Dec 29, 2007

One Earth, One Heart

It's been a physically tiring and emotionally stressing week :-
thesis, wwF campaign, Uk registration and etc
Anyhoo, Our One Earth One Heart awareness campaign have draw to a close
This campaign is tiring yet frustrating (of cos) but fun and happie at the end

I was friggin tired.
non-stop vacation :- Bangkok -> Spore -> Campaign -> Thesis -> VIVA
Once im back to Kay-ell,
I have to rushed to college for the whole thingy and booth setup
Arranging, organizing and decorating from 7p.m til 12a.m wif empty stomach
Hungry, Tiring and Annoying *snort*
So here is some of the pics from the campaign
This is 1 of the show performance for the open ceremony
p/s : He almost burned our tempopary ugly pai seh banner *snort*

Guess wert, this clumsy and poignant (me)
Woke up late on the 1st day of the campaign
Luckily PuiPui phoned me *snort*
The next day late again bcos I oh-li-tu
I drank too many packets of Free Soyas due to my own greediness
���Padan muka!!-

The two days campaign is fun and of course, tiring.
All of us find ourself so tired that we barely try to complete this
AHMC 5454 PR Campaign Planning and Management
This duffer is truly tiring pulling out from Ms.LCC���s bag of tricks.

1st day : It was certainly strenuous with long hours of
PR-ing, intense gaming, Drawing, Guessing and Poking,
demo-ing and even cheating *snort*
I couldnt stand and talk at all but I have no choice
I need to complete my mission
So far ��� Mission Half Completed ���
Hip hip hooraayy ~~!
Still need to wait for the evaluation *haih~~~!*

I started to have this dreading of Soya phobia
Drank 5-6 packets of Soya on the 1st day
Yes, I still happily drinking it w/o worrying of anything
Bcos we received 1 thousand cartons of SoyRich from the sponsor
So the next day I felt terrible with bad diarrhea bacterial gastroenteritis
It could be cause by the bacterial overgrowth in the packet drinks
Or its close to to the expiry date ?!
God knows *snort*
So the next day I feel like puking when eva I get near to the SoyRich
Keep giving away the drinks to the Tarcian
Carton by cartoon, packet by packet, boxes by boxes
And yet we still have 50 over cartons is the dancing room
Oh god, pls save me away from the SoyRich
So I recommended the public to buy SoyRich if they have problem with shitting
Feeling constipated ?
Try SoyRich *wink*

More pics to upload.. Taa !!

Freaking tired til i washed my face with colgate

and brush my teeth with cleanser *snort*

Dec 26, 2007

Boring/Last Day in Spore

Its a boring day today, spent most of my day in spore counter-strike ppl's wifi to get online,
ntg much to do except login to facebook and start attacking people,
poking people, spamming ppl's profile and etc *evi; grins*
was too boring till i keep accepting boring application request on the facebook

1st . How will u die quiz
Old age
You're pretty chilled out!
You're going to live a long, happy life,
maybe even retire to an island.
Island ? hopefully its not P.Langkawi, P.Tioman, P.Perhentian *snort*
Either way, you'll be able to enjoy winters with loved ones.
You'll die asleep on a ferris wheel.
I swear i wouldnt take any ferris wheel ride from now on *snort*

2nd. What Blood Type Are You?
Your blood type is AB.
Your personality is popular yet controlled,
sociable yet aloof,Outgoing yet shy,
sensitive yet thoughtless,
a very split personality.
This makes you very exciting friend indeed.
You are most compatible with: everyone!

Famous Type AB's: John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Yeung

3rd.How Trendy Are You?

I'm the Girl's girlFashion and clothes are not that important to you. There are bigger and better things in life. A pair of jeans from Gap and sneakers does u justice. Your Swatch watch and your Ray Ban sunglasses are the perfect accessories for the season. Comfort in clothing is the most important thing. Sales are the best times to buy new clothes and a good time for a wardrobe makeover. People magazine is your best companion on the way to the saloon on a Saturday afternoon. You truly are a girl's Girl!

4th.How stupid are you?

