May 27, 2011

Hardrock cafe, Concorde KL

Attended Diana's sexay burfday partey @ Hardrock, Concorde KL on 25th May 2011 which falls on Wednesday.. FML! I told her I m not going because I worried I'll hangover on Thursday t4 the brilliant director of mine (Mrs.Diana) had planned to cheat our bosses that she will be bringing me along to attend a meeting for our upcoming BRUNEI exhibition. T4 we can partey til late nights and enter office late on Thursday ;) and I finally promised her after 4 days of brainwashing and convincing -_-lll

And I bought her my favourite black forest cake which I couldn't even have the chance to taste it as the cake cutting ceremony will only be held at 1.30a.m and club hopping at 2a.m. FML! I gave up my favourite cake for my beauty sleep as I have an early meeting at Shah Alam on the same day. Which I woke up before the sunrise, so proud of myself *self-pat* ;pYou really can't imagined how tired I am. Everything just crashed on the same day.. FML! and I thought I wouldn't be enjoying after all the stressful and pressure day in office. But I m wrong, so wrong! cause when the music is on, i TRANSFORM ;p Feeling hype-y, poppin' around and singing my lungs out ;) I feel YOUNG and sexay again ;p watafak!

Btw let the picture do all the talking .. as usual !

The yummy finger-food that makes me happy all night long ;)

Picture with boo while he keep ambushing my food ;(

Crazey picture of them ;)

Picture with bestie ;)

Oraite, thats all for today..
I'll continue some othey kay ;)

- The end -

May 20, 2011

RIP Grandma ❤

So much have happened in the past few days that i dont even know where to begin. All I can said its all started from a three day funeral process & all the sadness hasn’t exactly worn off. Its not that feeling of losing someone you love that hurts the most, it’s the aftermath that follows; and what made things worse was probably that feeling of losing & gaining apart of yourself from it along the way. The skies haven’t exactly been all clear, blue & beautiful for the past few days; and I couldn't sleep at night as I kept thinking of my grandma, the one who’s lived with me for more than 3/4 of my life is no longer around.

I just feel that at times the world doesn’t need to know so much about how I truly feel or hurt on the inside when it comes to matters of the heart involving my family. As I stepped into the hospital last Friday, looking at my aunt(s), uncle(s), doctor and nurse; they were all gathered right in front of the Acute Care Unit. I could smell from a far that all the weird things that's been going on in my life has to mean something, somehow in someways.

Afterall I just couldn't forget the sound of the flat heartbeat from the machine. I just wanted to wake her up just like how I did when I was small. "Wake up grandma, open your eyes". Please grandma, tell me this is not nightmare, not our goodbye. Then there it was, your final breath that I didn’t want to believe it. I glanced upon a sheet covering over her face; while doctor announced her departure at 4.30p.m on 13th May 2011.

They say that things all happen for a reason, and I think she’s finally freed from all her sufferings; battled life for a couple of years. She’s lived a good 77 years, and in so many ways I wish that I could have spent a little more time loving her instead of bombarded her with all my problems and misbehaving princess attitude. I guess this is a lesson that I must learn to appreciate someone or something before it's too late.

Thus, its not exactly easy to host funeral to the dearest in your life, to attend and go-thru is a million times harder and please don’t blame me for being a little reserved or weird out temporarily, I’m really trying to cope with everything at the moment. I think that moment of watching someone you love die, being hours away before the final breathe is by far the toughest. Its a cocktail of emotions, and I did my best holding my tears, i guess. Cause I realized you were at peace and not suffering anymore cos she had been fragile, weak & helpless for the past few months.

Anyway, rest in peace grandma(ah ma), I love you. It's not only a simple grandma-grandchildren relations, you meant alot more than that. Someone who I can shared everything and anything. Nobody can even replaced you in my heart. I’ve always loved you and I'll never stop loving you. I will never forget how you filled up my childhood with laughter, sweet memories!

