Dec 28, 2011

Merry Xmas 2011


Oh I love the smells of December. The festive season that's filled with joy, love, excitement and anticipation of annual holiday party, gift exchange, family gathering, and other merry celebration.

This year I spent my lovely xmas in Singapore with mua familee.. But it's not the end yet as there are 26 days more to CHINESE NEW YEAR ... Whee! and it means I have 26 days more to shop for CNY ;p Although my wardrobe is loaded with my new clothes *wink wink*

OMG ! Talking about CNY, I m so happy as I get to celeb my CNY this yr in MSIA, no more INDIA mali ;) But the 3rd day of cny imma gonna be in S'pore preparing for my next exhibition.


Oh dear, 2011 is just a roller coaster year to me as I am eff-ing busy ever since January til nao. But hopefully everything would be over. Opt for a better year ahead ;) Hopefully with bonus and increment ;) heh !

ohya, I know all of you gonna miss me as usual, t4 I m going to bombard my blog with picha(s) of me @ LIMA 2011 ;) Don't worry, few selection of pictures only. I m not going to upload the entire album into this blog kay

Anyway, thats the hotel we're staying ;)

And every single morning I would be rolling in bed instead of rolling in deep to wake up #failmax

Another creation from the carpenter - this time with cushion cum carpet w leg support ;p

Another condo that we're staying in Langkawi - I don't like ! ;(

Makan time ;) I lost 3kg(s) in Langkawi but I increase to 5kg(s) once I m back to KL #failmax

Got this pix from 1 of my client who scold me every single day for NOTHING - he emailed me this picture to remind me the torturing experience in LIMA. So good of him rite ? SWEAT !!!

The girls who are replacing me soon ;)
Yes, hopefully I will be marrying off next year and be a siu lai lai/tai tai
Everyday shaking leg at home #FML

I guess that's all for today..

So see you in 3 mths time again ;) HAH JK ! Will try to blog as much as I could...

Lynette Da Piggylicious