Dec 14, 2010


This is coming from experiences, and also, Gossip Girls. Uncertainties make your life seem like a rocking boat in the middle of the sea, in which, there is absolutely no compass or whatsoever that could direct you back to the shore. You have to wreck your brains and only ending up taking chances with 50-50 probabilities.

One thing that you have been holding on for what seemed like forever suddenly changes, what do you do? You can't think straight no more. You don't know what is real and what is not. You doubt at almost everything. Faith evaporates right out of your poor soul. More uncertainties.

I am terrified of this. I can't seem to handle them well. I change myself, my beliefs. Thinking this change would protect myself. Hell yeah, I very well know its merely a self-denial kinda thingy. Life's a gamble. Now i know where that quote came from. Life is a goddamn true gamble. U either take chances or U TAKE CHANCES. Yes, NO CHOICE in LIFE! there's no definite answer to anything at all. Yeah, perhaps, the answer will be along the way as you live your life.

I was in dilemma. Working doesn't seems fun to me anymore. Nina left the company without telling me ;( We might not close to each other after some minor unhappy things happens at work but she is the ONE and only ONE who'll entertain me while I'm dead bored in the office. Everything's in the office is cracking up, its just like earthquake. I don't know whose the real friend and whose not anymore.. But the answer will be reveal soon, i doubt so *finger crossed* No guarantee !

- The End -

Dec 10, 2010

The month of Dec, much love !

This year passes so quickly, i could hardly remember what I've did..
Looking at my previous post which I'd updated 2/3 posts in a mth..
but I found nothing! FML

Sometimes i complained too much til I almost forget how lucky I am..
I've a family that loves me and pampers me like a princess
(most of the time)
and I love them more each day..
I've a group of friends who are still there for me, after years of friendship
I appreciate them even more ;)
I've two lovey dovey dogs to accompany me whether they like it or not ;p
I've a car to bring me wherever i wanna go
(only if i know the route)
I've a good paid job and enables me to travel too..

Yes, I really shud stop complaining/whining about the tiniest things
I will grow up and be as independent as i could be

So I am moving forward, and I can't wait to see what's in store for me in 2011..

- The End -

Dec 5, 2010

3 letters 8 words, say it, i'm YOURS

Everything happen too fast..
Too fast til I hardly digest.. Eff me !

Idk am i ready for it..
idk am i really moved on..
idk !

Cause even til now his face, his smile, our memory are still flashing thru my mind occasionally and I really dunno am I ready for a new relationship after being single for so long... Everyone advice me to give SK a chance as stalking my ex is not an healthy things to do.. I know but I worried I'll hurt SK if things weren't working out..

I know I am a spoil princess whereby its really hard to please me.. altho I doesn't need a vava-voom handsome good-looking bf or a wealthy richly brat, all I need is someone who can make me laugh, understand me and accept all my weaknesses. Yes, I need a TLC (Tender Loving Care) bf..
I am freaking out.. FML !!!

- The End -

Dec 4, 2010

December ♥

Hello DECEMBER !!! That's mean it's time for annual partey and exchanging presents with friends, spending time with familee, enjoying the end year sales, and most importantly vacation from work ;) Yes, I am clearing my working leaves and I am going to the femes island of beer for 3 days 2 nights and the rest will be used for DVD marathon with my bee ♥ much love ! Yes, would be spending most of my time for mua familee ;)


Backlogged pictures from my China trip ;)

My superior twin room @ Sunshine Airport Hotel
(This is the hotel whereby I am sleeping alone)

Second Hotel

Pst ! this is a red hotel.. t4 u'll found lotsa interesting packet in the hotel ;p

The exhibition hall is so empty when we reached there

and this is my boss's favourite restaurant,
the restaurant of all the snake worm rat ant -_-lll FML!!!

Macao !!!

OMG! I am so in love with Macao, i heart their Portuguese style building.. Everything in Macao is much love altho it is hell expensive.. so i focus more in sightseeing and act like a typical kiasu kampungish tourist that can't stop taking picture ;p

Pictures are all taken @ Tai San Pa (a place that full of beautiful church)
The only place to visit as we only have few hours before our flight ;(

- The End -

Dec 2, 2010

As fragile as the glass...

