Jul 27, 2011


Instagram is love, I know I m so 6472674287 times outdated.. Im awake nao ;) heh..

At 1st I never gave Instagram much thought until one day, I was dead bored at home and I started playing with the application installed in my Iphone esp Instagram (0ne of the apps I really love on my iPhone) for nao.

I was very well impressed by Instagram, it’s fun thou and the results are nice to look at. There are number of settings to choose from to enhance your apps and one of the great benefits is that Instagram is free too. So if you have an iOS device and I'm sure it's available for other mobile operating systems then do check it out.

You become quite addictive to tweaking your pictures and enhancing them even further.. and I just can't think of any reason for not to camwhore ;p

Instagram is a place whereby you can share everything from :

Mua fav lacey-jegging
My idiotic doggy - as idiotic as the owner.. salute!

and I get to view all the cute and funny pictures of dog all over the world(as per attached below)



Last but not least, a picture of crazey us ;)

See I TOLD YA, Iphone is perfect-o but Instagram is Love ! Excited max !

No pretention whatsoever. I love it! The immediacy and lo-fi quality—no waiting, no fussing, and absolutely no expectation that the resulting photo was going to be museum-quality. Just instantaneous FUN. Plus, there are definitely plenty of times when I might feel a little silly pulling out my camera to take a picture of something, but a little iPhone? So handy, so easy, and so inconspicuous.

It’s important to just see the fun side of stuff sometimes, and it’s okay to create stuff that isn’t perfect or high-end. In the end, it’s good to just be creating for the sake of creating. Even if it’s just for yourself, and even if everyone else is doing it too.

If you have an iPhone, download Instagram (it’s free!) and see what you think. You can find me there as lynettel

Nothin’ fancy. Just fun.

- The End -

Jul 24, 2011

Instax Mini 25.Fujifilm.Polaroid

My new toy ;)
after 4 years to decide, 3 months to survey, 2 days to made payment. FML!
I know imma kinda fickle-minded at times ;p

Got it for RM 410 inclusive 1 box of film ;)
Most importantly, ready stock with Free postage
After so many days, months and years of waiting

And I bought a masking sticker set too
RM 15 each..

and I got myself a polaroid album cum organizer for RM 40 via online
Fall in love with it when I first saw it selling in Bangkok, Singapore and etc for RM 60 and above..
Luckily I never bought it cause I found it selling much cheaper via online. All I have to do is sit here quietly and wait for eff-ing 5 freaking days as it's courier all the way from Korea

This is LOVE ! Love it max !

And I bought myself a polaroid bag too.. for RM 15 at Chatuchak, Bangkok
Altho this bag is not mainly for polaroid but the compartment can fit my camera + 2 instax perfectly ;)

FYI girls being girls, are always that ma fan, always attracted to those cute little sweet things. Beside getting myself a camera - I hafta spend on the film, sticker, bag and album. Therefore I announced I m officially broke for the rest of the month.. FML!

Sekian terima kasih and Taa !!!

Jul 18, 2011

Viva La Bazaar @ V1 Concept Restaurant, Puchong

Blog-a-doodle-doo ;)

A very up-to-date blog of Viva La Bazaar @ V1 Concept Restaurant, Puchong
17th July 2011
(Im sucha good blogger, don't I ? No more backdated blog) ;p

FYI I was so kan-cheong and I spent almost everyday packing all my pre-loved and brand new clothes to sell-off during the entire week, yes, 4 big bags without realizing.. *Big achievement*

Self-pat !

Never been to Viva La Bazaar before but I heard so much from random bloggers..