You're an idiot! The word "idiot" is derived from a Latin word meaning "uneducated", and that's most likely what you are. But hey, some of the richest, most powerful people in history have been idiots... and maybe, just maybe, it's because we're all idiots? Nonetheless, you've earned this label, buddy. Come to terms with it or start studyin'.

Sob ><>

5th. Whats your love language

Acts of service

Your primary language of love is acts of service. When a loved one does a simple chore for you it speaks volumes about how much they care about you. Of course, different acts of service mean more to you - and that's up to you and your loved ones to figure out.

6th. What Band Member Are You?

You are "The Bassist"!
You're an easygoing person who's just happy to be here. Superficial things like fame and money don't concern you - let other people carry that burden. You'll reap the benefits of having the good life without all the problems and drama that come with it. And you're probably good friends with the drummer.
p/s : Do let me noe if u'r a DRUMMER

I'm Daffodil
You have a sunny disposition and are normally one of the first to show up for the party. You don't need too much attention from the host once you get there as you are more than capable of making yourself seen and heard.

You are "Elektra"!

So WHAT Jennifer Garner played you in a crappy movie? There's still a chance that, one day, you'll encounter ninjas! And that is the coolest thing ever. You're smart, sexy, and badass with a samurai sword. However, once people get to know you, they also find out you're kind and compassionate, and not just a crazed assassin hell-bent on revenge. But you are that, too.

You are "the Party Animal"!
Anyone who has ever uttered the phrase 'You don't know where the line is until you've crossed it,' obviously never crossed the line. What is a party for if not to push your limits? You see parties as a challenge - how much can I dance, drink, shout, fight, score, etc. Parties are a chance to get your name into the history books by doing something extraordinary so all your friends can say, 'hey, remember when?'
Thats it for TODAY. see ya tml
will upload my Spore pics once Im back to Kay-eLL *snort*
Taaa !!

Dec 21, 2007

Preparing moi xmas hol in Spore *snort*

Holla !! im going to Spore in 4 hours time
Spending my night packing packing and packing
I guess I am over-excited till I over-packed lotsa things..
Hair-dryer, Clothes, Pajama, Cap, Sun glasses, toothbrush, tidbits …. Etc
Till I cant even zip my luggage…
My mum complained that I brought too many clothes that
I couldn’t and wouldn’t even have the chance to wear it in just few days time
Some more she kept telling me to shop over there
But im superbly broke after I came back from Bangkok *sob*
Bah !! who cares… shop 1st *shop shop shop*
I dowan to end up regretting again..
Since now is the Mega sales season (year end sale)

I told myself tat since I am such a dumpy dump dump
Alwiz dirty up my own clothes either eating, walking nor talking
Bringing the extra clothes along is BETTER
*wink wink*
Tat makes me feel BETTER too

Omg !! I forgot to bring my bra and panties
Argh, this time my toothpaste (Darlie)

Darn, I start missing my baby dy *sob*
I missed the time tat i irritate him
i missed the time tat he looks agitated on me
i missed the time tat he cuddle beside me
i missed the time tat he play with me
*AwWwwww* i miss him so muchie
-10 mins later-
Not missing him nemore, bcos he ate my chewing gums
While im taking moi bath
GrrRRrr * hate him*

My mum kept remind me to buy kitkat for her *duh*
i was like huh? wats the difference btw the msia KITKAT and spore KITKAT
Mum : it taste nicer 1
Me :!@#$%^
Mum : Seriously
Me : ????
Me : Sure o not ?
What-eva, jus buy it for her b4 she asked me to buy something expensive for souvenirs *fuh!*

Dec 16, 2007

Exam *snort*

Zingi just remind me that we have another 4 more weeks to final… zZzzzZzz *snort* Gawd,. I hate exams, I truly hate exams. Let's just put it in this way, right from the start of my school life starting from the age of seven I have never study really hard, in short form "mugging", for all my exams, with the exceptional case of stern rigid pushing by my mum during my primary school life to secondary school life toward diploma and headed for degree. Well at least I have pass my chemistry and add maths.... ha ha ha !!

I wonder what's the point of studying so hard? So that we are able to prove your knowledge and to get a better life with that pathetic piece of paper. Stop telling me that exams are a form of self test to see if you have learned enough. Whatever it is, it is all rubbish, fucking bullshit for exams to even exist. So I came up with ten reasons or rather ten excuses to indulge myself in self-delusion...

