Mar 4, 2008


I felt hazardous when eva I step out from my house
I felt unsafe even thou im in the HOUSE
Robbery and raping news were everywhere
Altho im nt the excellent target to be rob
Becos robbers robbing the peoples that are even poorer than them nowadays
And im nt the greatest target to be rape as im FLAT

When eva I walked down to the street in daytime
I felt the cold altho its burning hot during the daytime
I can sense that I can die for all kinds of circumstances in every second
And I felt windy and chilling = eerie and scary during the night time
Everything just scares me

I worried that I might be knocking down by the cars, motorbikes, Lorries, and even thou bicycles – seems like they are coming out from any possible direction
I worried that I might be rob by the long hair motor riders *Mat rempit*
I worried that I might be bitten by weird and wild dogs, and I’ll get mad-dog-illness

Everything and everyone seems suspicion to me
My mind starts running like window vista that flash everywhere in my poignant brain
Even when I saw those beggars who sleep in a sleep bag, I thought it could be a dead body

I often heard peoples laughing in drunkenly way
And there is mad men shouting like madly in the street, banging people’s car, forcefully asking money from passerby and etc etc etc

I am so worried that One day I might disappear all of a sudden in this earth and nobody from my hometown could find me anymore.
One says that I am “K ²” Kiasi and Kiasu
To counter this dilemma, UNDI-Lah

Vote for security, peace and properity (Badawi) ??
STAR = Saya Tidak Ambil Rasuah
PAS = Pakai Antam Saja
PRS = Pasti Rasuah Sentiasa
PKR = Pakar Kegiatan Rasuah
MCA = Malaysia Corruption Agency
MIC = Microphine
DAP = Dolok Aku Pengganas
SPDP = Saya Pasti Dapat Projek
BN = Bidayuh Nigeria ...

T4, there is a new Malaysia song i would like to share with my reader(s)

Rasuah sayang eh
Rasuah Sayang Sayang eh,
He lihat Pak Lah tidur
Rasa sayang sayang eh,

Budak Mongolia di luar pagar,
Ambil C4 tolong bombkan,
Saya budak baru nak mengajar,
Kalau salah you duduk diam - diam.

Rasuah sayang eh
Rasuah sayang sayang eh
Eh lihat Zam bodoh
rasa sayang sayang eh

Zainuddin kita nak marah al - jazeera,
tapi sendiri tak berpengetahuan,
Mungkinkah belajar dari Mara,
Kerana jawapannya macam ketam.

Rasuah sayang Eh
Rasuah sayang sayang Eh
Eh lihat parliment
rasa sayang sayang eh

Parliament kita macam zoo negara,
Penuh dengan banyak binatang,
Ada beruk, monyet dan kera,
Kalau pergi sana bawalah kacang,

Rasuah Sayang Eh
Rasuah sayang sayang eh
Eh lihat rempit jauh
rasa sayang sayang eh

Khari kata rempit sangat terer,
Mereka ialah mat cemerlang,
Otaknya sekarang entah mana,
Mungkin nak jadi rempit di longkang.

Rasuah saying eh
Rasuah sayang sayang ehEh
lihat bola kita jauh
rasa saying sayang eh

Dulu kita main bola peringkat antarabangsa,
Sekarang main macam ketam,
Kalah 5 – 1 kepada Cina,
Hari itu pula kalah kepada vietnam.

Rasuah Sayang Eh
Rasuah Sayang Sayang Eh
Eh lihat Indonesia jauh
rasa saying sayang eh

Rasa saying milik Indonesia
Malaysia kata mereka punya
Otak engkau lagu ini milik kita
Kita punya Rasuah sayang sebenarnya

Rasuah sayang eh
Rasuah sayang sayang eh
Eh lihat polis jauh
rasa sayang saying eh

Bila nak tiba hari raya
Polis kita merata rata
Muka mereka semacam saja
Bagi IC dan ringgit Malaysia

Rasuah sayang eh
Rasuah sayang sayang eh
Eh lihat Pak Lah tidur
rasa sayang sayang eh

Air di Johor melimpah limpah
Pak lah beli rumah di Australia
Bila Mahathir kita marah
Dia kata rumah itu orang lain pula.

Rasuah sayang Eh
Rasuah sayang sayang eh
Eh Malaysia hancur
rasa sayang sayang eh

Happy election day – Undi-Lah
Kakakaka !!!!

Mar 3, 2008

Kampung Pig

Piggy snort when shes drowsy
Piggy snort when shes starving
Piggy snort when shes fart out of the blue
Piggy snort when shes sad
Piggy snort when shes emo
Piggy snort when shes happy
Piggy snort becos shes a pig

All of a sudden shes think of coffee altho she don’t drink coffee *weird*
*Piggy loves ICE LEMON TEA*
* Piggy is a carbonated drink lover*
*Piggy hates plain water*
*Piggy hates to wee wee*
*Piggy loves to OSC*
One say, this pig is outlandish.. (Kowtowed)

Piggy has billion of things in her to-do-list
Bt this pig is tooo slothful to be sinful *Snort*

A born-to-be storyteller ?
Nah !! This pig has the ability of blowing water only
Bt the children loves it
Its fun thou,
When some1 appreciate ur masterpiece

Taa !!