "pon" - to skip school/play truant (from Malay "ponteng", meaning the same
38. "yam-cha" - socializing with friends in "mamak stall" also called as 'minum teh'
39. "Fooi sheh/Foo yoh/Foo lamak" - exclamation of amazement/wonder/marvel.
40. 'Ah Moi' - used to call a girl.. E.g, wiu-wit, ah moi lu manyak piu-wit ar
41. 'Manyak' - banyak
42. 'piu-wit' - symbolize something which is overpoweringly and overwhelmingly marvelous
43. 'Sapa' (siapa) - who

Too tired to list out every Manglish words that I know, there are too many wackiest and amusing Manglish words such as
1. ‘Bombing Tokyo = Pangsai a.ka berak’
2. Pay water bill = Pang liu

Do u know that there are Manglish idioms too ? here it is :-
1. Eaten more salt than you – Elder, therefore wiser and more experienced
2. Heaven got eyes – justice will rule ONE day
3. No head no tail – doesn’t make sense, incomprehensible
4. One screw loose – Sudah tiga suku – unusual, strange and weird person
5. One cent like bullock cart wheel – a true scrooge, a miser.
6. Red spot, open shelves, magazine section
7. Under a coconut shell – ‘Katak dibawah tempurung’
8. Your coffeeshop is open – Ladies who sit with their legs open

Can u see how fascinating can Manglish be ?
Sometimes we really need to hang loose and forget about tenses, grammar and pronunciation