Ten Stupid reasons why I will never "mug" for exams..

1. Judging from my droopy, lazy looking eyes, you know that I'm born an ultimate SLACKER in life. Sorry, but I can't blame myself to be born like that.

2. I know right from the start of nursery that I'm born a smart and intelligent gal. I have mastered the art of crapping during exams and it is unquestionably capable of making shit into "facts" on my paper.

3. How can you even study when you have a big comfy queen size bed, filled with 4 fuggly cuddly pillows, 4 teddies + 1 dog that tempting you to come onto bed.

4. I am a self declared major TV and internet addict. I am glued to the TV and my laptop like 23 hours a day with the rest of the remaining 60 minutes spent on sleeping. I am proud to be a living TV guide; you ask me anything I will answer it. I wouldn't mind watching any rubbish that is aired on TV. TV and internet is my life!!!! I will die without internet connection esp during assignment season.. But streamyx suckz *snort*

5. I will start snacking when I'm studying. But the problem with me is that I have a really “small” mouth thus I eat really “slow”. So if I have studied for half an hour, I will then snack on 2 packets of potato chips for the remaining half an hour. So that will be one hour of studying to me just by laying on the bed (bcos I don’t have a table for studying) and another half an hour of studying begins and followed by another half an hour of snacking on chocolate, junky and etc. Another half an hour of studying for me again and followed by another half an hour of snacking for me on a packet of M & M's crispy. By the end, after all the snaking snaking and snaking, I can feel the need to sleep because of the exercising of my brain and my mouth.

6. I am a natural daydreamer. Looking at lines after lines of words will drift me into my reverie of the day I being a superstar *lol*

7. I strongly believes and advocates, last minute studying aka "last minute hugging of the buddha's leg" because this will bring out the maximum capability within an individual by teaching you the art of speed reading and the art of squashing whatever you can remember into your tiny brain.

8. I will never ever cry for bad grades. Even if I know that I might fail my paper, I will not feel gloomy and heartrending as if it is the end of the world. In short, grades have never been my main concern in life.

9. I prefer working as freelance; I can’t help myself sticking my butt in front of my working place for more than 8-10 hours a day. I just want a simple life and I think I wont have the chance to climb the corporate ladder so a degree cert doesn’t really seems that important to me cos I belif that experience, rapport, luck and chances are more vital. And who knows I could be a tai tai, whose main occupation is to shop, play mahjong and to still make myself look pretty, when I simply know that my lovely and capable husband will bring home the bling bling to me. So, what's the point of studying so hard when I know that my life is destined to be a tai tai *lol* (I still prefer to stand on my own leg)

10. Lastly, what's the point of studying so hard if you know that you will never be able to apply what you have studied when you stepped out into working life.

Well I guessed I'm crapping rubbish again. I am just not born to be a "mugger". *snort*

Hey there kalilah

Playlist of the month

Dec 14, 2007

Random emo *snort*

Naivety is stupidity.
I am naive to dream that everything is so beautiful.
I am naive to belief on people.
I am naïve to belief on karma. She still live happier as compare to me
I am naive to the point of forgiving **** and let her have the chance to hurt me
I am naive to the point of sheer stupidity.
This is simply laughable.
Things just didn't go my way.
Disappointed, hurt, and lonely

It's perhaps time for me to grow up and walk out of my own circle.
Leaving the pessimistic side of me behind
despite all these,
I remained naive to believe that hopes prevail.
I've leave it all to faith.


I am entirely lost in life, which I hate saying because it seems so much the privilege of the privileged. I'm not a scion of wealth or power, though I grew up in an objectively comfortable home. I feel, in some way, that I am capable -- compelled, even-- to do so something interesting, dynamic, substantive, creative with my life. And yet I am wholly incapable of being interesting, dynamic, substantive or creative.

