Sep 18, 2011

The month of September

No updates ahem! I mean less updates heh ;p I know I m sucha lazybum..
The more holiday, the lazier I am.. As usual, caught up with work, work and work.. FML!

Had been really obseesed with eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blusher, lipstick, lip gloss, hairspray, fake lashes, color-lens, accessory on,off, on again and OFF! Never thought it could be that fun, im addicted.

Btw It's not going to be a long update. As I m going to summarize everything in a single blog post, this time I m not going to strength your eyes ;) heh, ain't im sucha good blogger ;)

Basically weekends as usual, dear would pick up me up from work. Then we'll spend our weekends couch potato-ing @ home with latest/back-dated movie.
Thats the reason why I am so looking forward to weekends ;)

And not forgotten our crazey moment of camwhoring -_-lll
wat-a-sweat-couple i could said

And not forgetting shopping once in a blue moon. Great buy
Green chiffon blazer RM 25
Black Maxi RM 29
Studded flat shoe RM 10
See ! I told you. Great buy ay ?

Cha-time ;)

And as usual, wandering around for food, food and more food

Dinner @ New Boston, Klang
Must check out the femes lala, mee goreng and fried oat mantis

Mum's fav diner place - Chili Padi

Weekend with familee @ Chilis KLCC

Yes, thanks to the overloaded works. That causes me GERD/heartburn..

and gathering with ex-colleagues, we finally gather-up after 3 years long ;)
I miss my them sho much esp Kak Sha, Clarist, Boi and etc

I had been really stress up with works lately, couldn't explain the stress that I m going-thru at the moment. Sometimes I really wish I have the courage to tender resignation again. Perhaps a new environment/new job would be a good choice. I m so looking forward to work for the Motor Show. I am still thinking.. It's sucha good opportunity/chance. Should I move forward by taking this new challenge ?!

- The End -

Sep 5, 2011

Everyday shufflin' - LMFAO

Hello Zouk, Phurture and Velvet *scouting*

Yes, I finally went out partying after like a godzillion years of antisocialness..

I still remembered my last party was on Oct 2010 @ Opera, omfg, i know it was like eff-ing decade ago wtf.. I know I am so anti-social at times.. but sorry la dey, i was getting old you see.. hardly stay up til midnight anymore, can't really open my eyes once the clock strikes past 11 o'clock.. FML!

Picture time !

Imma gonna show you my very first color lense which took me hours to put-it-on.. FML!!!

I almost bang myself on the wall putting it on.. Successful after countless trial.. Insya-allah, halle-luyah and amithabah... it almost kills me..

Taddaaa !! My honey color-lense.. lub it max !!!

can't stop myself from cam-whoring

Thats all for tonight.. ADIOS !