Aug 31, 2009

Chary of his praise

Net is back from a short hiatus *winkz*
and I've declared today a "Lazy Day"
a day whereby i can finally rest, laze around and surf net
plus updating my half life, half death blog..


Too many things, yet little time again..

Outfit of the day :
Lesser updates for "Outfit of the Day"
as imma try to cut down my shopping compulsiveness.. hmm
and i start selling away all my
from bag to clothes, and all those lapsap thingy
cause I don't think my luggage bag can fit all my stuff
and i don't think my new apartment can fit all my lapsapness *sweat*

Back to the pix, OMFG!! I looks so thin !!!
Lotsa ppl said I've lose weight..
But my eating habit is still the same,
maybe its the 599 ingredients in a ciggy..
and OMFGx2!! Look at the 3rd pix..
My boobs looks juicy *shy*
Oh well, thats a new tactic that I've learned via YouTube
*squeezing and enlarging A cup to C cup*
Mission complete, looks successful *evil grins*

Backdated pix wif Epal

2 soh poh(s) sha la la in da car
2 soh poh(s) at Mambo Jambo, its our night!!!
2 soh poh(s) burning down the dancefloorHaha! First mission : Grab a guy back
*Mission Failed badly*
Second mission : Disturb Epal driving
*Mission sucessful with flying colours*2 soh poh(s) heading back to home sweet home!

Good Night !!

Aug 24, 2009

Net in agony

Being a kid with psoriasis was terrible
its an unexplained pain for SEVEN years
although I'm 99% recovered
but it ain't important anymore
as I saw nothing but an endless void,
all that I had ever cared about seemed so little..
The purposes and causes that I had fought so vigorously,
left me in a second,
I felt as though I had been in the infernal plain forever.

Anyhoo, this is not as painful as compare to my broken heart
The scars are getting deeper and deeper.
I realized I’m not in pain anymore but in agony…

So many scars, they wont heal, no matter what i do
I've discovered it’s better to keep it to myself, suffering in silence
There's a hole in my heart where love did reside.
Now I'm stuck in a fetal position, trying to keep it from bleeding out.

Everytime when I'm hurt and sorrow in my life,
I cant stop myself from reaching the ciggie..

When will i wake up and not feel numb ?
DO I need were alcohol to make the wound sting all over again ?!

Quote of the day :
If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away.
If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay."


Last few weeks I'm awake but my world is half asleep

The tears I've cried, screaming deceiving and bleeding for you
and you still won't hear me.
but this time i doesn't need any alarm..
I'll wake up for once.


Thats why I've tender my resignation,
and I'm leaving .. soon..

He said we're still friends..
a friend that doesn't call/sms/msn at all..
If he did, its just a favor call or etc
and Im no longer the ol' me,
waiting for it day and night..
I never even try to create any conversation
so that i can talk longer with him anymore..
Yes, everything and everyone had changed
so do you and me
He has his own glamour life with celebrity, friends and special one
and i'm with my unglam singlehood..
I've done my very best to hold back this relationship
(No one ever tot I can hold for such a long time)
but how long it is, doesn't matter nemore
as it doesn't work at all
t4 i accept the fact..
and I'm no longer living in denial..

- The End -

Aug 19, 2009

I don't talk, I perorate !

- A quick post -

For you see, each day I love you more
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.
I lurve my studded jumpsuit *smile happily*

I'm truly a jumpsuit maniac, *slap me pls*
i've more than 30 jumpsuits in my collection now
Maybe i really shud post a blog with the title :
NET's 2009 Jumper Collection
(Ew~ sound so unglam huh)


Ain't it looks nicer with blurry effect?!
I just love the simplicity yet edgy look.
Best way to dress up every single morning to work.
A day whereby you'll get a nice parking space,
A day whereby people whistling while you pass by,
A day whereby people will buy u breakfast, lunch and dinner..
A day whereby everything goes smoothly..

But how bout Vintage on Net ?
Ew~ its a BIG NO-NO !!

I am so into vintage all the time
Gee, im vintage and floral obsess
but it just doesnt looks good on me *sigh*

I wore this outfit out for an appoinment at Plaza Damas,
people thought its a school uniform *sweat giler*
Hey, im no longer a lil girl wokay..
*evil grins*
LOL ! JK !

Oh well, I better stick to my simplicity stylo

Found this 2 yrs ago top while im tidyin up my room last weekend
Now u noe y i "Gotong royong" every weekend

Thats all for today

Good nite !!
and Have a nice WET dreams .. teehee

Aug 17, 2009

Claire Gua Jing - Zai Shu Shang Change Ge

ni shuo de mei ge xiao hua wo dou xiao le
shi ni bian you mo hai shi wo bian kuai le
hao jiu bu jian ni shuo wo da bu xiang tong
偷偷告诉你 我的心去整型了
tou tou gao su ni, wo de xin qu zheng xing le

bu xiang dui mei jian shi dou na me yan ge
nong de quan shi jie hao xiang zhi sheng zuo ze

ai yi duo hua bu cai ta neng kai duo jiu
放宽的心情 把什么都变美了
fang kuan de xin qing, ba shen me dou bian mei le

xiang yao guang zhe jiao ya zai shu shang chang ge
hao duo shi wu qian bei suo xiao le
xin li bu xiang fang de jiu qu le suan le
rang tai yang ba lian pang gei sai de hong tong tong

xiang yao chui zhe kou xiao zai shu shang chang ge
yao xiang kai wang yuan fang de huo che
ke yi na me qing kuai di chuan guo shan dong
大树上还很空 你要不要陪我
da shu shang hai hen kong, ni yao bu yao pei wo

Repeat again

Aug 16, 2009

Peradventure mode

People said I've changed so much.
I think I grew up *smile*
I stopped letting my emotions control the inner me
and I've learned that I can't always be happy; so I accepted reality.
Sometimes when I'm awake I can taste how bitter I've become,
(Like the smell of coffee)
After all, coffee is bitter, a flavor from the forbidden and dangerous realm.