I realize I have no idea what I want to say or, really, who I am. People constantly tell me to continue study, complete Degree at UK, work -- and yet I find I'm terminally intimidated by the idea of actually defining myself, to the point of paralysis. I can't decide what to do with my life because whatever I do just won't say the right things, which sounds (and probably is) horribly solipsistic. I really can’t make up my mind, even if I’m sure of what I want but still I wouldn’t have the chance to succeed. Because I couldn’t choose my own path, my future is decided by moi parents

I've allowed things to wither to such a point that I'm literally involved in nothing, interested in less and less and, frankly, worried about a slide into real depression (mental illness and suicide, though I'm not near this point), where I exile the few things left that mean anything to me. I have no idea how to make anything of myself, no idea what to make of myself, and no idea who to make of myself

I feel, very literally, as though I'm wasting away -- muscles and thoughts and feelings just crumbling aside. And yet I have no idea how to make it stop. I hate myself for even being this awake to my own complacencies and grudges and otherwise dead to the world

Dec 12, 2007

Moi Bangkok Trip *snort*

Hi all! I have been letting my blog untouched for weeks. Thank you for visiting my nonsense blog during that untouched period. It���s good to write and update my story once in a blue moon *snort*

I got my hair cut, I feel happy and sad in the same time... I missed having it long *sob*, bt thinking of cutting it shorter next week thou *snort* itchy backside

Basically, I���ve just came back from Bangkok..
4days 3nights of Bangkok trip (shopping paradise) has just ended SO QUICKLY!!!!! WHY?!!!
It was exhausted but fruitful trip.

Reach Bangkok around 1p.m.. Custom queue, hotel check-in and etc.. Its about 3p.m dy.. *hungry* After treating our stomach with delicious Thai chicken rice, we officially started our shopping spree!

Went to MBK, Suan Lum Bazaar, Chatuchak, Siam Paragon, Robinson and etc!
I with the mind only thinking of "shopping"....
We bravely walk into the mall and bazaar to shop like a crazy woman
Buy buy buy, shop shop shop.. Sometimes even bargain till dat ppl wanna chop off me *sob*

My first day : MBK mall
MBK is like Sg.Wang in Kuala Lumpur. Price range between low to mid. For ladies, if you want to buy Wacoal, this is where you should go!

My second day : Chatuchak Weekend Market (highly recommended)
You wouldn't want to miss Chatuchak Weekend Market - A large open public ground on Phahonyothin Road. The market is a paradise for browsers and bargain hunters alike. 2 T-shirts for THB100!! Or 3 blouse for THB100!!! Can you believe it?! Things that you can found there basically from A to Z. Basically spend almost entire morning there till noon, where the weather really kills, once in a blue moon shop like this is ok... anyway, left Chatuchak around 3pm and then intend to back hotel for a nice sleep and shower

Grand Palace and Erawan Shine
This inner-city reverence landmark contains several buildings with highly detailed architectural features. Wat Phra Kaeo within the same compound, is a treasure house of Thai arts, and houses the Emerald Buddha, the most revered Buddha image in Thailand.

My Third day : Ocean World and Siam Paragon
Siam Paragon is a shopping mall similar to Pavillion in Kuala Lumpur. High end shopping mall with branded boutiques. Nothing much I could afford or feel worthwhile to spend that amount of money on.

I am really happy with my loot. Bought loads of stuff���shoes, clothes, and etc
Shopped and came home with like countless of plastic bags filled with gorgeous things.
I shopped till my ankles nearly gave way. My arms were breaking for the entire load.
Gawd! I was already almost out of cash so I told myself to restrain and cut budget
YEAH RITE! I came home with SO MUCH LOOT that I felt guilty.
Guilty and regret for not buying more.. I still have bout 1800++ Thai baht *sob*
Bought pajamas! I mean I NEVER buy pajamas cos I didn���t wear pajamas...
But I guess it���s always good to wear pajamas to sleep once in a while.
Now I got to figure out when to wear those pajamas.
Anyhoo, there were just soooooooo much good stuff to be bought.
My legs were KILLING me. My arms were about to drop off.
Ya ya, I noe I kept repeating it bt im way too excited���
It���s indeed a memorable journey to remember with the occasion sore feet *snort*