Let's see the past few bazaar organized by Jacq

Jacq G

After reading lotsa good comment, i decided to participate as a vendor ;)

17th July 2011, Sunday

Woke up uberly early on Sunday, yes, the only day I can sleep til the sun shine my backside til roasted..wtf ! and the brilliant me, dragged SK, Yinnie and Epal along ;p I know I am so evil but I don't care ;p

That's me busy arranging clothes ? ;p altho I looks like gossiping more ;p

btw I have my serious moment too kay..
(Don't I looks gorgeous while Imma bz) ;p

Wa~laaaah.. Finally all the clothes are on the rack ;)

My fav lacey jeans of the day ;)

Not really have enough time to walk-thru all the booths, t4 i just simply snapped few random pictures to feed my unglam blog

Photos are all taken by my new S95 ;) *much love*

I finally bought myself a Canon S95 (after so long, I know)
yes, a gift for myself after working so hard for 16 mths ;)

- The End -

Jul 12, 2011

Farewell to my beloved sis

Its sad to see how empty is her table on first day early in the morning.. Still couldn't get used to it, yes, I'm facing the wall all by my own now. Duh~ I definitely gonna miss your ka-chiing ka-chiiing ka boom ka boom bejeweled sound effect ;p Yes, I miss how both of us were so crazey beating each other scores every week..

Idiot ! How could you tidy-up the your desk till so clean, hardly find a single dust on your table-top too..

Btw I know you are much happy now, hardly listen to you complaint once you'd tendered your resignation and I m so happy for you ;)

Oh-gawd, never thought we had been working together for freaking 16 months long. Yes, I know, it kinda bored to see each other 5 1/2 days every single week. Same here! You think im not bored ? ;p Kidding ! Moreover, we'd been roommates for almost 2 mths long in China and India - miss those moment whereby we beer every single night before we dozed off, ordered room service for supper, gossips and etc.

I know I have my weird moment too, thanks for being so tolerate and teaching me hell lots of things. Appreciate lots !

Gee, i hate to said it but eventually i have to admit that I m missing u so badly. Looking at all the sticky-notes that you wrote, ain't fun at all thou.

Anyhoo, I hope work may keep me busy so that I can forget you ASAP ;p tee-hee! ~

Take care and love you ! Hopefully we could still stay in touch ;) I guess it's not a problem after-all as I m disturbing you every single second via MSN ;p mua ha ha ah ~

Lynette Lee
(Your idiotic colleague)

Jul 11, 2011


Do you believe in soul mates? I didn't. I used to think that I would never find the person I was meant to spend the rest of my life with in this little city. But then he came along... and it's like everything I ever knew changed. Everything I ever wished for, hoped for, wanted to do... changed. Because of him.

Because i knew that no matter what, he was the guy I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I can picture myself marrying him (I know I sounds like a despo, but i don't care). We took a little while to get to know each other, even though we both practically felt like we knew each other inside out after the next few meeting.

And what we found out though, was that we really were perfect for each other in the beginning. Were he was speechless, I was there to say what he couldn't. Were I was sad and had shut down, he was there to make everything better again and to put that smile he loves to see on my face..
We had weird moments that I could only laugh about with him..our own little private jokes that we will never forget about. Everything was perfect...he was even into the same taste of weird things as i was into. Because of all this and more, I knew he would be the one.

But lately, it all seems to be changing.. I keep thinking to myself that he still loves me, and he reminds me of this as much as he can until the day of the accident taken place. Yes, we finally sit down for a heart to heart talk. He finally blurted out all his unhappiness and me being irresistibly annoying. So I guess maybe it's good to have a 'pause moment', I think this separation will be good for us in the long run. This separation is not a punishment, it's just a way for us to clear our mind of what we want. It will be a test of our love...

So far we have had a wonderful 7 months together, and he has become my lover, my partner, my best friend.. But I do not know whether we could go through whatever obstacles we come across in the future. I know it aint gonna be an ez road. I know it would be hard because both of us were too stubborn and selfish at times.. but I willing to take the challenge because I can't foresee myself living without him. But sometimes i really feel like giving up, giving up something that doesnt meant to be.

