Dec 31, 2012

Flash back 2012

Today imma gonna blog about d-things that kept me so busy in the past 12 months in 2012 .

January 2012

Chinese New Year ;) This year I managed to celeb with Le girls and we go yum seng. We are all grown up now.. I mean we are OLD.. sigh

And as usual, I'll celeb with Le precious cuzzie @ Malacca.

February 2012

Straight to Spore for work ;( which ppl tot I m working at Geylang, shit them !!!

Managed to come back for my bday for 1 day. Thankiu boss for purposely buying me an air tix to fly back, just to celeb bday and flew back to spore again the next day for 3 weeks long (Lolol, kidding. Its actually Le boss who failed in planning again, yes again) But thanks to him, so I can come back to celeb my burfday with Le darling and Le Shaunny

MARCH 2012

Went to Bangkok for work, my happiest working trip after all.. Because I can happily go shopping with Le Boss 1 day before the show day, that was awesome pawsome. Yes, Le Boss even accompany me to shop, he is good at times LOLOL

April 2012

Busy with another exhibition :- DSA 2012. That is my first exhibition back then, my gawd, its been 2 years. Time flies like rocket ;(

MAY 2012

Caught up with TUDM again. After Johor, Kuantan and now Subang. I wonder where's next ?!

Back to Malacca to celeb Mother's day with Le polo and cuzzie ;)

JUNE 2012

Hello Singapore, im here again for CMMA ;) Feel so good to be here.. 

Btw, have you guys see me in uniform ? Here's a pic of me in uniform ;) Aint I still looks gorgeous even with sweaty, oily and smelly hair ;p teehee 

JULY 2012

Mo is here. Act as a tour guide to bring her wandering all around KL, Putrajaya and Pulau Ketam for good food and nice mosque -_-lll

AUGUST 2012 

Tender resignation and found an extremely good job with confirm bonus every year, free BB with unlimited calls, petrol card, annually company trip to Shanghai, South Korea and etc, nice and atas location. Arrrr~~~ feel so fortunate but stupid in the same time because I turned down the offer and continue work in this pahlia company. KILL MEEEEE pweeeasseee !!!!

Gathering with Le convent girls

Le Coyie with me

Celebrating both of my darling's burfday at home eating and karaoke-ing..
Kindly ignore the k leh feh behind Le darlings ;p


Holiday-ing at Goldcoast Morib

November 2012

I guess I've married to the job, whereby I m kinda busy most of the time. But always end of the year is the worst, been so caught up with Airshow China, Zhuhai and Indodefence, Jakarta. (will blog in details about my worst experience ever in Jakarta and China)

 Muka kesian at Jakarta

My best client ever, lub her max

December 2012.

Busy yet happy because it is the festive month ;) 

Present !!!

Celebration !!! and Partey !!!

Another year with Le boyfie. Hope we can overcome all the obstacle to fight for a better future.

Thats all for this year.. Looking forward to the brand new year ;)

Happy New Year everyone !!!

Dec 10, 2012

Outfit Post

Finally I'm back to this blog after a long hiatus.
Sorry, am too busy with work lately..
Was away to Jakarta and China for almost a month..
*self-explaining, just in case you will like to know my updates*
I even wanted to stop blogging and delete my "superbglamorous" blog cough~
 but when I checked my blog traffic, surprisingly there are still some readers and I'm actually still earning from nuffnang! even thou it's only few ringgit a month.. but it's enough to make me happy *i'm a happy kid LOLOL*

Today, I m going to share-about what I normally wear to work and outings ;) Yes, my dressing mode is back because I finally have a colleague who can help me with taking lotsa lotsa lotsa~ outfit pic of mine until she gets really fed-up but I don't care ;) *bitchy mode ON* tee-hee
 All clothes are bought 1/2 years ago at Bangkok, so pathetic right *sob* 
I guess I need to shop more lately...*hinting to boyfie*
Bangkok again ? Pweaseeeeee ~~~~~ *sob*


Thunder blouse : Platinum Mall, BKK
Black skirt : BKK
Shoe : Lotus Road, China
(Forced to buy this shoe after both of my legs is full of blister)

