Sep 27, 2008

My new craving "GLADIATOR"

Loving shoes will never be something I stop doing. Especially if I manage to find shoes that not only look good, but are good for me too.

Sep 24, 2008

Driving Life in Kay Ell *snort*

Driving in Malaysia is traumatizing, horrifying and sickening. Everyday stress driving to work, stress of office's politics and workloads, after work stress of driving back home. No wonder 80% of KL-ians nowadays suffer from anxiety and I’m yet to be one of them

Driving in Malaysia is MEMANG an everlasting stress. Now I understand why people find driving in Malaysia a bit too daunting. Everyday is a must for me to curse while I’m driving~ Ci Bai all come out, I try to be feminine but not during I’m driving lorh.

People here use signals only after they have made the pass. If you signal in advance, the cars behind will speed up to fill up that gap, preventing your car from filtering into the next lane. Not all but 99.9% of them lorh, they will do whatever it takes not to allow people to jump queue on the road.

Usage of the honk is frequent. Even if they are 50m behind you, and they spotted a slight inching of your car towards their lane, the HONNNNNK wailed till they get past you (at accerated speed of course!) and followed by "what-do-you-think-you-are-doing" stare as they pass you or with finger gestures.

FYI honk is not usable in KL as no matter how many times u honk, the traffic is still the SAME

Everyday, you will only listen to me grumble and suffered the pain of the increasingly hectic and torrid life in KL. Jams eat into the petrol and time and reduced the distance that we can run. That’s suck!

And I almost killed zillion of motorcyclist in just a month, not my fault (of cos).. to that damn-deserve-to-die motorcyclists, RED means stop!!! Simplest rule of all! Pay less road tax but want to occupy the whole road. You think u’r father’s road meh. Remember to look trice (not twice) before swerving because there are motorbikes that will come out of nowhere from time to time. So be EXTRA careful!

Simple advice: Be extra careful when your car is involved in an accident with a motorcyclist. Apparently, in the absence of concrete evidence, the courts will always give the benefit of the doubt to the motorcyclist (even though the motorcyclist is the perpetrator!), unless you can prove that there were mitigating circumstances (0.0001% successful)

Not only do motorcyclists flout the traffic rules, but when they get into accidents, the law backs them up!

KL has a superb network of toll highways with new ones being added all the time. Driving is not aggressive but tends to be a bit careless. The accident rate is high, so drive defensively. OPS, should I said we should stop DRIVING ?!

I'm sure a lot of you know, KL has a very serious traffic problem. There are two causes that get the majority of the press (geography and highways that don't support the population) and the most important is when you discover that there’s accident, some wonderful lookie-loo WILL slowed down to “Keh Po” and caused a chain reaction that forces everyone else to slow down as well. Why why why? Don’t tell me that they want to record the registration number of the car which is a max of 4 for their permutations when they buy 4D lottery. So every accident is a source for potentially 'lucky' numbers ? Oh~pleassseeee!

After office hour is the time to catch the peak hour of traffic congestion. Well it was not too bad because the weather was good. It gets worse when it rains, the heavier, the longer the queue, the slower the movement...

This society sucks you into the norm quickly and if we are not self-conscious, I could come one of them soon. Impatient, unforgiving, honking, motorist!

Sep 17, 2008

I'm no longer a Mummy's little girl

It’s been really depressing lately to go to office so I’ve decided that I shall tender my resignation..

Type type type type~~~

I’ll lose all my drive for life and end up being a mentally disrupt person
So I make up my mind and hereby officially tender my resignation as an adult.
In answer to your TOP in mind question. No, I do not have a job lined up. Yes, this will likely be difficult financially. But my job is EVEN WORSE than being unemployed. Boohoo!

So I left a 55 hours a week job to live off the money I had saved slaving in it, nothing grabbed me. Make the move with something in mind and some way to support myself. Good luck to MYSELF !!