- The End -

Jul 8, 2011

The End

Its 1:44 a.m and yet I m sitting here blogging instead of taking my beauty sleep. Ya, I know. I really have nobody to turn to except my blog so t4 i decided to blog. FYI i m so eff up nao, yes, really eff up. I did something really shit. I broke up with SK *applause* Yes, i leave him at the moment whereby he need people the most. Unfortunately I m not the person who could go thru mountain and hill with him. But anyhow, it's still the best 7 mths i ever had

Yes, i quarrel with him hours ago. I was so mad at him because he chose to find his friend instead of accompanying me. He knew the only time we can meet is after my working hour, he did complain about the time shortage and yet he stil decided to go out - meeting a friend of him whereby he is seeing him 4/5 times a week and they just meet up from 1p.m til 6p.m TODAY.

Altho I m kinda irritating at times but I wun stop him to meet his friend, if ONLY, they meet up once a week or etc. But they just meet TODAY ! Waa-lah! Yes, I know most of you will said I m sucha irresistibly annoying spoilt gf but you doesn't know how much tears I'd cried, how many minutes I'd worried about him - esp nao - whereby he is in the police station, and I m sitting here - not knowing what happen. Most importantly i have yet to received any SMS from him altho I'd sent millions of godamn SMS.

This is the first time that my heart ache so badly. Zero news from him terrified me hell lots, guess I shall just sit here waiting til sun rise.

- The End -

Jul 4, 2011

Top CYDIA app

Did I told you SK exchange his white Iphone with me ? No ? Lol ! Then this post is a sneak preview of my new iphone ;) Hate me NOT !

As a iPhone user, I’d have to admit that jailbreaking my iPhone is always fun and the best way to go, because there are plenty of apps on Cydia that can make to 'WOW' your iphone. And if you’ve jailbroken your iPhone or are considering doing so, then you will definitely be interested in these few top rated cydia apps. Look no further we have a list here of the top rated cydia apps.

Cydia app(s) that you 'MUST' install :-

SBSettings :- quicker way to manage iPhone settings such as disabling or enabling features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G etc instead of the usual process of using iPhone Setting

AppSyncs :- allows you to sunc and install cracked iOS applications

Barrel 2 :- 3D effect for your homescreen icon pages

biteSMS :- has lots of extra features like smileys, quick reply, privacy, scheduled SMS, passcode lock, delivery report and etc

BytaFont :- lets you apply fonts to your iDevice (My fav font of all : Sony Sketch EF font)

Dreamboard :- This is an advanced theming platform as compare to winterboard. Easier way to switch between any theme in just a few second - includes a complementary copy of HTC theme too ;)

Five Icon Dock/Five Icon Folder/ Five-Column springboard

Gridlock :- Place/arrange your icon anywhere you like. No longer need blank icons ;)

Infinifolders :- scroll your folders with unlimited icons - breaking the 12-app limit ;)

Winterboard :- is a theme app for your iPhone. Not just any theme app though. It allows you to edit and alter any theme you want. This app gives you the power to modify any .file for artwork from the safety of your theme folder! Check out my new theme ;)

iNiveus HD



LockInfo :- customized your lockscreen to get the information you need - access your mail, calender, SMS, facebook, twitter in just 1 page - LOCKSCREEN ;)

Quicklock 2 : Simple way to lock your iphone ;)

SleepFX :- New day, new tweak in Cydia: SleepFX. Enjoy stunning effects when the screen dims. From the makers of TV Tube Sleep, SleepFX has been developed in response to overwhelming customer demand for more effects and options. Effects include the famous TV Tube (now with sound), Split Columns, Spin, Fade Tiles, Suck and others. Effects are customizable using options such as effect type, animation speed and sound

ToneFX :- you may customized your Iphone's sound with an ultra cool shuffle feature. When turned on, everytime a call comes in you hear a different custom ringtone that you have put on your iPhone. This is a great feature when you have many custom ringtones and you want to enjoy all of them.

UnlimTones :- download unlimited kewl and latest ringtone straight into your ringtone in your Iphone ;)

Thats all for today

Hope it helps ;)

- The End -