May 28, 2009

Net is tweet-ing

Net get scolded for not

Can you imagine it ?!

Everyone were TWITTER craze nowadays
But i'm not longer an active Twitter user
I even forgot that i have an account way back in century
*slap me*

Mae : Give me your Blardy Iphone if you're not twittering
Net : *Calling 999* Someone is threatening me.. boohoo!

I remember when i first twitter, none of them were from Malaysia
so most of my twitter friends were from Spore, US, and etc
And now, at least I saw some Malaysian's bulu hidung tweet-ing around
Ain't thats fun to tweet around with someone you're familiar
Let's tweet in our famous Market Rojak English/ Manglish

Pst: Follow me on Twitter

- The End -

May 26, 2009


From the previous random post
U know I've not been dressing up lately

FYI i'm a person who hardly made up my mind
t4 i always seek advice from my Fashion Guru/Consultant (JS) teehee

I tends to be very kelam kabut person when ever i'm heading to somewhere
so his the one and only one i would like to seek advice from

such as :

(with belt)
(or without belt)

with cardigan/ without cardigan ?
with heels or sandals ?
dress/tank top ?
skirts/ pants ?
colours ?
but every time I'll choose the one he rejected.. boohoo!
Yep, I'm such an evil with 2 horns
I just loves to annoyed him and irritates him
as usual.. teehee
Aint thats entertaining ?!!

As for now, I'll stand in front of my wardrobe for hours

Pst: Using the same ol' pictures again..
BECAUSE i looks extremely thin in this pics... *shy*
Pardon me pls !

- The End -

May 25, 2009

Random outfit

Random post of my outfit

Outfit 1 : Casual

VIP T-shirt, BKK
Harem Pant, Chatuchak

Outfit 2 : Complicated

Top: Black long blouse, M2M
Pant : Thrifted

Outfit 3 : Girly

Puffy Dress from Bugis, Spore
Outfit 4 : Bohemian

Top : Melon red blouse, Esprit
Long black skirt
Outfit 5 : Casual

Red stripes tank top, BKK
Pst: I like this pic (Outfit 5)
I looks so thin in this picture *shy*

- The End -

May 22, 2009

Memories... (Part 1)

...and here is the pictures that i promised this morning

Yeaps, this is one of the best gift(s) i ever received from him..
But now I'm packing all of it into a box and
keeping it in on top of my wardrobe
and tat will remained as one of the sweetest gift from him

Altho i don't know, am i the only one who received such a
meaningful handmade gift from him
but I'm truly appreciate it..
*I'll love him(JS) FOREVER*

Altho this is one of the empty promises from him
but i never blame him about it
Because "Love is give and take"
There's no use in tryin' to hold him back
Though the love has been untrue but I'm still in love with you


Nowadays, I'm so afraid when the clock ticking by
Cause when the clock starts tick-tocking
Thats mean our love is fading off..fading in every single second
and he will keep forgeting each day we've spent together
How i wish the clock may stop tick-tocking
and we'll stay forever and ever

I dunno when will i have the courage to love again
and i dunno when i'll be able to stand up again
but i hope he is happy with his new found love
and as i said, i bet he was
cause i saw his FB's quiz "Have u met ur true love yet?"
and the result was 'they're meant to be together"
and i think my baby knew about it too

Pst: Babe, you still have your mummy

- The End -

Scuba-diving mode

Been really busy lately
Keep myself occupied with work, work and work
Been following my boss around to Menara KL for brainstorming lunch appointment,
XOX and etc
(with LRT) *Yep, Net is no longer a PRINCESS.. woohoo
soon, i'm going out for sales.. boohoo!
so *BOSS ! I NEED A GPS* thank you
*Yep, i'm aint shy*


I passed by his house yesterday after an appointment at Jaya1
It reminds me again of HIM
and that's why I think I've been really smart for not
posting all of his picture in Facebook or moi blog
*but that doesn't makes any difference duh*
and secondly bringing him meeting all my family members is a
superbly wrong decision
cause I've been stuck up with question(S) about him *sigh*
I'll choose to avoid their questions most of the time
but now, i shall just accept the FACT
so its time to tell them the truth..
as I'm too tired to play hide and seek or guessing game with them..
I need to be equally fair to him and his new girlfriend..


