Jan 28, 2010

I hate my hair

LOOK !!!

My hair is so frizzy, puffy and MESSY = HORRIBLE!

Ain't I looks like a mad porcupine...?

Sometime I don't even dare to look at the mirror

cos I look somewhat scary..

as scary as Ju-On

but in 'kiut-er' version ;p tee-heee-heee

Personally, I don't remember ever having a good hair day. My hair is so freaking frizzy, frisky, annoying, disgusting and messy that... well, you get the picture.. and I looks like an extra character from Star Trek or something.. FML

moreover my hair is those naturally curly type but it’s never been just totally curly - it’s like a combination of spirals, loose waves and then the top gets really flat...
so, ending up i looks like a poodle *sob*
and I really HATE this unruly curl


The only time that my hair looks puurfectly nice is when i wash it, it stays niceee and straight, but when it dries, it become all frizzed up, like a LION! *roar* esp my fringe, it curl up like those old fashioned English people!! it's awful, and the worst thing is that i have to straighten it to stop the curls!
i hate straightening it, i hate sitting in the saloon for hours!!! and yet thats the ONLY way to stop myself looking like a lunatic lion than a sexy unruliness with natural curl

Btw, I know I sounds like some mental people who are grouchy and moody, rambling about how moody and grouchy am I with this wriggly, wavy and weird curl.. LOL! so I think its time to stop this hair disaster thingy as its ady 2.15a.m..

Nite people !!!

- The End -

Jan 25, 2010

Last minute cancel

I know I m a bitch who always canceling plans last minute
Seriously, I've no idea how fuckup I am till last Saturday
altho my bitchy last minute cancel attitude had been published publicly in FACEBOOK
I doubt everyone knows how fuckup am I
And it really happens EVERY time when ever I've make any plans whether that be with a friend, bestfriend, boyfriend or family member, it always turned out to be a cancellation due to circumstances that I cant be helped. Not to said, i didn't care or etc.. but things just happen..

I often feel really disappointed when this happens, and then I feel bad and i know it's my fault. I know I m really selfish cow and it makes me feel really rubbish and yet i'm canceling my tmr's gossip plan with Liz Young -.-

Signing off:
Selfish cow.. Moo~

Jan 21, 2010

Wedding Dinner

This is the day whereby I'll had so much of owhsoyummylicious food esp shark fin, abalone, prawn, dessert, etc and most importantly I can wear dress and high heels. Well, I m not complaining. Bcos it just gives me excuses to buy more and more dresses and I like it!!!

Picture Post :

Retarded me and mum

I know I haven't been posting the pictures of my crazeypartey tequila nights or my bloody beetroots. But then har, there is actually quite a few so I might have to re-organize everything before posting it. Which I will do, when I m not so lazy or busy and when I m more free. Technically I m free now but then sleep is beckoning for me again. So I m going to watch my movies - two and a half men, gilmore girls, gossip girl, how i met your mother, everything from season 1 to whatever. I'll be sitting back, be a true couch potato, munching my favourite snacks (Chipster, chocholates, etc) and hugging my bantal busuk wtfwtf. I m actually a living miracle I must confess... tee-hee

Pst: I m still looking for American Pie 7 (Damn me) and
I'm trying to revamp my blog layout because it looks so 'yesterday',
hence I'm busy html-ing.. shoo~
Don't disturb, I'll BITE !

Jan 20, 2010

Super Procrastinator

I'm so busy or lazy or both that I just forget to keep my blog updated. Damn me. It's just there's times when I could make a post like twice a day and then there's times when I just let my blog be without any memos. I'll try to do this better, after CNY ! *Finger crossed* :D

Outfit of the day

P/s: Lunch app with Aunty Liz on Fri wtf

- The End -

Jan 12, 2010

Military Trend

The burgeoning trend in military gear is unavoidable and growing into fierce firebomb fashion trend.

Who said all military fashion style are fierce ?! You may step into your everyday war-zone looking CONFIDENT, BRAVE and FIERCE even with a simple piece like this.

You can even pair it with a vest, you'll have different effects

- The End -

Jan 10, 2010

A lazy day at home

I’m loving anything which is comfy lately

Found both of this tank top(s) trapped in my closet for years.
Love both of this super comfy tank tops,
its something simple and yet easy to paired it with a simple yet fierce-printed skirt, bottom, or blazer..

Outfit 1 :

Outfit 2

What I love is just… Black =D

Pst I'm now planning to roam the dangerous streets around town, scouting for eye-catching spots for photography.

- The End -

New blog banner

Whee. I've a new blog banner..
I was kinda backside itchy when I saw Kim
ushering new year with her new blog template and layout =(
But since I'm not so talented in html and stuff,
I tot of coming up with something simple, real simple - a blog banner mayb
Sounds kewl isnt it ?
T4 i starts google around, looking for some idea
and "poooff"
I'm stoned and I was stunned with her pictures..
This girl t-tot-totally blew me away with her photography skills..
I was inspired !!!
I'd spend almost 30 minutes browsing her entire albums in flickr
*Damn, I shud have bookmark it and share it over here*

Minutes later, i tot y not I come up with something like this since im way too free at home..
T4 I start thinking how am I going to bribe my brother
in order to help taking a few shots of his beloved dear jie jie in completely naked (Kidding)
Did i scared YOU ? ;p

Neway this is my very first banner in 2010 *PROUD*
I made this banner using the basic of Aperture instead of Photoshop *Proud x2*

But anyhow, this banner doesnt looks like me at all.. Right ?!
I looks so different.. wtf
I'm wondering is it bcos of my ponytail
my flat nose
... my fake eyelashes
any shits that u can think of ? *sob*
Fundamentally, I'm still amazed impressively with my own work *Proud x3*
I love my simply yet AWESOME artwork ;p

- The End -

Jan 8, 2010

I'm difficult

Hip Hip Huuuurrrraaayyyy! I've broken a new record. 275, 800 in Bejeweled Blitz.. Although its not as "ter-rer" as the others but I'm happy enough to beat Linda at the moment *applouse*

Anyhoo, I know that I've been blogging less and less lately. But I just can't stop myself from being such a pathetic procrastinator. It's like I've been telling myself, I should update.. I should update, but still I havent update anything about my effing boring life. Well, mostly cos I do not know what to update or blog about as my life is just like.. I dunno. Like a very routine-y life. Yep, I think so, my life now is anything but a routine. Sometimes, I wish there was more consistency in it.

