Aug 23, 2010

Wo xi huan bu ai wo by Yen-J

wo xi huan ni de yan
I like your eyes

kan zhe wo de yan
Look at my eyes

wo xi huan ni de lian
I like your face

tie zhe wo de lian
[Be] Close to my face

wo xi huan ni de shou
I like your hand

qian zhe wo de shou
Take my hand

wo xi huan ni de kou
I like your mouth

wen a wo de kou
Kiss my mouth


shi jian zai gai bian
Time changes

ni bu yao gai bian
Do not change


yin wei wo hen ai ni
Because I very love you

bu xiang yao ni fang qi ai qing
Do not want you to give up love

you qi zhe duan de lai bu yi
In particular, this is not easy

我爱你 真的是很爱你
wo ai ni zhen de shi hen ai ni
I really love you, love you

suo yi xiang
So like

jiu zhe yang ji xu ai xia qu
Love to go on this way

[Repeat Refrain then Chorus 3x]


Idk why am I so in love with this song

Kindly ignore the singing part -_-lll

Next video will be me playing this song ;) Stay tune !

Aug 16, 2010


Boo !!!

I know I'm missing in action againnn but its forgivable cos I'm down with food poisoning *sob*

Yeah, I fell sick last Tuesday, and I spent the rest of my day napping at home... I spent the entire day in bed - feeling numb, drowsy, dizzy, cold sweats, stoned, high or whatever u call it..

But I felt much better today, and I finally had normal meal after days of porridge and bread.. But I felt way much much better after tom yam steamboat dinner on Fri with the girls but I end up diarrhea for the whole godamn night ;( Shit me !!! Btw I managed to finished up all the horror movies downloaded by Eriyque =) I felt awesome... despite my stomach is still giving me headache...

FYI I dunno what causes me food poisoning but to avoid me from food poisoning again, I shud learn to be a little nicer to waiter/waitress, friends or enemy before I put anything in my mouth.. fml !!! and I should learn not be so greedy anymore, I should learn to control myself !!! More vege(s), less meat ! More fruits, less eat !!! fml fml fml !!!


Pictures taken from my Iphone


Nette's working station

Nette's favourite

Photos taken @ Temple

Last but not least, me in Baju Nyona

- The End -

Aug 9, 2010

Sunrise, Sunset ♥

I almost forget I have a blog...

I'm like being cursed to hop on my bed,
sneak under the blanket and sleep soundly after work.
It's like a daily routine to me right now..

Btw, I went back to Malacca this week again
to meet up with my beloved cousins, aunt and grandma...
and I've 2 big loots of clothes from my cuzzie from Spore =)
Excited ?
I am just as excited as you..
Will post all the clothes once im free kay
and also the previous shopping spree with Yinnie =)

Here is a picture of me...and Nina
Just in case, you forgot how i looks like

- The End -