Wtf am I doing right now ? Blogging during working hour while there are piles of work mountain up on my desk and SMS-es waiting to reply.. FML! What's wrong with me ! Wake up wake up.. Nette! you really hafta wake up !!!

Yes, I know I was like totally disappeared from this world for the past few days due to emo strikes. And I don't eff-ing care or bother to communicate with anyone and act like a spoil rude princess towards anyone and everyone.. FML! Yes, I told you, I've noticed that I'd changed, changed to someone I dislike and it definitely and certainly makes me hate myself even more..

And the only thing can lighten up my day is shopping ;) Haha! Yes, I was addicted to online shopping.. Eff the advanced technology of blog shop, online transaction and etc.. Shit me! I was very broke this month as I spend all my money during my business trip to CHINA with no regret !!! HAHHAHA! FML ! I think if i went China during the summer, I am so gonna declared myself as bankruptcy due to shopping bugs ;)

Another things that will brighten up my day is reading emails. Yes, that's the first thing I'll do once I reach office. Throw my bag, sit down, switch on my laptop, login to my email, read and reply before Im happily shitting and breakfast ;p Ever since I start working in this company, I had few very close foreign friends which we contacted via email/skype every single day. Reading their email certainly makes my day ;) and did I tell you that I finally received an email from 小莫 yesterday ;) I almost burst out in tears reading the email and I even told Jay about it.. I guess I feel more secure talking to someone who are 2479 km far away from me ;) Or maybe he understands me more than anyone else... Someone who I hate the most during work, end up being my good listener ? Wth!

Nov 30, 2010

China 2

After coming back from China for almost a week,
I am still missing China alot..

I met lots of great friend over there.. esp 小莫
but I call him Ol' man ;)

the first person that talked to me while I'm in China
OMG! I miss him very de muchie...
altho I kinda hate him due to his slacking working attitude...

We SMS-ed almost everyday altho he doesn't know English while I doesn't know Chinese.. you must be wondering how do we communicate as we're communicating like a duck and chicken ;p weird huh! but eventually we understand each other.. Weirdx2 ! I know !

I couldn't contact him back here ;( as I m no longer using my China's number, I didn't even replied his last 2 SMS as I am busy touring and sightseeing in Macau..
Shit! but I don't feel bad at all ;p
So I decided to send him an email but idk why it keep bouncing back ;(
Maybe that's the end of our friendship..
Hopefully I still managed to catch him if I manage to visit China again..

Secondly is the standby worker

Ah Kin, the driver

He is sucha adorable person with weird sense of humor ;p

My sub-contractors, who treat us 10 dishes 1 soup every single day ;)

That's why I Lub them so muchie..

Last but not least, my new best friend..

Wyman da designer ;)
The one and only one who tease me short!
But he's the photographer for almost all of my pictures in China...

- Thats all, THE END -

Nov 26, 2010

China trip

Holla ! I'm back to my beloved tanah airku... Was away to China for business trip for 14 days but I don't think there are anyone who realized that I am missing in action! FML! Anyway, I have so many things to blah about my China trip.

FYI I was sooo freaking in love with China ;) I love their food, their culture, the weather and the fashion. I had minimum 10 dishes 1 soup for every lunch and dinner in China, yep, so I am freaking fat now but i don't care as live life once ! Happy first, suffer later! What say you ? ;p

I had been working 13 days, sometimes from 9a.m till 10/11p.m, non-stop! but luckily I still managed to shop around after work and a sightseeing tour in Macau despite my boss had been bringing us up down for food, food and food ;) and drinking session with the sub-contractors.. Luckily i was trained to drink by my dad or else I don't think I'll remained alive by now.. You should have see how crazy they are by drinking 52% of chinese liquor during lunch, i know we're so unprofessional to drink as we're still on duty. But it tastes good, love the aromatic smell which can light up the fire ;p FML! and we had 80 bottles of beer for bout 9 of us 2 days continuously.. Can u imagine how crazy they are ! But luckily the beer in China were kinda flat.. not strong as compare to beer we had in Malaysia.

