May 7, 2012

My little shih tzu

Woofie everybody. Today I m going to blog about my cute lil pie ----> Epal

 There's an unfortunate thing happened when Epal was a puppy, my friend forced to give her away due to certain reason.. So i decided to adopt her, of cos with the help of my parents ;p
Because I m uberly broke 2 years back as I am jobless *sigh*
In order to get my mum's approval, I hafta STOP shopping for 1 month so that I have $ to sent her for grooming, tidbits, clothhes and etc (Everything not cheap thou)
 (Yes, I m so '伟大' right ? Lolol! can you see I have the angelic ring above my head *wink wink*)

End story, so this is how I met Epal. Another member added into the Lee family ;)
*crying in joy *


I've just realized that I have not officially introduce her in my blog, despite she photo-bomb-ed appeared in every pics of mine since 2 years ago.. and basically she is more popular than I do. And people likes her more than me *sob* But nemind, Im willing to shared my fame with her ;p Angelic smile !

As I said, she will just pop-up in every pix.. #oufitoftheday, #instagram, #blog, etc -__-lll esp when Im on my one on one moment with Baby, she just pop-up from no where. Baby mad max !!!

Epal. Baby. Nette
Outfit of the day : See her miang post.. kenot tahan lorr !!!

She happily sit on the couch when I bz snapping my best purchase of the month
Or happily wagging tails when Im taking nonsense pix

See !!! I told you.. She is sucha attention seeker - suppasta wannabe !!! 

When I first met her, she is as ugly as ugly duckling lor, seriously ~~~ no kidding !!!
You see.. Scary right ? ;p

 But no worries, being a pretty mama.. I will share all my beauty remedy with her..
She will soon turn into a swan - but onlygodknowswhen ;p

 At times she is quite cute thou, she just love to pose with her 'leher senget sebelah'. You can see it in most of my pix later on..


And she damn pattern when she sleep, her tongue will just stucked out everytime when she dozed off



Female dog is no less than a true female, she super damn mao cantik lorrrrr.
Same as owner ... Lolol !!! *cough cough*
And every morning, she will just sit there looking at my mum applying make-up from A-Z

She is quite fashionable too. Really looks like her mama (me) teehee

When I feel delightful to take a picture with her, she will make her face (as picture attached) as if like she being forced... wtf!

Epal's mao-hentam face

And she likes doing the 3 point turn- spinning, turning and circling before lying down

You see, before she walks into her princess bed, she can still POSE ! kow-tow max !
Can you tell me what kind of dog she is -___-lll
Awwww, cuteness overload .. love her max !!!

Anyhoo, just wanna let you know :- Mama Love You very much
 Despite u eat your own paws-licking-good-poop and I can't seem to break the habit..
I surrender !
Woopsy, did I just publicly publish your dark secret to decrease your fame ? ;p tee-hee

Nomatterhow, Mummy will still love you...
but with one condition, STOP lick/kiss me after you eat own poop again..
and STOP hiding your poop under your bed *sweat*

P/s : Kindly ignore my meaty flabby arm and focus only on my EPAL ;)
Thankiu very much for your cooperation
and have a nice pleasant day ahead ;)

May 4, 2012

CNY gathering

There is this yearly CNY gathering of me and my ex-SMKCS-ian, which I missed last year ;(

But...... I managed to make it this year *wink wink* Because this year I doesn't need to go India, lucky me. I understand from my senior that they have to go India every single year without missed... but this year, I could escape due to the event falls on end of March and there's a big show in April so my boss decided to pull it off and focus only in KL ;) excited max !!!

But not much photos which I can share over here thou cos most of it, is still with Ychen ;( Please do not blame me for the backdated post.. Kindly blame Ms. Ychen heh ;) *finger pointing*


So every year we held it at Lao Heong, Bandar baru sentul but this year there's 2nd plan which is Overtime @ Jln Ipoh right after the dinner. Aww, you see... they are all grown up now *sob*. Back then, they are sucha innocent and naive cute little pie.. but right now they had turned into a monster who love BEER(s) esp Wong Ee Lynn and Ong Yeen Nee *evil grins*

You see, how happy are these girls with their drinks ;)

Camwhoring in the toilet is a MUST !!!
 From left Nette, HiuMun - moi twins, Summer - my add maths teacher and Yinnie - my crime partner

As for today, I enjoyed the company more than the foods! Perhaps, it just too good to see everyone again after quite sometimes. Obviously, everyone enjoyed catching up with each other and had a great time gossiping heh..


We usually meet up once a year, how sad rite ? But this year we managed to catch up with each other again for Kit's house warming :) Yes, she's engaged ! which mean I should start saving $ for her coming-soon big day..

Group photo :)

Let me show you one of my very good friend back in school. Ms. Lao soo ;) My mum's favourite too. Looking at her, reminds me the good ol' days whereby she will be the first ONE to booked the whole canteen, i mean table for us without missed !!! When she laugh, she really looks like the Laughing Buddha who can mengegarkan the entire 5 Anggerik ;p scary max ! So please do not make her angry or else you'' DOOM ! But I still love her alot because she is irresistibly cute..

