Sep 3, 2012

Dogathon @ Desapark city

I m back after almost a-week-long break, thanks to Eid Mubarak and Malaysia's National Day ;) and now imma looking forward to Malaysia Day that falls on 16th September *jumping in joy* Counting down the days ;)

During the holiday, I decided to bring both of my precious furryballs to Desapark city ;) Impromptu plan with improper outfit.. First of all, never thought I can wake up such early on weekend.. FML! Undeniable, DPC is a really nice place for a walk esp with your dog ;) I really like the idea of DPC allowing dog to roam freely in the park as long as you remove/clean poo of your dog excreted within the DPC area. FYI its really hard to bring your dogs out as dogs are prohibited in most of the places in Malaysia.
Arrrrr. Can't agree more that its a really nice, peaceful and soothing place.

Look at Epal ! Busy enjoying the nice scenery instead of taking picture with me ;( 
How could she !!!

Poor baby boo, he have to carry Epal as she doesn't want to walk a single step

The End !!!

Will bring them out again - applicable only if they are well-being
Epal hafta stop eating her shit and Baby should stop urine on the sofa.. FML !!!