Jun 29, 2011

Easy Breezy

In a blink of an eye, it's already July. Five more months to 2012. Yes, I survived sixteen months in this company. *claps for self * the irony is, nothing has changed. I am still the same me fifteen months ago. Not sure if that's a good or a bad sign. Then again, hey, I m reaching quarter life, end closings.. and I feel like Im seriously AGED and for the past 25 years, I have yet to accomplish any vava-vom achievement. Sad-nya *sob*

And every now and then, people pop questions that I do not even know the right answers. All I can say is that, I need something that's worth fighting for and I have yet to find that something. They say good things come to those who wait. Therefore I m WAITING ~ silently over here. But how long should I wait ? No one knows.. But I hope I'll have a clear answer in mind once I tender my resignation on 1st of July ;) Ohgawd! kan-cheong-nya *smack head*

I haven't been writing a lot because working has somehow ripped LIFE out of me. My life is being in office on weekdays, eating, sleeping late, and getting up early for work. And on weekends, all I wanna do is stay home, couch potato-ing wif my monsta(s) watching back-dated movie, yea, i know im so outdated. oh well, and it is not easy when what you earn all goes to sustaining yourself out here. whatnots, paying my debt with all my hard-earned salary.. fml !

And the only thing that can make me happy is FOOD. I eat to feel good. And I feel good eating.
Though all that feel good shizz ends right when you realized your input is more than output. I really need to work out. Its sad to look at the mirror to see how fat am i, fml!

Btw Goodnight. Its just another random blog. xoxo

Jun 26, 2011

Double Trouble

Here I am running errands for my mum as what a good daughter should.. yes, dad and mum were at China for few weeks long. T4 I m left at home with my idiotic bro ;( Not good ! Being the eldest in the family, I have to :-

(a) Wash clothes - luckily washing machine is invented..boohoo !
(b) Fold/Iron clothes.. Fml ! I need a robot to do this and that for me ;(
(c) Wash the car - total 4 cars @ home + boyfie = so 5 cars in total
(But I just washed 3 tis week) *wink*
(d) Boil medicine for myself (3 days once)
Improved after failing twice ;)

(e) Bath the 2 monsta, feed them with food and water everyday, change their urine pad.. which I spend most of my time cleaning up their pee and poop after work.. KNS !
(f) Change bed-sheet
(g) Most importantly :- Be a good daughter - I am,
by taking good care of my idiotic bro ;) RIGHT ? my cute lil bro ;)

From the above, you know how BUSY i am ;)

But still it won't stop me from bombarding my blog with my pictures ;)
*Evil grins*
(This are all taken from the Bangkok Trip)

FYI we were penniless in Bangkok because we spent too much on the 1st day itself, ugh, not good! I know as Im really sucks in money management, same goes to SK, so both of us failed really bad managing our money *sweat*

t4 we spend 3rd night @ hotel doing idiotic thingy and snap hell lotsa picture..
So here it is ;)

First : Thailand femes exotic massage from Nette, n its FOC ;)
Yes, FOC but only to my precious bf and bff ;)
(Aint im sucha good gf ?)
No wonder my boyfie lub me so muchie ;)

Yes, tis is my bff - Wen a.k.a Mosquitoe ;)

Three-some ;)

38 moment !!!

Ju-On version

This pictures all are highly protected and its gonna publish in my blog only ! Because I knew I'll lost few number of readers (as if I have any) as in all this photos are definitely gonna tarnish the angelic reputation of me. tee-hee!

Thats all, good night ;)

Jun 18, 2011

Scattered dreams

Sometimes I wish I am still a little girl who could live like a fairytale.. or a little girl who have billions of dreams which now my mum categorized it under 'Fat-dreams'. Everyday urging me to wake up from the so-called fat-fat dreams ;( A far-reached fat dreams .. wtf and fml!

Since small, I always wants to have my own boutique.. thus I worked very hard since young, real hard, never ever want to miss any chance to earn a single penny into my pocket. Everyone might thought I m money-minded or spendthrift + high maintenance (LOL! yes, first time hearing it myself too). FML!

And I m super happie to see my saving reaching 5 figure in the age of 18. Bare in mind, I'm not from a wealthy family. My pocket-money during coll is never more than RM250 per month and while everyone having fun outside on weekends, I m couch-potato-ing at home, snuggled under my blanket watching dvd, pirated some more.. sounds cheapo aite, yes, thats me ! You wouldn't know how much penny I save just to have my very-own boutique in the future. Its a real torturing process ! Deep down I know that if I ever want to do something that I love, I need to finance it myself because fashion is something that I've always, always wanted to do.

I really hope that I could build and merchandise my very own fashion line + boutique. But my mum doesn't seems to be supportive as she who always wanted me to follow the conventional path, working in the top management, climbing corporate stairs. She find it's a waste to own a boutique after studying 4 years in Public Relations. She belief I could go further. But boutique is something I m whole-heartedly passionate about ;( I'll never give up, I belief one day I'll change her mind.

Counting the days

- The End -

Jun 16, 2011

Shopping in Bangkok

Sawadeekap ;)

I m back from Bangkok, my fav country of all - Shopping paradise !!! my first priority of all ;) No where else like Bangkok which can satisfy my shopping lust.. Its the only place whereby I don't mind visiting once in every year ;) or twice or thrice if I could afford for the air ticket, hotels and etc ;p

This time I went BKK with 2 of mua darlings - SK and Wen.

We stayed at Budacco Hotel (introduced by Kim) instead of Baiyoke Boutique, it's located @ Pratunam, whereby it is just 5 mins walk away from Platinum Mall. *much love*

It's a very new boutique hotel with multi-colour selection of rooms from purple, pink, yellow, apple green and sky blue but unfortunately we got yellow instead of pink ;(

First day - we went to Chatuchak (the femes wholesale weekend market). We shop til we hafto buy a big 'red white blue PVC bag' fml

Kindly ignore my super-stim face after diarrhea so many times at Chatuchak and not forgotten the killer weather ;(

but luckily we have a private 'kuli' to carried all our goodies ;) excited max !!!

Second day - Platinum Mall + MBK. Me personally not really fancy MBK but I like to shop around the tunnel. Couldn't find the tunnel on the first day, disappointed max. But luckily we managed to find the tunnel on the 2nd day ;) FYI the tunnel is connected from MBK to Tokyu, 2nd floor, right opposite Watson. If you still couldn't find the place, you can asked around for Bonanza Mall ;)

Last day we walked along the Pratunam street, Four-faced buddha @ Erawan Shine, Platinum Mall, Siam Centre and etc. Just wandering around, sight-seeing and taking photo as we're totally broke with zero cents til we spend the whole day walking instead of taking tut-tut.. FML!

- More in next post,
gonna end this post with ONE more picture -

Khụ̄n thī̀dī

Jun 1, 2011

Disappointed (V1)

Very de fan.. fan.. fan.....

I am so disappointed at all my aunties and uncle ;(
My grandma just passed away, not even 100 days and yet they are making hoo-haa on the left-over money by my grandma..