I’ve been hoping and praying and begging for this day for FEW months. And finally, I’m done with this evil empire, well as of next month I will be. This whole process began about 3 months ago. I can’t believe it, within months I went from being miserable of dead end position to giving notice!

And now I did it fantastically, I dunno, I guess I’m still just wowed.
And the satisfaction of tendering my resignation letter. Ahhh~~ It was beautiful. I’m so glad, finally I make up my mind to quit, as it got that out of my system. It was just so good, although having people just look and KNOW, without even asking. It must have been the smile, the spring in my step, the twinkle in my eye…. yeah, it was probably the giant shit eating grin that said SEE YA MUTHAFUKKAS!

The reason behind :- hostile work environment, long hours, zero vacation time, improper management, immature management, no workstation, you-know-everything attitude and bla bla bla

“This resignation is effective immediately and is non-negotiable.”
Her response?
“As expected!!”
My respond ?
“GLAD you do!”

To end the ennui, I tendered my resignation on 16 September. I’m not leaving just yet though, there’s a ONE-month notice period that I have to serve up – absolutely brutal. Usually when the thought emerges that it’s time to go, you kinda want to leave NOW, to drag it out over one month… but all along I knew that was the case, so in a way I was mentally prepared for it. There might be a mass exodus during this month. But hey, I did it! By the time I bid my fond farewell, I would have achieved my first benchmark, a goal I had set myself. So you see, I can survive. I did survive. And no, no regrets whatsoever. I have had a blast here.

And when I say “fond farewell”, there is not a trace of sarcasm either. Yep, the people and their quirks no longer irritate or disconcert me. I just laugh and shirk it off, accepting and appreciating all their perfect imperfections. As for social and work-related twists and turns, come, join in the game. See it for the game that it is and strategize your move to your best advantage, one that would serve to amuse and ease your final days. Why take it so seriously? Don’t sweat the small stuff. In the bigger scheme of things, we are mere players.

-The End-

Sep 7, 2008

Ranting, rantng and ranting (My Fulltime job)


I went to bed superb early nowadays at 8p.m only to keep waking up. Don't you just hate it that happens? It can only mean one thing: feeling stress and tired all day long.

It's 7.00am and it's been a while since I last had to wake up this early... but that's what I've been doing everyday still. Maybe I'm still not used to jumping out of bed the moment my eyes open as I’m enjoy the tossing, stretching, turning and lingering in bed.

Something I noticed is that ever since I started working is... I never blog even close to as much as I used to, I never actually mentioned how much I love my work nor have I ever brought up how much work changed me.

To why I don't blog anymore is because I don't have the time nor do I have the strength. Besides that, it's not like much happens anymore. When I get home from work, I'm usually knackered and all I want to do is have my dinner, couch potato-ing and rest... my feet especially. It's not fun prancing around in 3 inches heels all day.
Someone once said, if you love your job, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.


“The Top Ten Things People Hate Most About Work” list that I found when I google “I Hate my JOB”.

1) Uniforms (checked)
2) Work suits (checked)
3) The hours (checked)
4) Traffic jam (checked)


I hate having to attend unnecessary meetings - they are a waste of time and take up a lot of the day. I hate having to listen to the same spiel ten times with the same express of enthusiasm.


Listening to clients complains is what I hate most about work. There are times when you’d like them to hear what you really think but you just have to let them have their say. I hate having to deal with rude people. There is nothing more annoying when you know you have to remain calm and be polite to an overbearing person because it’s your job. But once clients complain and yet your superior will come and continue blah-ing you, you will feel like slapping her left right and up down.


No workstation, this causes my work momentum goes down.


What annoys me more than anything else is when lazy colleagues who don’t pull their weight are so annoying. I hate having to do other people’s work.

6 Last minute task

The biggest one for me is last minute task that come in at 5.00 or 5.15pm as I’m preparing to get my ass home sweet home. And for some reason I am always the one who gets landed with them. Over-time, especially the last minute type on a everyday evening while I get to finish my job on time but still will get bombarded with other ppl’s job.