Growing up is never straightforward.
There are moments when everything is fine,
& other moments, when you're young
& you realize that there are certain memories
that you'll never get back.
& certain people that are going to change
& the hardest part is realizing that
there's nothing you can do anymore,
& realize that everything is going to change.

Time doesn't wait for anyone.
There's a part in everyday,
where I lie to myself and say everything will be okay.
'cause if I don't, I think I'll break down
But the truth is, I only have myself to blame.

There's something in my past that I hasn't gotten over yet.
Each day is like the moment that I can't forget.
It's just an empty space where something used to be.
Now i'm standing in front of the gate cause I lo
st the key.
I cant enter, and he can't come in..
I tell myself not to think too much
So i close your eyes and follow my heart,
I'll follow my heart, follow the flow,
letting my heart to guard my way

- Lynette Lee -


Next : My day with CLY

Most of the time, we'll end up eating, eating and eating
That is why we're having too much flabby tissue *slap us*
but besides EATING.. we lurve shopping,
we can shop til we're drop *slap us twice*

Yep, shopping is one of our most favourite activity besides eating
*evil grins*
and when boringness strikes,
we starts camwhore with silly piggy expression
(Now u now why I'm still single and available)
Well, thanks to her...

Wanna noe what happen if placing both pig together ?
we'll end up with a car full of shopping bag(s) lor~
(Slap us trice)
I know, she's insane !!! NOT ME !! Time is running out,
but i'm truly appreciate every single moment with my loves in OWS

- The End -

Aug 12, 2009


Net is down with fever again
Don't worry, its NOT H1N1
and if it is, it wun be transmitted via blog reading too
so pls come back here my dear readers..

Well, I was extreamly sick for the past few days,
too sick to realized my bro snap a
few ugly pix of me sleeping like a pig *Snort*
Hence, you thought i won't be uploading it in my blog
Don't ya ?
Well, YOU're wrong...!
This time i'm going to reveal my ugly sleeping pic
by posting it in public
*Simply bcos I looks extreamly cute...* teehee


The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved
*singing Akon's Mr.Lonely*

Can anyone out there who could
feed me medicine nor cook me porridge while m sick,
Hug and lullaby to get me sleep,
I'm really tired of being alone, really tired!

Can you wake me up with a kiss on my forehead
every single morning!


Next it's the long hiatus of outfit post :

Outfit 1 :
Top : Company T-Shirt
Skirt : Mini in Noir (Ugly Duckling)

Outfit 2 :

Outfit 3 :

(Just a quick and simple one,
as I'm no longer in mood to dress nicely to work)
When you get scolded every single second, minutes and hours
U wouldn't have the mood to dress up nemore


Next Upcoming Post : YOU can't take away the scar you left behind!

The leftover pain

I’m going to smile like nothings wrong,
talk like everything’s perfect,
act like its just a dream, and pretend he’s not hurting me.
Sorry, I'm tired of trying

When things goes wrong, it will also burn the deepest
and the scars it leaves will to somehow be tattooed in your heart

- The End -

Aug 9, 2009


The best friend is leaving me again soon,
albeit briefly, to go overseas for about 3 - 6 months.
I'm starting to feel sorrowful and mournful *sob*

I wonder what I'll do while she's gone..
I wonder who'll cheer me up when I'm down..
I wonder who'll accompany me when I'm sad..I wonder who'll kiss me when I'm unhappy..
I wonder who'll sit patiently and listen to my ramai anak story..I wonder who'll bath with me while debating about cups..I wonder who'll dry my hair when I'm busy choosing clothes..I wonder who'll accompany me for tea, food and shoppin..I wonder who'll protect me when I'm being bullied..I wonder who'll chat with me middle of the night via MSN..
I wonder who'll burn the dancefloor with me..I wonder who'll hug me when I'm watching horror/ghost movie..I wonder who'll dance "Jai-Ho" and "Poker Face" with me..I wonder who'll drink, drank and drunk with me..I wonder who'll watch x-rated with me while having supper..Last but not least, I wonder who'll take care her for me..

I missed the last outing session with Machi and Wen
I felt so bad ! and I hate myself so so so much !
Thats the last day whereby the 3 of us can reunited but.. *sigh*

Imma can't stop crying in this few days
till I'm down with fever, cough, sore-throat and migraine..
or else I'm eating Siew Pao at Seremban with her dy.. *sigh*

Anyhoo, I'll never forget the times that we had in this past 5 years.
The heartfelt discussions, the good and the bad.
Take care ! muakx !

Aug 6, 2009


Life is like a box of crayons.
Most people are the 8-color boxes,
but what you're really looking for are the 64-color boxes with the sharpeners on the back.
I fancy myself to be a 64-color box,
though I've got a few missing.
It's ok though, because I've got some more vibrant colors like periwinkle at my disposal.
I have a bit of a problem though in that I can only meet the 8-color boxes.
Does anyone else have that problem?
I mean there are so many different colors of life,
of feeling, of articulation..
so when I meet someone who's an 8-color type..
I'm like, hey girl, magenta! and she's like, oh, you mean purple!
and she goes off on her purple thing, and I'm like, no - I want magenta!

- John Mayer