You see, she just love to take picture with me as always and I m so freaking tall *wink wink* OKAY, i lied, i tiptoed to look tall wtf but I m still tall lor.. Taller than fourfeetnine ;p She gonna hate me !!!

- The end -

May 3, 2012


Here are few pix from last Sunday afternoon ;) I know it sounds unbelievable as I hardly step out from my house on weekends esp SUNDAY. But I have 4 days off - which mean I can eat, play, sleep,eat and sleep again *jumping in joy* bua ha ha hahahaha! 

Or else I would be a lazy bum repeatedly on every usual weekend - sleeping whole day in the same pyjama that I wore for 3 or 4 freaking days with smelly oily hair cos I did not bath for 2 days long ;p

Thus I will end up looking like this :- SMELLY PIGGU !

  I was just kidding wey.. I m not that GELI lor.. I heard there are alot of pretty ladies out there who are kinda unhygienic in certain way but Im not lor - altho I m categorized under the grp of pretty mamalia ~~ tee-hee *cough*

OK, i heard you. Yala yala, i know i will only be pretty after sapu-ing numerous thingy on my face.. wtf!

But you can actually lure me out on a weekend thou........ with FOOD + SHOPPING ;) Cos I would not said 'NO' to my beloved FOOD plus my mum always encourage me to exercise more = shop more ! Cos shopping is always a form of healthy exercise to ME ;p Indeed, researchers calculated that around three hours of shopping could help burn off the 495 calories in a Big Mac. Don't belief ? You can read more from here. You see ! I told you ! Now you belief me don't you (O.o)

BTW back to topic, I had a great dinner @ C.A.F.F.E.I.N.E.E.S, Jln Kampung Pandan with SK and Yinnie

Their concept is just like LeVain, they converted this old bungalow into a look-a-like Italian cafe

Interior : Nice and cozy ambiance with simple decoration

Let's see what we had ordered that night :-

Aglio Olio + Chicken Fettuccine
which I know it doesn't looks alike and it taste like a curry noodle more -__-lll sweat! 

And I ordered Apple Lime Blended - because it written in the menu -> good for SLIMMING! ;p

 We ordered Chicken wings and Onion Sausage too (TOP LISTED)

Last but not least, TIRAMISU ;) which I purposely come back just to taste it again. You know what I like these the most ? Its the liquor hiding beneath it ;) Yum~~~~~my! And plsssss, do not disapproved my love to alcohol ;p and once again, I m so-not an alcoholic !!!

Last pix of greedy SK and moi ;)

 Thats all for today

Taaaaa !!!

May 2, 2012

ETUDE Product Review

Hey, ladies..
Today I am going to do a product review, to be exact :- it is BEAUTY PRODUCT REVIEW. *evil grins* I know I am a 'virgin', I mean newbie when it comes to beauty/cosmetic BUT there is first time for everything right ?

So although I do sounds unprofessional but trust me, all INFORMATION are 100% newsworthy and trustworthy *wink wink* 

My skin has pretty much gone crazy on me lately with little breakouts and just looking incredibly dull. I was kinda freak out, worried that this is one of the growing old symptom wtf + my bad, dusty and unhygienic working environment. So I did some research, opt for any magic formula to remain young... tee-hee *smack head* til I found this :- ETUDE PEEL SO GOOD FOAM CLEANSE. I saw there's alot of people commenting on the cute packaging and most importantly :- REASONABLE PRICE ;)

It is first started with ETUDE Baking Powder (which I read from CherrieL's blog) and revamp into Peel So good foam cleanser Enzyme Peel with better results and improvement.

All this while I have VERY sensitive skin so face scrubs are something I can rarely use because they are too grainy and just leave me looking sunburned. But this ETUDE product just rocks! My skin not only feels smoother but I looked more "glowy" too ! ;)  
So it is highly recommended to all of you ladies + men ;)
Esp those who had sensitive skin as me.

Another featuring product from ETUDE is House Petit Darling Range. I bought this 3 in 1 nail colour polish (as pic attached).

Super chio right. I can do my own manicure at home now ;)

Let's see my first try ;) Tadaaa ! Chio right ?
Kindly ignore my ugly old hand -_-lll Despite the ugliness of my hand, it still looks WOW right ?

I know you can't really see it from this photo, so i decided to upload another picture which you can see clearly ;) tee-hee

And another product which I bought from Etude is the Wonder Pore Freshner. 

Yet-to-try, but I hope it helps ;) as the sales girl keep pushing and recommend this product to me. It written :- a total solution for pore care, preventing enlarged pores, less firmer skin and skin troubles by eliminating what hurts skin health from within. If it is superb useless and effect-less, act nothing from what it written on the cute packaging. I will KILL the sales girl... Bua ha ha ha ha ! Kidding !

Hopefully it can makes my open pores looks less visible *finger crossed*
Thats all for TODAY.

- The End -