i know this bangkok trip written blog is a bit too long , even i myslef also get bored. OK, lets do this fast n clean
Eventually I felt in love with Bangkok..
I love their easy & inexpensive transportation that will get you anywhere
Unlike Malaysia, the taxi meter crazily increase once u���r in da TAXI and the taxi is so grubby
Shopping! I missed shopping over there..
U can get nice T-shirt in Rm 3 (lowest) and Rm 23 (da highest)
Their citizens is so friendly and nice��� Tat makes me feel good
The people in Thailand do smile about 90% more than Malaysians, and are much friendlier to foreigners than any other nation I've been to, including the Aussie or Korea. If you look lost, within seconds someone will "help you". All I met were polite, nice and friendly though some times they lied to make profit.
And last but nt least, da food is AWESOOM.. Tomyam, samtom, n etc

This is my first visit to the land of smiles... and we surely left the place smiling. It is a country very rich in culture... it has endured to preserve the past so the present and the future will have a good glance and appreciate the lasting beauty and culture of Thailand

p/s : More photo of moi Bangkok trip in moi next post *stay tune* Taaa !!

Dec 5, 2007

Nando's *snort*

Gasoline *snort*

I'm fat *snort*

I'm fat, I'm fat
I���m getting fatter and fatter

I eat too much
I have no doubt.

Because I am a glutton
I cannot button
Bye-Bye to all my shirts
Or my skirt.

I am now comatose
Because of an overdose
Of food.

I just got home from the restaurant
Where I ate almost anything I want.
I'm now so full I'm going to be sick.
To eat like that I must be a lunatic.

Tomorrow is another day.
I wonder just how much I'll weigh.

I'm fat, I'm fat,
So what if my buttocks
Have to sit in two chairs!

My daily supper

shhuuu shuuu !! go away

Dec 1, 2007

My addiction *snort*

I have a confession to make: I’m addicted to F*******!!

It’s awesome. After signing up a long long time ago, I didn’t use it much until recently when I started getting friend requests and started poking around. I’m impressed. It’s the best social network out there, by a long shot.

This has to be the most addictive thing on the planet! It's not alcohol, nor tobacco, nor gambling or any other strange vice you can think's Facebook!

And unlike drinking, smoking or gambling, you can do it at home, college, office and anywhere is you have a electronic device which you can go online! Looking after your virtual aquarium, sending attractive gifts to your friends altho u’r deadly broke, purchasing gorgeous bag and stunning shoes *jumping joyfully*,

I start falling in love with Facebook and now I cant stop myself from superpoked everyone *rolls eyes*, and simply picking fights just for street credits. *I know u hate me, bt SORRY* LOL

I cant stop myself from playing pirate, werewolf, petrolhead, zombie, and etc. ARrrRRRrrggggghHHhhhhHHh!! I need to stop facebook-ing and start doing my thesis and assignment >.<>

Daily update

There are times when I just want to, aaaargg, shouting and jumping around. Things haven't been going well for me lately. To tell the truth things have been going pretty lousy lately. First I’m suck being a grp member; I late to grp discussion, nt contributing any idea or suggestion and being a bitch, cause I doesn’t want to attend it, which is the main problem actually. And, well, as usual screwing up with my so-called best friend who think that I’m stupid enough but he truth (GOD knows)! Next, being warned by the guard for speeding around in coll area. Yaya!! U fucking moron.. Are you blind ? of cos… if nt, u won’t simply warn me and bang my car to stop me. I hate those stupid typical Tarcian who think that they are oh-fucking-gorgeous, walking around the coll like their father’s road. Then, tat day I tot of going to Mr.Chuan’s class (Trying to be a good student, since this is the last sem dy) who noes, my arm had been scratch by a discourteous Tarcian from her file without apologizing to this big mama(me) and left behind a big scratch mark on my arm. I’ve ady born to be ugly and now I am uglier with a pockmark on my arm.

I guess I had developed some unique rituals for warding off this Bad Luck I thought some unseen force was waiting to unleash on me. I had countless little rituals to ward off Bad Luck. Luck doesn’t stand beside me, no matter where am I and what am I doing.

I'm not that type of person to be superstitious, but lately I guess I'm starting to be one. However, it might be too late. I really don't know anymore. I don't know what I believe in anymore. I don't think I'm acting like myself anymore. * snort *