Btw I was sleeping alone for the first 2/3 nights, the room was kinda creepy as you could heard lotsa weird noise during late nights but I love their breakfast buffet ! OMG! I am so in love with all the food in China and the superb crazy negotiation on purchases. I was conned on the first day but I grew smarter on the second day, shit, i feel so proud of myself ;p why am i so smart ? ;p Anyhoo, we shop @ Gongbei underground but i find that shopping at Gongbei Lotus Pavillion would be better as there are more younger and trendy stuff to be grabbed back and did i mentioned that it is freaking cheap ? hell cheap I tell you. ;p Oh gawd, I am soo soo in love with China. I think my happiest purchase are Spongebob's pyjamas!

Anyway, thats all for today. Will post more if I have chance ;)

Oct 29, 2010

It's Friday peeps

Holly Mama ! I'm late to work again..
thanks to the best invented snoozed alarm..
what seemed like a dozen times steadfastly trying to continue this wet dream I was part of. fml!

Anyhoo, Mummy Lee lighten up my day by sending me a cute email
with title : Can you smell Friday ?
LOL! I thought she's writing me a to-do laundry list or
'm grounded warning letter or whatever shit
But I m wrong ! I am so wrong

In the email, it written its Friday
I can smell it... the weekend its getting closer and closer
so put ur hand in the air and wave'em like u dun care cause
Let's prepare for FRIDAY dance..

T4 i decided to join the crowd and partey like a wild animal
celebrating Halloween 2010 ;)
Time to whatsapp, skype, bbm, ping, msn, fb all my sorority sister ;)


Did I tell you that I've lost my enemy ?
someone who I met a yr ago..
someone who I hate
someone who I loves to irritate and annoy
and also
someone who I missed talking to
he's the one I blah out all my
secrets/gossips/unhappy and happy shitty thingy..
But now I hafta kept everything to my own as there
aren't anyone out there for me..
So sad but true ! but life goes on ! fml !

I am still very happy for him,
I belief he'll have a better future out there ;)
All the best and I'll be there for you (mentally) ;p

- The End -

Oct 27, 2010

End of oktoberfest !

A short update as I realized I really haven't been blogging for century.
Don't you guys MISS me ?
I know you MISS me truly deeply madly esp ah fai !
I know you're reading this ;) *evil grins*

Anyway, I've a confession to made,
I m late to office every single day ;) wtf
I just can't get rid of the slugabed virus inside me *Ergh*
or I m losing interest in this company ?
Yep, I am still not into a good mood *moans in agony*
I shud never be allowed to succumb to moments of weakness anymore,
People change, things go wrong, crap happen but life goes on
*Pats self*

Been really very busy with works, haven't been catch up with the girls/darlings for ages. But the irritating crazy guy is still disturbing as usual altho he'd been scolded seriously by me!!! fml!!!
What happen to me ?
Why am i so suay ?
Where is all the normal people ? come back to mua life pls..

I am so broke lately, used my whole month salary decorating my new bedroom ;) Downgrading my Queen size bed to single princess bed, and I got myself a pink egg stool for RM 99 while a low coffee table for RM 79. Aint its freaking and effing cheap ? I am so proud of myself and thanks to IKEA and to my lovey dovey cousin for fetching me to Ikea altho he's unwillingly and forcefully hafta do it and thanks to my hensem dad and cute lil bro for helping me DIY and fixing my table.. *Love u til max* muakx ! and YaY to mua favourite meatball, pasta (RM5) hotdogs (RM2) and ice cream (RM1) ;) How am not to be FAT ! You TELL me !!!

Gee, October is almost end.. Oktoberfest! Beers, Bottoms Up ! I am so gonna miss YOU !

Oraite, end of story, better get my arse back to work.
Lotsa shit waiting to be clean !