You were always there for me. Through the tough times you were the one to lift me back up. We had our weekly window shopping and had lunch every single day after my college - it's either mixed rice or Kepong KTZ. Not forgotten our favourite ah ne's ABC and Goreng Pisang for tea-time. I will never forget how delicious is your home-made curry-puff, bao, meatball, popiah, dumpling and much much more. You were the kindest most generous grandma I will ever meet, who never scold or hit any of us before, no matter how wrong we are, you are always there for us. Of course this is apart of life and we all knew this day would come someday, it doesn’t make it any easier. But knowing that you don’t have to worry anymore and you are no longer in pain makes it a little easier. Thank you Grandma for all you did for me. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be who I am today. For that I am forever grateful.


- The End -

May 10, 2011

Urban romance

My blog has gone shit.. watafak and fakmualife -_-lll its sad thou, but apparently not sad enough to do anything about it. And as if there's people who are reading my blog except me who keep viewing and reading it, like 37462375627868 billions time a day... *sweat betoi*

I think it's basically my problem. Everyday, I go to work, home, eat, shower, check my email, Facebook, Cityville, watch a little TV and go to bed. Repeat. Repeat. and Repeat. Would you like to read it ? OF COS NO, aite ? Duh! YOU SEE ! YOU DON'T EVEN WANNA READ MY UNGLAM LIFE. So how am I going to blog anymore ? However I'll still post out my boring unglam life to bored you guys til yawn and fall asleep.

Lately, I'm stucked at home with SK bcos he's having his final ;) So being (a) understanding yet caring GF (me, yes me), I should accompany him study!!! although my finger keep clicking Cityville and seems like it will never stop ;p FML! Yes, im too addicted but imma getting bored lately *Smack head*

Cut the craps, let me upload some pictures of my cute idiotic ahB ;p

Studying ?
No !!! He's eating again than studying ..
One word - FAT !

He, smiling happily when there's food in front of him *sweat kali dua*

He's been burning midnight oil almost every-night,
t4 he needs a break - MASK !
ahahaha... mua ahB yg mao cantik ;p

He acting kiut ? Oh-gawd!
But not as cute as me ;p *wink wink*

Call him study, he sleep pulak ! KNS betoi!


and this is my artwork ;)
Punishing him for not studying...

Tadaa! Ain't he looks macho while he's bz studying ?!
Much love

It may look bored to you but it's the happiest time i ever had. It's like the good old days, whereby my mum keep nagging me to study and now it's my turn to shout at him. Luckily the exam ends today or else I think I'm going to die of high blood pressure ;p

The End.

May 9, 2011

Dragon-I @ Pavillion

Happy Mother's Day.
Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mama(s) out there ;)

I know motherhood is tough 24 hour job, no pay, no day off, sometimes it is unappreciated, but yet resignation is impossible ;p My silence for a while doesn't mean that I don't care. But God knows how grateful I am because you raised us four kids (including Baby + Epal) very well. *hugs* LOVE YOU !


I brought my mum to Dragon-I for dinner, how bout you ? ;)

We ordered :-

The oh-so-femes Xiu Long Bao RM 9.8

Left : Winter melon RM 5
Right : Dragon-I juicy RM 12

Chicken Ginseng Souo RM 18

Chicken Soup RM 16

Smoked Fish RM 18

Normal La-Mian RM 22
(Soup was so-so only but I love the noodle) ;)

Braise Pork RM 18

Fried Rice RM 18

Fried Chicken RM 38

Everything is so small portion yet nothing-to-shout about...
Totally not into my list of selection in the future anymore. Sorry !

Last but not least, polaroid of us ;)
and Happy Mother's Day !!!

Yes, i bought it finally ;)
Therefore I am seriously broke nowadays .. FML !
Will blog about my new FUJIFILM MINI 25 in my next post ;)

- The End -

May 6, 2011

Denim craze

Hi lovelies how are you all, here is another backdated post (。◕‿◕。)
Sentimos !