Everyday I'll wake up motionless, Go out, Get back. Couch-potato-ing, Surf Net. Sleep like a pig and Repeat the same things next day.

T4 I really don't have much to blog about. I don't really go out much either. I don't have an exciting life *im serious* But in 30 days more, I'll back to my late nights with random pop by's in the clubs whereby music may take my breathe away as well as the soul with good companion (Moi lil mosquitoe) she's all i need for the time being but when the night ends, just bring me somebody to make me dinner or somebody to tuck me to bed with fulfilling kiss and promise so that I've no longer suffering from insomnia...

Eventually 2009 have been a ride, like a real hardcore roller-coaster ride of perpetual screaming, heartbreaks (Yep, as you may see this year I lost the love of my life but the boy has taught me so much in life), development of new friendship, new interest and whatever shit you can think of .
This is all about how the truth hurts, regardless of your intellect, interests and abilities; it all scales down to one priority and once the goal is reached, things slowly but surely shutdown, hues begin to fade. And now everything's clogged up in my mind, I'm tucked in between of job and passion, thus I'm financially broke, subconsciously or consciously? Regardlessly, it happen.

See.. that's how exciting my life is wtf. And I'm really only blogging now coz I've got nothing else better to do. Well, actually I could just go out and meet up with friends or starts making new friends and mingle and jingle-ing around *thats what David Foo told me*. But I was kinda gung-ho with my current motionless, motiveless and meaningless life, t4 i choose to stay at home for the next 30 days till the day she came back to tanah airku .. whee

Or maybe I'll just stop blogging all together. I'm thinking probably a lot of ppl who used to read me think that I'm just so eff-ing boring and starts unsubscribe me from their list or remove me from their bookmark. So maybe I should.

Maybe. Just.. maybe....

BUT my blog is my only companion, a place whereby i called it as HOME. An ear to listen to all my insight blahness without complaining.. tee-hee! Without my blog, I dunno where I shud shed my tears, complain and rambling about anything and everything, etc. btw this post isnt about how emo i am or whatso-ever you wanna think about, its just another entry where my thoughts are being jotted down. Last but not least, words are unable to describe the whole gung-ho situation and my feelings right now. Yep, i rant and rant and rant.
and now you should stop reading and close the page, and probably never return to onewingangelic.blogspot.com.

I apologize.. and
I promise to be better tomorow.

In the mean time, I shall end this post with a picture of uhm... Epal cause I know u'll choose to view Epal's picture rather than mine..

Stay Tune !!!

Jan 6, 2010

“Super White” (超级白) by Hyhy & Eli (HE有激人)

This new Taiwan song titled “Super White” (超级白) by Hyhy & Eli (HE有激人) is a sensational hit both in Taiwan and online. This new band with their unique style made their mark by creating catchy songs with interesting and sometimes tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Enjoy this new song. Full lyrics (in Mandarin) after the video.

Stay Tune !!!

Pst! The song title has also been interpreted as cao cibai. LMAO

超級白(超級白 超級白)

Jan 5, 2010

BBQ night

A simple and casual outfit for an equally casual night out with friends on New Year’s Day.

Black MNG Top : stolen from Mum
Short Jean : found in my wanderlust closet

SST invite all of us to joined her dancing society for BBQ dinner during new year eve and I decided to join them as I won't said 'NO' to food ;)) afterall, I don't have any plan too..
*Pathetic isnt it* ;((

Them busy BBQ, while I busy taking picture with any moving objects ;p

U see !!
People busssyy BBQ, this cat bussyy sleeping over here.. Grrr
and yet snoring like a pig in FRONT of me *sweat*

Picture time !!
Thats me and Yinnie

Me and SST

Who tried to make me looks tall in this picture and yet I still looks like a dwarf ;((

Uhm, much betta now ;))

Last but not least, Ms.Lee (moi long lost sista)
Almost all the teachers in my school thought we're TWINS.. *sad*

Anyhoo, that's us, caught gossiping.. oopps, I mean BBQ-ing..

After the dinner plus supper, we thought of trying some jump shot with my "pah lia" 5.1 megapixel camera

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3

Test 4

Test 5 *tired*

Yep, we failed miserably *sweat sweat sweat*
T4 we changed and played something else.. something 'high school'
Pulling people's hair..
(1 of the favourite and all-time-activities in girl school)

Seems like Ms.Lee enjoyed pulling my hair..

but I enjoyed biting her too.. *wink wink*

Next, we start posing with our childhood idol

Deng deng deng, Ultraman!!!

and Sailormoon..

After a short break, we continue with our second jump shoot trial =))

Failed again.. Tra la la~

Jump shoot on pause mode, grp shot time =)

Finally, we make it.. altho SST's head is missing but at least we managed to snap her armpit ;p

Fundamentally, Ms.Lee was still very unhappy about the previous biting incident,
t4 she attempted to push me into the pool...

But I can still pose like Tyra Bank *cough* even thou im in great danger *Proud*

Lets end this post with a kickstart for a brand new year !!!
Happy New Year 2010 !!!

- The End -