- The End -

Oct 21, 2010


I havent been so down so far in this company. Hypocrites, politics, fakers! I just want to get home, hug my mum and cry like a baby. This whole social issue taken out of context has taken its toll on me, besides the increased feeling of anxiety and loneliness. It is like being paranoid 24/7 and it is just a crap feeling definitely. I m so tired of being blamed for the mistakes done by others and useless after you'd put so much effort and hard-work on the projects, and this is tough for someone as socially awkward as me. Its meaningless holding back in the company if there is no one there to appreciate it. It is once again that period of time in life when you find out that maybe being by yourself is not always that best decision you have made. It actually make sense, you've to be a devil with 2 horns and 1 tail in order to survive in this spooky and creepy society that full of lies/fakers/hypocrite/backstabber/whatever shit. For all that I have work hard in what I have achieved, it all boils down to nothingness. Maybe I really just dont belong here nor anywhere.

I miss home, more than ever and I miss him (Pst! he's back, yes, he's finally back). Many people just do not realise what they are missing till they leave it for a long period of time. It is about the comfort levels that ensure peace in your life that actually hit you once you lost it thoroughly. Everytime people leave and return to your life, so much changes, that it scares me that I m not aware nor part of them. Maybe it is just time to re-evaluate my life. Or maybe I m just being a emo nemo bobo right now that I just want to be sad and accept sympathy. Whatever.



FYI I met a guy last weekend and he starts being a annoying, irritating and maniac stalker. FML !

Will blog more once I've the time ;) as I am too addicted to Angry Birds in Halloween version ;)

- The END -

Oct 6, 2010

Korean cuisine @ Ampang's Korean Village

I know I know, I've been delaying this post far too long, forgive me. I've been busy, freaking busy..! but luckily today I've the chance to update my porky blog.. thanks to the sick virus ;) yeah, altho I am sleeping on my bed with bad running nose, cough + sore-throat but at least I've the chance to rest at home after weeks of work/dateline to rush - packing list, suppliers, freight forwarder and etc. Eventhou I am sick, I still hafta drag myself to work just to email the finalized packing list to the freight forwarder and checking for the light suppliers for our upcoming renovation job in India.. Fuh! but I surrender at last, I cant stand it anymore. T4 I passed the rest of my unfinished/pending job to my colleague while I got myself 2 days MC and rest at home ;) Hurray!


Nothing special lately, as I am too busy with works t4 no outing, no drinking but I found a nice place for Korean dining @ Ampang's Korean Village ;)

There is a reason for that particular spot in Ampang to be called Korean Village. It is dotted with so many Korean restaurants that even your own eyes cannot believe. If I am not mistaken, there should be about 20 Korean restaurants in the Korean Village. I can assure you that each restaurant can offer you a different gastronomical experience. No two restaurants have the same recipe for kimchi. :)

Can you see how excited she is ;p

This is all the side dishes which I find it kinda unique as they serves si ham also :p and it's refillable (thats what KAL's love the most) ;p

Let's eat ;)

Can't wait *slurp slurp*

We ordered 1 dinner set which includes a bowl of rice, traditional kimchi soup with glass noodles and BBQ beef which cost RM 20 only
*Unbelievable isn't it ?* ;p but its TRUE

and thats my favourite dish of the night :
Spicy Korean Fish cake ;p RM20


Little things about Korean cuisine:
-Cuisine: Korean, mostly barbecue
-Ambiance: Typical Korean restaurant with wooden chairs and tables. They do have rooms.
-Portion: Reasonable
-Budget: Reasonable with guaranteed be full after the meal esp the side dishes
-Location: To be honest, I do not quite remember where it is located except that it is in the Korean village. You will have do some rounds and when you see this apartment's guard house, it is right opposite of the guard house and situated in the middle row with orange signboard if I'm not mistaken

- The end -

Sep 17, 2010

Red light

Jesus, there are hell lots of things on my desk ;( things waiting to be confirm, quotation waiting to be prepare, checking air tix, hotels and etc but i TAKRAK mood to work on it at all..

So i decided to update my blog.. wee~ aint im smart ;)

Oh well, I realized I have a very bad driving habit which I couldn't control. No no, not scolding the foul words (altho I did it quite often) ;p fml! back to the topic, FYI I've a habit of red light running which I don't even realized altho everyone pinpointed me the same problem over and over again. I doesn't know whats on my mind but it's really dangerous thou cos that day I ran a red light and almost got into accident :9 which freaks Mandy off like hell ;p I'm sorry ;) I'll try to change kay ;)


Last week my 2nd ex during highschool added me in FB, its almost 10 years that we've last contact. Jeez, this shows how powerful is Facebook, to get us connected and stay connected.. wth and wtf as I never thought he will add/contact me back as we broke up in a very bad way and he even message me and talk like as if we're those long lost friend, he even invited me out for dinner next week which I am still considering. I know I sounds so immature now but I just don't know how am i going to re-act when I see him ;( fml! Dumbo me ;( SLAP ME KILL ME WAKE ME UP!


