Jul 23, 2008

My life has become nothing but mundane

All words, no pictures of me, because my face has turned dull from all the mundane work daily. Wait for the glow to come back then I'll take pictures again.

Ahem! I know my blog becomes more unexciting and uninteresting, as I have turned to an ultra-boring person. Where has my sense of humour gone to??!! or shud i said that i'm nt humorous at all *Slapping myself* Ever since working in the new workplace, I realized that I like to use "It's a long story" as a reply to avoid talking too much, or perhaps to avoid revealing personal things about me. I have become as quiet and reserved from 9.00 am till 5.30 pm on Mon-Fri and from 9 am till 1 pm on Sat.

I seriously want to quit my boring, soul-destroying job. Boring work = shorter life span, does it mean that I'm going to die soon ?! Real soon ?!

*sigh* I think it was time to stop thinking about making a change and actually go about doing it. I knew I wanted to leave behind the corporate world and pursue something else, but I had no idea of what I really want.

I've once read an article ,if you find yourself dreading to work, it's time for you to quit. So once again I find myself paralyzed into inaction as a result of fear and indecision. I fear the proverbial devil I don't know more than the one I do. Although I don't know what I want to do with my life, I do know that if I continue my present path I'll end up like all the other office drones: a soulless, mindless automaton. I don't want that to happen to me.

But.. Am I being selfish? Am I being too picky? Am I being stubborn ?

It became clear that my work must have a purpose. It felt absurd, perhaps even sinful, to waste my time in pointless toil. But I don't want to sadden my family. I don't want to give up easily and dishearten my grandma n etc. I afraid that ONE DAY I'll regret to let go such a superior job.

I'm so clueless.

Coffee addict

Seems like I’ve been trapped in a superb long dream... but I just can’t recall what’s the dream was all about ? Not quite sure where am I and what am I heading to? and before I get to know it... I’m falling down from my bed. *Ouch!*

Oh well...

I am so not into a mood to blog and I have nothing much to say. I’ve lost my interest in working. I’ve lost my mind. I lost my words. Maybe I'm tired... maybe my life has become NIL. Everyday I’ll just stared at the clock, waiting for the time to past so that I can go home and crawl into my bed, wrapping myself like a sushi roll with the blanket full of my saliva.

*snort* I missed the ol’ days
Where I can jump back to my comfy bed when ever I don’t feel like going to school *evil grins*

Each and every morning, I hope that there’s an excuse for me to skip work.

Oh! I guess its time to sleep. Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Jul 15, 2008

The VAIO hunt

Feeling lucky today ?!!
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Okiee, first of all let me arouse and attract you with the picture of the prizes for this contest

Tadaa !! U see, U see. Amazing huh!
Make sure your saliva is not dripping wet on your computer or laptop.

Prizes :
Grand Prize - VAIO CR353G
Montly Prizes (July , Aug & Sept)
1st prize - 1 x PSP-2006 Sony Ericsson W660 Cyber-shot DSC-W120
2nd prize - 1 x Walkman E Series (NWD-E025) Walkman E Series (NWD-E025) Walkman E Series (NWD-E025)
3rd prize - 1 x Microvault 4 GB (USM4GH) Microvault 4 GB (USM4GH) Microvault 4 GB (USM4GH

How How How ?!! Chio leh ?!!
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VAIO CR353G available in either Pink or Silver, the CR353G is made of leather-like material with glass-blended coating. The new VGN-CR353G also has enhanced features such as 250GB Hard Disk Drive. (Woohoo!)

Sony says that the Pink Lizard exudes playfulness while the Silver Lizard brings a hint of glamour to the textured rich laptop.

The VGN-CR353G is priced at RM4,688 currently.

Basic specifications :-
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T8100 (2.1 GHz)
Operating system: Windows Vista Home Premium
Display: 14.1" wide TFT (1280 x 800)
Hard drive: 250GB
Memory: 2GB DDR2 SDRAM (Max 4GB)
Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon X2300, 128MB
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Sounds interesting uh ?

So what are you waiting for, let’s join the Sony Vaio “Hunt” Contest and you could win yourself a Sony Vaio laptop for the grand prize. Just register your name, spread the hunt buzz to your friends , answer simple question and submit by guess your submission number.

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Jul 14, 2008

Another blah day

I'm having a really crap time at the moment.
I gray out at times and realize minutes have passed when I sit down.
I have trouble forming sentences I loose my thread easily and find myself saying "um, and then" over and over if I can even remember at all.

I think its all becos of :-
I’m angry at myself for not having a job.
I’m angry at myself for not looking for a job.
I’m angry at myself for not accepting the job.
I'm angry at myself for being rejected of the jobs that i'm craving for.
I’m angry at myself for being so fussy and stubborn about job.
I’m angry at myself for being so lazy as a result of hibernating in my pig’s nest

So last week, I make up my mind and go for another job hunting session. I had been searching for jobs all day in the burning hot weather (at home) applying via jobstreet.com in a freezing cold air-con room (Teehee!)
Minutes later, brother caught me couch-potato-ing; that was reserved for early in the morning when I finally awaken, Once more reminding me I was very, very alone. These did ease the pain, well, they just kept me in motion. All I needed was to keep my feet moving, and something would happen. Eventually it did, but before I even realized what was going on I decided to work in the City of Sin.

And yet I can’t make up my mind yet of which job that I’m going to work
PR executive or Account Servicing ?!!
Duh! Seems like I’m still having a really blah day


- End of story -

Jul 1, 2008

M a s t e r p i e c e

B l a c k r o s e s
C h i n a D o l l
G r e e n D a y
F a i r y l a n d
C a n d y G i r L

Summer in R E D

This is my second masterpiece
Summer in R E D