I've confession to make :
Yep, I'm deeply regret, terrible regret over lost relationship
I am shocked at my behaviour towards him

In bouts of extreme anger i shut myself in a room
and imagine strangling him and torturing him
for all the misery and abuse.. teehee
I still remember when i first met him, he was very caring…
But now he doesn't care anymore.. *sigh*
Any of my anger episodes he just ignores me.
I plead and make a mockery of myself.
I have no dignity and self respect in his eyes.
He treats me like a mental patient and that doesn't annoys me
but it make me scared and traumatized even more.

I don't know am i over-sensitive or wert
but i can sensed the love is getting lesser and lesser early this year
Less meet ups, Less dinner, Less movie, Less talk, Less SMS
it freaks me up, it really do
that is why i started to blog about the emo love thingy
*Click Here*
but he thought I'm in love with someone else
but indeed, his the person that I'm referring too..
Aint, his stupid at times ?
but i just love his stupidity..

Thus I am scared about the fact that I will hurt myself in my misery.
No one can even guess looking at me at the mental traumas I have been through.
I seem like a very easy and happy go lucky person.
Every person thought they really understand me
but they are so wrong, wrong-wrong!
But i make a wrong choice for keeping everything right inside me
I shall learn to voice out
If i choose to speak up,
maybe I'm able to lean on his shoulder for another few more seconds
i'll be happy even for just a few seconds
*but its too late*
Hence, no one knows what lies beneath.
I cry hours in bathrooms…I can't sleep....I club....*more often*
I felt so lost and lonely and cheated and angry that he doesn't care me anymore
I really wish i had not met him
cause I am truly addicted to him.
I doubt if i love him …..i wouldnt treat him like he treats me.


*Pictures ahead* updating tonight

Memories ~~


May 21, 2009

Unrequited love

This blog is my therapy.
It’s one of my forms of expression.
Started off as a method to update my daily life
"The ups and downs"
but it evolved into so much more :- My EMO love life..
So kindly click "Exit"
if you find it bored and uninteresting

as for now, i just want to jot down all the memories I've gone thru with him
so when i'm old and i'm down with Alzheimer,
I'll still able to remember the sweet and sour, the smile and frown
as you know forgetfulness tends to increase with age
I'm not YOUNG anymore.. *big wet eyes*


You may stop worrying about me,
I'm no longer suffering from killer once-sided crush
I know, nothing i can do to change it into a relationship.
I know he doesn't love me anymore
and I can't even make him like me too
How I wish there are magic spells or secret tricks
that will make a person who suddenly feel for you
the way you feel for them
*dream on, i know*
Although it is hard to accept that this person doesn't return your feelings,
and it's pain
but I'd accept the fact and I'm moving on..
I'm awake *finally*, i know there isn't any chance to patch up
so I'll just pray for him
altho i'm still searching for my MR.Right
but i hope his happy with his another half and i know he is
we'll be friends forever

Question : Shall I start a new life with new blog domain or
shall I just make this blog private or
shall I just stop blogging ?

P/s: If I Can Only Be With You In My Dreams, Then Let Me Sleep Forever..

- The End -

May 19, 2009

The time to love is short

I've been really bad, bad in neglecting my blog once again
and even think of deleting this unglam blog
*Poking my stupid head*
Anyhoo, thanks for the emails
and sorry for keeping my blog in private mode for weeks
However, I've made up my mind to maintain this unglamorous blog..boohoo
thus I'm goin to update my blog as usual from now on
*Clap hands*


So I'm now sitting in the office, blogging nonsense emo thingy as usual
while eating RM1.30 instant cup noodle
(tomyam flavour! yumm! me like)
Yeap, I've been torturing myself for the past few weeks
I've not been eating or sleeping well, and
I stop going out and mingle around with friends

