Feb 23, 2011

27 days in India

I'm back ! Yes, finally I'm back to tanah kesayanganku -> Malaysia. The feeling of home is always the best of the best. Still couldn't believe I'm in India for freaking 27 days (O.o) Long enough to goes cuckoo and it's long enough for you guys to forget about me..
HOW COULD YOU ! ;( It's a SIN for forgetting me wokay ;p

Btw I can't wait to blog about all my shitty miserable and torturing experiences in India.. from A-Z (tee-hee! scary huh?!) Anyhoo, let's start from the first day itself. The first day was kinda fun as we went for food testing and surveying for suppliers. But the following days is 'SHIT and CRAZY'. Working up to 3/5a.m continuously every single nights. Bad weather. Pimples popping out every where in every single second, yes, I am freaking fugly for 26 days without MISSED!

And the bestest experience in India, I was chasen by beggers even though I m risking my life crossing a blardy busy street with lots of crazy drivers driving towards me. Yes, the cars in India is crrraazzziieee, they don't follow the eff-ing rules at all (Yes, far worst than MALAYSIANS) They can straight U-turn at a round-a-bout, 2 lanes become 5 lanes, drive against the actual way, pee and poo publicly.. OH MY!

The air pollution is worst, my nose was like a vacuum cleaner to them by sucking all the dirt so I hafta dig my nose every single minute, and its so blardy dark! + smelly? Ewww~ mua ha ha h aha !!!

The life is India is so eff-ing boring because all the shops close at 9.30p.m while the pubs close at 10.30p.m. Boring rite ? My shopping tips to you, if you wanna shop for branded stuff. You can try to shop @ MG road while if you're looking for cheaper range, you can try to shop @ Commercial Street.

The things that you shouldn't miss in India is the TANDOORI and the ROTI. It's far different from Malaysia and far tastier ;) Hardly explain how yummylicious it is but it's really finger licking good that makes you goes wet at night ;) FML !

Anyway, thats all. Got to go, gotta get back to work before my boss find out that I am blogging during working hour..

- The End -