Today I am going to blog about Fashion ;) I know, I know.. I haven't been updating nor uploading my daily outfit and etc. As I told you I am seriously broke nowdays, so no shopping, no new outfit, no new shoes, no new accessories, NOTHING ;( So-cham!

BTW and FYI I was a denim craze back-then, but-then I am still crazy for denim ❤ Ever since last year, the denim-oh-denim look has made a comeback. and denim has always been an everyday staple, but Spring's upcoming edition will spotlight it even more

Got this awesome shirt couples months ago @ for RM 19.90 and the ripped jeans from Pumpkin at RM 69.9.. My personality is ‘just jeans’. These days you may caught me wearing white tee, faded Jean jacket and tight kaki jean every single day. It's my everyday's outfit, simple yet edgy ;)

Scroll down for more pictures ;)


- The N -

May 4, 2011

Wall Deco Sticker

Another backdated post, GOMENASAI !!!

Wanted to share this long-long time ago,
and it was too long til I forgot about it
until I saw the pictures in my iPhoto *selfslap*
Sowee la dey !

Btw, here is the pictures of the 3 wall deco stickers that I bought for my room ;)

The blossom bloom which I messed it with my mum
Yes, we're acting like a smartarse
sticking it without looking at the instruction.. FML!
and it turn-out like tat, totally diff from the ori pic
oh well, i think its not tat bad... rite ?
I guess so ;p

and this is the another one at the sitting area in my room ;)

Last but not list, my favorite of all,
the birdie cage
Naise ?

Pst ! Sorry for the low quality picture..
Yes, I know .. I should get myself a new camera..
But Im seriously broke nowdays
Saving my arse to BKK and I just got myself a Fujifilm Mini 25.. FML 99 !

I find it quite pricey, therefore I use 2 days to survey by clicking from 1 website to another website from day to night checking for the lowest price and the fastest delivery service ;p and end up i found it.. 3 of this cost me RM 105, and I got it the next day I made my payment. Whee~

I am saving my money to buy myself another 2 more for my room ;)
I'm thinking to get myself *as attached below*

Picture tree so that I can pass my polaroid on it ;)

or a fake-clock to remind me as I always late for work/appointment .. FML!

Pst ! I am thinking to change the layout for my blog or to improve it. Any suggestion ? You can email me suggestion at A free wall deco sticker will be giving out for the best suggestion ;)

H[o]pe to hear from you soon.

- The End -

May 3, 2011

Rhythm of love ♥

After 2 and a half days of holiday due to Labor Day, I'm back to work again and it ain't fun at all. Wait a min, not because I don't love my job. I still love my job, I love events & exhibition. I enjoy every process of coordinating and planning. I loves seeing the successful of each and every event after all the difficulties and long hours of hard work. Words can't describe the excitement and how much I love it.

But I realized that I don’t enjoy work that much nowadays. I feel like dragging myself every morning to work. Even at work, I question myself sometimes, asking questions like “is this all there to my life? Where is the excitement?. Where is the ol' me? who never get bored of new projects." but when ever I start complaining, I know it's time for job hunting.

Maybe I lost my interest. I don’t know.. or maybe I’m getting bored of the work-load, the 24/7 finger-pointing, the irresponsible boss and etc. Sometimes I really don't know what should I believe and who is real. So before I goes cuckoo, questioning myself and differentiating every tiny bit that is happening in the office. I think I'm ready to move on, finding something new. Preferable a job that is not monotonous and mundane or else I’ll get bored alot more quickly. tee-hee

I think the new environment is another process of self-discovery for me. Since working here, I got to know some character traits in me that I was not aware off before or denied having. First discovery: I like the simple life and things to be simple. So, you will never see my Facebook status showing “its complicated” again.-:) Even now, I yearn for the simple pleasures in life, family and friends and other stuff that matters. I also notice the tendency for me to go for small and simple assignments as opposed to large and complex projects.

So, work has been a process of self discovery for me. Sometimes painful but at the end of the day, all is good. The experience will prove beneficial for me as I chart my next step. So, what is my next step? All will be unveiled in my next series of ramblings.

- The End -