People around telling me that I've changed
Hmm! I doesn't know whether its GOOD/BAD ?! *rolling eyes*
But I wasn't and couldn't care anymore

Hence, I think I've grow MATURED as day go by
and now I'm a big girl !!
And i finally understand the meaning of :-
"Sometimes its so HARD to let go,
but its easier than holding on to something that isn't there
altho it's "OUCH!!!"
I'm letting go FINALLY *i hope*

I think this is the biggest crisis that i've ever faced so far;
I've never been such heartaching
but when he remained stolid
I know it's time to LET GO!

letting go.........315/365 by Babs1696.
I finally realized that I'm holding onto something
"which doesn't belongs to me" so tightly
which has been affecting not only me, but my family...
So I'm trying to let go...
and i know i'll be struggling..
but in order to move on, I must learn to let go...
letting go something and someone I've been trying to hold on to for the longest time...
*big hugs* to those who are starting a new chapter in your life

P/s: To let go is to fear less and love more

- The End -

May 8, 2009

Day 98


I know smoking is risky but i'm hooked up
To me the risk is worth the benefits
I know I'm stupid but its beyond my control

And I started smoking briefly nowadays
a few cigarettes for a day ?!
1 box of ciggy in 2 hours time ?!
Well, who cares..

I keep reminding and telling myself
not to miss him
and i shall move on, MOVE-ON
Since he doesn't love me anymore
I don't think i shall love myself too

- The End -

May 6, 2009

The End

And so begins my new life..
I've tried my very best to maintained but it doesn't WORK
As today I asked for a second chance
and the answer was "NO"
Yep, OUCH~~~~~~
He said everythin was too late, cos he has been with another new girl in
just a few weeks time

(not more than a month after we're officially break up)
Altho I still believe that his the guy that I'll get married and settle down
if I've given the 2nd chance *Farnee*
Maybe your right, maybe his not my MR.Right after all
My friends kept telling me its not worth loving a guy who let me go easily
Maybe ?!!
If i knew it earlier, i wouldn't be sitting here healing my wound
while his with someone else
(as he may know how many persons that I've turned down
just because i'm still loving him)
No worries, i'm getting thru the initial shock, sadness and loss
but i wouldn't hold myself back nemore
since he had moved on with another new girl

I think i shall just blame myself from being such an IDIOT
Falling in love with a guy who doesn't appreciate me
Its good to realized it now than later, aite ?
Altho this is the hardest step, but i'll be STRONG

No worries, my life is now returning to some semblance of normalcy
and my blog remained
(as i'm too lazy to think and to create a new blog),
as he wouldn't care to view or to read anymore
Well, thats the end of a closed-to-four-years-love/hate-stories

Pst: Thanks to those who care about me, I'm truly appreciate it

- The End -

May 5, 2009

Day 95

Even if's it's beautiful, it was the past
It was a beautiful promise because we were too young
And now I'm just like a fairy living in a wrong forest
Thus everything seems so wrong and it's transparent

May 4, 2009

Day 94

I blog.. at last..
I think my blog is the world's shortest blog? Perhaps.
I shall just name this blog as
"Lynette's abandoned blog"
Well, i guess its because my life stories has ended
and a new chapter has started and i'm moving on
(inspired by ThimNut)
I'm moving to a new blogspot,
new life, new friends, new environment and new blog traffic

I'm currently enjoying every single moments in my life
going out almost every night catching up with friends..
pampering myself with LV, Gucci, Prada, Channel *as if*


Now it's four o'clock
The club is closed
I'm drunk, I'm stupid and I'm tired

As i said, I'm starting a new chapter of my life
I know TIMES bring a cruel ending
and I'm still struggling thru it
I finally understand the pain of shedding tears is double compared to spilling blood
and now i need someone to wrap up my wound and keep me off loneliness

I use 3 years to maintain my feeling
(but you only) use 3 seconds to end our relationship

- Blog CLOSED officially -