Jul 27, 2010

How to shop wisely

Hey there, today I'm going to list down ONE of my USEFUL shopping tip which really save my arse...

First thing first, you need to control yourself...
so that you will avoid impulse purchases
and instead buy items you need...
( I know it aint EASY )

FYI Sg Wang and Times Square KL is my favourite place for shopping whereby people always proclaims that's a Lala-land which you couldnt find any trendy yet stylo clothes or you'll end up buying the same clothes that you'll end up bumping with passerby often... or you'll realized people whispering in front of you that you're wearing a RM25 clothes altho u looks gorgeous on it..

Thus people will start spending their blardy hardly earned money at F21, Zara, Topshop... to decrease the percentage from appearing wearing the same clothes in any events... But it still the same and even more worst as it's selling worldwide


Anyway, i better stop my ramai anak story and start revealing my useful secret of shopping wisely

I know u beh tahan ady...

Secret revealed : Walk around before you buy the first thing that you see.
Check other stores that carry the same styles and compare prices
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E.g: You can find lotsa nice RM20 clothes whereby u can't find it from any other shops and sometimes u'll end up buying clothes which cost u a BOOM but its selling at RM 25 @ Sg wang/ TS

Wanna have a peeps on my last weekend shopping spree with Yinnie ?
RM 250 for 13 vava-voom outfits... fml!

OMFG! bread for lunch for the entire week ;(

- The End -

Jul 22, 2010

Little vanilla

I know, I have not been taking much photos recently but I promise I will, somehow and soon as the weather was drizzly and rainy lately which affects my mood in dressing up. Haha ! trying to push all the blame to Mr. Weather..
Sorry Mr.Weather! ;p

Anyway, i think there are something wrong with fashion sense lately, something very wrong with it, seriously wrong which causes me to received lotsa complaints from them (as stated below)

1. Fei Lek says I looks like a "Sakai" who escape from Jungle
2. Aunty says I hafta learn what is fashion and learn how to wear a proper clothes from now on
3. Nina says I looks like Philippine got talent with the famous horse sound maker
4. Ai Lin says I hafta stop wearing those oversized clothes and starts wearing according to my age and my size..fml!


Here are some backlog outfit photo(s) found in my Iphone

Thrifty clothes from cuzzie
(I love all her thrifts which save me lotsa $)

My favourite polka romper from BKK
(Kindly ignore my messy hair and sleepy face)

My current new obsession :-

(a) Big oversized batwing top
(b) Jeans shorts

Pst! Sorry for the bad quality and boring unglam outfit photo

and here is a pix of my favourite purchase of the week ;)

And here is a picture of my make up of the day !
OMFG! I love it ;)

- The End -

Downtown girl

Been going out quite frequent with cuzzie...
Its like almost 24/7.. fml!!!
Everything was still wokay til last Saturday..

We drove up to Genting for live band, hoegarden,
gossips, photographs, shisha, Starbucks and etc...
from 9p.m til 5.30a.m.. wtf
I shud had just stayed at home cuddling with my dogs,
catching my favourite HK drama series or porno(s)... fml!

During this few freaking hours,
I realized guys can be a real bastard when they start gossiping about girls... Revealing all their shitty attitude when they cant seems to tackle the girls that they like, t4 they'll start badmouth-ing the so-called 'biatch'... Each of them (incl. me) have a special-made mask to cover the real us but you're definitely more successful than me bcos you're able to fake it and you've got it made...
and its creepy and scary... So i think its better to keep a distance between us from now on...

But there are another things that annoyed me the most
is they took me as a joking matterial and I felt spectacularly used...
They keep talking, joking and hard selling/ promoting me,
as if I'm a reject items that had been place in Reject Shop for century...
and fyi, I am happy with my current singlehood
and please do not used me as a stepping stone..
and starts caring for the people around you..

Altho I always end up being the second selection/choices but I'll rather not to accept sucha great deals than keep being categorize as the second options in my life... I know I am as stubborn as the cow and I'm not gorgeous, pretty, outgoing or etc but I am happy of who am i at the moment than to fake it...

- The End -

Jul 21, 2010

Mosquitoe's Birthday

Happy Burfday my dear
Lil MosQtoe !!!

YES, she's the one I heart ♥ the most..

You are always by my side supporting me morally and psychologically,
basically that was what I needed... the most ♥

I'm really happy to have you in my life =)

I hope you've a WONDERFUL burfday tis year =) and ahead! although I know we cant be with each other as usual cause you'll be far away from me in time being. Therefore, I'm gonna enjoy every possible moment with you now

- Picture of the day -

Karaoke Buffet @ Neway, Timesquare

and sexy leg of the night ;p
*hard-slap on forehead*

Cake attack session

and kissing session ;p

Spotlight of the night ;-)
Aint shes pretty ?
But shes mine... ;p

Our favourite spot to camwhore

AWAS !! You're entering Nette's crappy blog

Pictures from Chan Kok Foong
(Photographer of the day)

Can u see my double chin ? Shit me ;(
I really shud stop eating !!! STOP !!!

Gee, my drumstick is so freaking BIG..fml

Last but not least, heres a picture of me to end this post =)

- The End -