P/s: Kindly ignore my pose and focus on my outfit pls and FYI I'm not playing superwoman in da office, Imma very professional when it comes to work *cough*

Ruffle white blouse : Platinum Mall, BKK
Jeans : Platinum Street, BKK

Polka dots vest : Randam night bazaar, BKK
White spaghetti: MNG
Black legging : Pasar mlm
Polka dots sneakers : Chatuchak, BKK

 Studded white blouse : Sg wang
Black legging : Sg wang
Inspired studded clutch : Sg wang
Shoe : Vincci

Merry Xmas in advanced !!!

Sep 3, 2012

Dogathon @ Desapark city

I m back after almost a-week-long break, thanks to Eid Mubarak and Malaysia's National Day ;) and now imma looking forward to Malaysia Day that falls on 16th September *jumping in joy* Counting down the days ;)

During the holiday, I decided to bring both of my precious furryballs to Desapark city ;) Impromptu plan with improper outfit.. First of all, never thought I can wake up such early on weekend.. FML! Undeniable, DPC is a really nice place for a walk esp with your dog ;) I really like the idea of DPC allowing dog to roam freely in the park as long as you remove/clean poo of your dog excreted within the DPC area. FYI its really hard to bring your dogs out as dogs are prohibited in most of the places in Malaysia.
Arrrrr. Can't agree more that its a really nice, peaceful and soothing place.

Look at Epal ! Busy enjoying the nice scenery instead of taking picture with me ;( 
How could she !!!

Poor baby boo, he have to carry Epal as she doesn't want to walk a single step

The End !!!

Will bring them out again - applicable only if they are well-being
Epal hafta stop eating her shit and Baby should stop urine on the sofa.. FML !!!

Aug 10, 2012

Foodporn @ Mont Kiara - Plan B & Uncle Jang

I guess I m the "most efficient" blogger ever who update my blog once in 2/3 mths time.. heh!

but today - I m gonna blog about FOOD - all FOOD ! Nothing else ;) And thats the reason behind why I gained so much weight !!! *gulp* but trust me, Im trying really hard to slim down too but godknows when only I'll managed to slim down until I become model lookalike with curvy body shape *wink wink* and manatahu I could be one of MALAYSIA'S NEXT TOP MODEL *Miss pageant wave* wtf

O ya, I finally visited Plan B after so long. I even bring my familee there for breakfast. =) 
OKAY OKAY I LIED! It's actually for brunch.
C'mon, can you guys be more considerate ?! Just a little while..
I can only sleep until my ass 'chao tah' (burned) on Sunday, which its gonna happen only once in a week, in conclusion its only four times in a month.. GOSH! never thought I am so pathetic ?
*pat myself at back*
Anyway back to topic, what I love about PlanB is I can still order the breakfast menu eventhou it's 1pm.. heh

Basically I love everything there esp Eggs Benedict and Breakfast platter (besides spaghetti). They have a wide range of spaghetti. You'll gonna love it if you're a fans of spaghetti. But I find the food is way too salty @ Publika.. So not sure if I will come back for the second time.

Next food up : Uncle Jang @ Jln Solaris

If you have been to Maybank, Mont Kiara, it is hard to miss this huge advert board with a weird bald man smiling at you. Yes, that’s Uncle Jang. We decided to celeb burfday for our beloved Chen Chen but it is way belated - it keep postponed from week to week. But still we managed to make it ;) Friends spirit !!!

I've been searching high and low for Dak Galbi authentic which I tried it once in Korea, and I loving it ever since. Let me explain a little bit to those who had not heard of Dak-Galbi. It is a popular South Korean dish generally made by stir-frying marinated diced chicken in chili pepper paste based sauce, sliced cabbage, sweet potato, onions and rice cake together on a hot plate. 

I m not gonna crap and blog much cos I m a lousy lazy blogger as usual. So I'll just let the pictures do the talking ;)

Muka Ychen yg hungry ;p

Pic taking momento. A must before we start eating ;)

- The end -