That day there's a friend of mine asked me 'aren't you tired to be alone ?/ Uhm, seriously I don't, or maybe I am too scared to start a new relationship after all ? Yes, I am.. I m lack of self-confident as I don't think people out there will accept me but life goes on, I won't blame them.

Thus I have a problem in believing people too, omg, idk what's wrong with me ? Maybe guys are still being guys who are just allergies to pretty woman, so in love with many woman would be normal for them. Setting dating schedule is their favourite games and they fall in love as easy as they catches cold, esp if she is cute, funny and has strong personality. No one can tell you how long they will be in love each time. Scary monsta don't they ?

- The End -

Sep 16, 2010

Jamie and Jooles

Holiday is over and everyone is back to their ol' hectic city life - congestion on the road, out of parking slot, uncivilized and uncultured driver everywhere, oily marks on my windscreen, even the bird starts bullying me by shitting on my car, everything is back to square one.. and it ain't fun at all ;( and there aren't any holiday available in the month of October/November/December (besides Christmas).. fml ! What a life !!!

Anyhoo no special during the Raya holiday as I just crashed on the sofa with both of my dogs watching movies from early in the morning til late midnights in the same sluggish pyjama ;p Oh well, I know Im such a dirty brat but its holiday so its forgivable rite ? uhm.. I'll just gonna take ur silent answer as 'Yes' ;p hahhahaa!

I know less update with less pictures again altho I am fully occupied every single weekends.. I think its time for me to get a new camera. Yes, I've made up my mind.. I think I'll go for a new camera than a new phone after dog-walking with Ai Lin after work last Tuesday ;) Ai Lin strongly threatened me to get rid of my slow motion camera with vava-voom flash, red eyes and easily blurred pictures.. So it's time to research for a new camera ;) Any suggestion ?


Picture time ;) Yes, we took more than 100 pictures during the 2 hours.. Entire album upload in my facebook, check it out ! ;)

Us, on the way ;)

Camwhore awhile while waiting for the traffic light to turn green ;)

Let me introduce you Jamie and Jooles ;) and kindly ignore the blue monsta ;p

and thats me ;) trying to go near as they doesn't like when they first saw me thou ;( How sad ! But it turns out well ;) They keep sleeping on my flabby lab and play fetch with me altho i goes more violent than them.. wtf!

Btw it was my first time dog-walking, its really fun altho he kept pulling me while he saw cat, bird, anything that beyond his eye sight.. fml! Luckily I m strong enough to hold him or else I think I'll bang by any car beside the road while he's running towards the so-called moving objects ;)

After dog-walking, its camwhore time.. but tis time, its with the dogs ;) Luckily they are so cooperative with me despite the flash irritates them alot.. Sowee !!! But I just can't resist myself from taking pix with them as they are irresistibly adorable.. Aww they are so kiut and obedient as compare to the blue monsta ;p Kidding!


I miss them alot..

Love you loads

- The End -

Sep 3, 2010

I love U

There are so many unhappy thingy that strikes my mind lately - my health, my work, my friends..
Idk where to start or how to start..
I m struggling to find the words to describe the cataclysmic
I m not as tough as you think,
I m breaking down anytime by now..
I keep forcing myself not to think, not to sad, not to hurt myself nemore
but.. pain is the only thing that can stop myself from thinking all this shits..

Luckily I have my precious furry balls by my side..

When eva I'm unhappy
they are the one who light up my light up my life
they are the one who cheer me up when im down..
they are my good listeners ..
and they will never eva hurt me except scratching/biting me at times.. WTF!

Anyhoo, I LOVE YOU !!!

