Mar 26, 2012

Shopping @ DAISO

Today being a good blogger (me), trying to blog "newsworthy" shopping news for you as a bonus ;) Yes, I am going to share a very good deals with all of you ;) Although it is not a top secret or what so ever but it's worth to know lor. Moreover, good things must share rite ? heh.. aint I am so lovely at times.. thankiu thankiu #takmalu

FYI being a super cheapo/cheapskate like me, I usually bought all my necessity at DAISO. I can spend hours wandering the aisles checking out all the 'kewl' stuff there. Daiso has a wide variety of stuff which it is all SUPER inexpensive! and it is only RM5! Yes, RM5 lor! and most of the items are from Japan although it is still manufactured in CHINA.. but I can still "syok sendiri" as if its from #kampunggirl

Can you see ? Everything is so pink and so cute lo.. How to resist rite ? But you really have to shop carefully as you'll always end up buying unnecessary things which you are not going to use in the next few months time. I am your very good example #fml

Anyhoo, lets see what I've got for my fruitful shopping ;)

Tadaa !!!

1. Cute pink pail - to soak bra and panty ;) Super chio rite *wink wink*
FYI Those ah ma-ish pail selling in pasar cost more than RM5 and it is not as chio as mine, mine is pink in colour eh

2. Cute pink alarm - for cooking or applying mask

3. Cute pink Ipod/Iphone or Ipad cable

4. Cute pink duster

5. Cute pink sponge

6. Slim double eyelid sticker

7. Divider partition

8. Daiso blackhead remover - TOP SELLING ! must try

and the list goes on and on..

And all my hauls for yesterday is only for RM5 on each items ;)

YAY !!!

Good deals right ;)

Aisheh, not bad right ;)

And that's all for today, ADIOS !!! Last but not least,


Mar 8, 2012


As time goes by ~ I think somehow or somewhere I've lost the urge to share everything and anything about my life with others. I m not pun-intended to neglect my blog, I always wanted to blog, but the laziness deep inside me didn't allow me to. Lazy bug strikes !!! In conclusion, it is not my fault and I would not plead guilty for being a LAZY BUM ;p

I am almost almost fainted looking at the gazillion un-edit and retarded picture of me - I really had no idea of what to blog-a-bout *smack head* Even blogging nao takes me like forever-and-a-half, I guess I m really rusty at blogging, writing and editing *Big sigh*

So I guess I will just randomly update my blog using my Instagram photos as I really had no idea of what to blog about ;) T4 it would be all back-dated picture of me heh..

This year is a bit speacial, we had our CNY reunion dinner @ Dorsett Hotel but still i prefer home-cooked meal prepared by my beloved ah ma ;(

OMG! look at this, that and those... ain't its tempting ? *evil grins*
and a pic of me - enjoying my food ;)

Packing all my cny clothes back to Malacca,
can't wait to meet my fatty Linda, crazy Xin and beloved Po Po ;)

and being force to play mahjong with my idiotic DD
but nemind la - once in a year - so good of him to let me win all of his $$$ ! Love him max !!!

And birthday with bestie @ Neway ;)
an impromptu plan that ends perfectly before I flying off to Singapore again

and meet up with babes @ Havana, Changkat ;)

Life had never been easy for me, was really busy with work. Yes, I was in Singapore for eff-ing 17 days long. Rest 3 days and flew to Bangkok alone for 5 freaking days, how sad and boring it is but it's fun thou - to be independent at times. Will blog about my torturing experience in Singapore and Bangkok one day/ some day .. tee-hee!

and this is what I miss the most while Im not around. BAK KUT TEH !!!

ahem, but of cos i miss my bf more *cough*

What makes me happy the most is :- shopping in BKK ;)
altho wardrobe is full of new clothes ;p
(Isk, tak insaf2 jugak)
Halleluyah - may god bless me ;p

Last but not least, let me end this post with an outfit of the day

Kindly ignore the messy background ;)

I'm not sure when will the next update be, but till then. Have an awesome day. :) Taaaaa !!!

P/S :

Nowadays I m so addicted to draw something (as pic attached below)

Oh well, altho I can't draw as good as this but my drawing skills aint that bad as compare to Kenny a.k.a ah Fai !!! a boobs that doesn't looks like boobs, deng ~