5 Work on every Sat

I don’t mind so much getting up in the morning as you get used to the routine but I need to work on Sat which is the day I need to help “the tt girl of the left-over shit.
4 Not up-to-date systems

Computers were intended to make your life easier. But sometimes that all-important file wasn’t backed up or you have to contend with all those not up-to-date database which causes you to get FUCK by the clients. *DENG* and yet being blame for those entire mistake *Damn FUCK lorh!!!!*

Very old computers or computers that aren’t user friendly.

3 Communication breakdowns

They don’t give clear instructions, lay out clear goals nor give employees the satisfaction of being responsible for a project’s results.
The lack of communication between bosses and staff.

2 THE OFFICE BULLY, and that’s not necessarily the Boss…

So what do I hate most about work? I don’t mind the normal things like getting up early etc. What I hate above anything else is office politics and office bullies. It's an absolute killer for employees and can result in someone having to leave their job. What I hate most about work is when roles are undefined and it’s therefore unclear who is in authority or whose work should be given priority. I have two seniors and when I get different orders from each, it is sometimes difficult to know which job to do first.Work going uncredited or when you don’t get that personal recognition from a job well done.

I'm sure they're not all bad, but they are awful.



I hate having to get up in the morning - I think we should be allowed start when ever we want! My brain doesn't start to function until about 12:30. Flexi-time should definitely be an option.
Early morning starts, especially on Monday morning.

There should be more flexible hours, I hate office hours and having to adhere to the nine to five schedule. There should be more flexible time parameters, especially when everyday I need to stay back for the de-brief sessions.

- The End -

Sep 2, 2008

Fun Fun Fun Fair

Updates : Cuzzy brings piggy, bf and bro to Euro FunFair *YIPPIE!!* snort


I’ll get to know from my cuzzie that the Euro funfair has come to town and we decided to check it out last Saturday (which was on the Merdeka eve) since I’ve missed this event for so MANY times (Bukit Jalil, 1 utama and etc).

Omg, I just love FUNFAIR! Though the Euro funfair causes me a BOOM, a real big BOOM.

FYI, as time goes on, my enthusiasm for chasing down kiddie coasters in obscure locations begins to wax. Looking back, it was all rather amusing. But the highlight for my brother and me was a visit to the EURO fun-fair, intimately associated with having fun on MERDEKA with cousins and bf.

We’re having too much fun at the Funfair that I spent more than RM 300++ over there *sobs* till then I need to cut down on my shopping. Apart from the tonnes of goodies up for grabs and the many varieties of games to play, there are also some pretty interesting rides, and to my disappointment, there’s no House of the Dead but still we spend hours pouring pennies into numerous rides and games (Hook a Duck, Ball In Bucket and especially BINGO). Hurray !! Linda win me a BIG BIG pink melody but I am not going to show u *blueks*

But I have to say, the rides were quite fun and not that rusty looking compared to the rest of the funfair. Awesome rides I tell you! The equipments are pretty new therefore I assume the safety precautionary measures are better and the risk of dying is much lesser. Hallelujah !

Oh, and I must mention this.. altho its QUITE mem-per-siasui-kan but still I would like to share it with my reader(s) *winkz*. FYI, I am SO scared of the heights; but still I love to try every single ride. So, before I’m trying to grad or to hold anything, I’ve go HooHaa screaming “Wwaaahhh” like a mad woman and half surrendering to the not-even-high-enough-to-scare-you-to-death heights on the kiddie roller coaster. *Gulp* Luff me not !!!! I’m only able to try on those kiddy’s ride *sobs*

I spent the entire Saturday and Sunday night over there looking at the brightly lit rides. Seems kinda fun actually even though the rides look a bit dangerous.. Entry fee is only RM3 for an adult and 1 token costs you RM2. Go give it a try! There’s also the ferris wheel for those lovebirds out there. *evil grins*. Do note that this fun fair is pretty much a high budget one although you might not want to bring high expectations along when you go. Just have fun!

Now if you would excuse me as I need to take a hot shower and short nap.