Pst! Kindly ignore my messy and unglam nerdo expression


Sep 2, 2010

Merdeka 2010

Holla !!! i m back =) Pls do not ask me where I've been or what I am busy lately , let me jus syok-sendiri pretending to be one-of-the-busiest people altho I'm NOT (self-consoling) *cough*. Anyway, did you guys ever realized that there's holiday every week from now on ?

31st August : National Day
10-12th Sept : Hari Raya Puasa *rendang, ketupat & etc*
(OMG! its time to EAT again)
16th Sept : Malaysia Day

I know you are as excited as me *jumping in joy*

So how you spent your Merdeka eve ?
Couch potato-ing @ home ?
Countdown @ the city ?
Clubbing ? or ... ?

Let's see what's my last minute Merdeka plan

We went to Opiumm @ Jaya One for drinks as my idiotic cousin bro is so freaking boring. He called me at 10p.m, threatening me, uhum, i mean telling me nicely that I've 15 mins only to dress up, make up and shit ! t4 i quickly text both of my bestie along to accompany my lovely dovey cousin bro. Duh! Aint im sucha good friend + good cousin ;)

Enjoy the pix =) Altho there's nothing to enjoy ;p

Happy Merdeka !!!


Wanted to post about mua favourite denim and stripes outfit but I m just too lazy to blog about it *sweat* I can't stop myself from buffering movie at home with popcorns on my left hand and a big cup of pepsi on my right.. Aaaahh! mua life is sooooo fantastique et fabuleux *LOL!*

Sorry for leaving my blog empty for so long.. Well, I can't really find anything to update as my life is so freaking dull, boring and lifeless.. I don't mind to update every single day if you can stand with my long-winded grandma stories plus my camwhore pix, as there are x216437536438 of camwhore pix waiting to be upload in this blog... Hahahhaa ! Stay Tune !

O ya, my handphone and camera are seriously breaking down.. so shud i get myself a new handphone or a camera ? FML ! im in serious dilemma ;(


- The End -

Aug 23, 2010

Wo xi huan bu ai wo by Yen-J

wo xi huan ni de yan
I like your eyes

kan zhe wo de yan
Look at my eyes

wo xi huan ni de lian
I like your face

tie zhe wo de lian
[Be] Close to my face

wo xi huan ni de shou
I like your hand

qian zhe wo de shou
Take my hand

wo xi huan ni de kou
I like your mouth

wen a wo de kou
Kiss my mouth


shi jian zai gai bian
Time changes

ni bu yao gai bian
Do not change


yin wei wo hen ai ni
Because I very love you

bu xiang yao ni fang qi ai qing
Do not want you to give up love

you qi zhe duan de lai bu yi
In particular, this is not easy

我爱你 真的是很爱你
wo ai ni zhen de shi hen ai ni
I really love you, love you

suo yi xiang
So like

jiu zhe yang ji xu ai xia qu
Love to go on this way

[Repeat Refrain then Chorus 3x]


Idk why am I so in love with this song

Kindly ignore the singing part -_-lll

Next video will be me playing this song ;) Stay tune !

Aug 16, 2010


Boo !!!

I know I'm missing in action againnn but its forgivable cos I'm down with food poisoning *sob*

Yeah, I fell sick last Tuesday, and I spent the rest of my day napping at home... I spent the entire day in bed - feeling numb, drowsy, dizzy, cold sweats, stoned, high or whatever u call it..

But I felt much better today, and I finally had normal meal after days of porridge and bread.. But I felt way much much better after tom yam steamboat dinner on Fri with the girls but I end up diarrhea for the whole godamn night ;( Shit me !!! Btw I managed to finished up all the horror movies downloaded by Eriyque =) I felt awesome... despite my stomach is still giving me headache...

FYI I dunno what causes me food poisoning but to avoid me from food poisoning again, I shud learn to be a little nicer to waiter/waitress, friends or enemy before I put anything in my mouth.. fml !!! and I should learn not be so greedy anymore, I should learn to control myself !!! More vege(s), less meat ! More fruits, less eat !!! fml fml fml !!!


Pictures taken from my Iphone


Nette's working station

Nette's favourite

Photos taken @ Temple

Last but not least, me in Baju Nyona

- The End -