Sep 30, 2009

Abstract art or a messy artist?!

Outfit of the day :

Splashy Pain Dress from LeLove

Fashion is all about ART,
fashion can be affordable, yet no less fashion-forward...
This time our beloved splashy pain design is back in action

This is a colour balance dress with its mixture of yellow, blue, red and purple, and splatters understated enough to make this dress appropriate for outing and even office wear

This fashion is inspired by the hipster/grunge look with a tunic-like silhouette. Regardless of the route you choose; be careful when creating your outfit as each piece strays dangerously close to the fashions of the 80s…there is a reason why certain fashion elements from that decade have been forgotten for a reason.

- The End -

Sep 26, 2009

Rejuvenating mode

Warning ahead : This blog post contains material that might be disturbing to you. Viewer discretion is advised.

Think twice before u scroll down to view the pix


So are you really ready to see the picture ?????

Final warning!!! This entry contains hell lotsa scary and VERY DISTURBING pix, which I am warning you in advance. I was even commended for my convincing "death stare." For real !!!

So if u'r ready, HERE WE GO!!!

Net presenting you the scariest pix


Xin (left) and Net (right) in rejuvenating mode..When i was applying the godamn mask on my piggy face,
I heard someone laughing real loud behind my back..
Wondering why ? Did you ever realized that i lost my eyebrow ?
Yep, thats the reason behind.. FML

Roar! Net and Xin acting cute again.. boohoo!
When two crazy peoples bumped into each other,
they goes cuckoo and starts doing silly and crazy stuff like this..
This time we're acting Ju-On..
Psstt~ we even recorded a video of it.. superb lame i tell you
Guarantee u luff until u felt down from chair..
Farnee-ier than PCK Private Limited and
even scarier than Ju-On Part 1,2 and 3
and imma proudly announced im the main actor
*drum rolls*

- The End -

Sep 24, 2009

Story of Rendang and Lemang

That day I told my girlfriend that I've got a job offer and a confession from a older guy (35 y/o if im not wrong).. and guess how this psycho lunatic biatch answered me, she shouted at me "OMG! this is abso-truly-crazy" but shes totally agreed that I should look for a older guys to date. She said older guys are old enough to have settled down and had a high level of maturity in terms of love, relationship and most importantly "Sex". Eff her!! She said his enough women to know and I'll require much more than dinner and a few vodka(s) to get into the mood. Best of all, he never makes me late for dinner because of Xbox, PSP and ripped jeans and sneakers stylo.

Seconds later, she whispered into my ear, telling me that older guy had a lifetime of experience to share (in and out of the bedroom) Yep, FML to have such a lovey dovey friend! she keep mentioned that this will likely keep me on my toes (and curling them, too!). Plus, he'll show me how to see life in a different way. No matter how long it lasts or how it ends, you'll walk away worldlier — and will never settle for a measly five minutes of foreplay again. Oh NOO!!! shes in trouble, she makes Net goes cuckoo in Eff-ing mood, luckily she stop this conversation on time and enjoy our yummy-o-licious lunch ~

Lunch finished
and its time for those unglam westernized good bye that we used to.
and before we ciao, she knock and wink at me
telling me to give one another a thrill. FML x 34567837645!!

Sep 23, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya!!!

*singing* Selamat aidil fitri
Kepada saudara serta saudari
Setahun hanya sekali
Merayakan hari yang mulia ini..


A grp pix of us berbuka puasa at KLCC
Thats Cameron, surrounding by desperate aunties *slurp*


Imma looking forward to next month excitedly,
as its going to be the last month for me in this company..
Hopefully this month would be a fantabulous and fantastic month
for me to enjoy every single moments with my lurve esp cly and alyn..
ugh~ imma is absolutely not looking forward to be away from them..
but thats life..
someone would leave and someone always leaves.
ugh~ I hate..
Good-bye(s) !!!
but life goes on..

Seeing 3 of us who had different lifestyles, interest and background
BUT we DO have similar mindset of guys..
We were nonstop talking, gossiping and rambling about guys
while we're stucked in a heavy rain and blardy long traffics..
til we almost write-out a 365 pages's
memoir of love, guy and relationship

Thus we also talked and shared our so-called puppy love stories
while driving without a side mirror *kan cheong i tell YOU*
but luckily we'd reached the destination safely
or else you wouldn't see me sitting here blogging nonsense *sweat*

- The End -

Sep 15, 2009

Talking about love

Fashion blog on pause, continue with moi boring love story
(Requested by a reader)
No worries, no more emo stuff.. its jus something to share
Well, seems like poignant me had been upgraded to
a love story teller
.. boohoo

So lets the story begin..

Well "He looks healthier, fatter and fairer now..."
according to my friend who saw him a week back.
Looks like he is better off without me? aint ya ? I bet so..
and I should be happy. (Yep, I am ... honestly)
I must admit, my terrible lunatic psycho princess behaviour is killing him.
Moreover, I was the one who initiated the break up.
and I was always the one breaking up then patching things up....
so eventually he was sick of me being such a "Twat".
so he finally leave me..
LOL @ me and FML

Well well who else to blame but myself..
didn't treasure what i have till it's gone..

I still remember when we first met via MSN, we talked uninterruptedly for hours, and we continued to talk the next day and the next next day.. After a week when we finally met, we continued to talk and we're deeply in love. I never ever thought we could go that far..
Well well, past tense.. past tense
and I realized sometimes we think someone is the "One" but well maybe they're just placed in our lives to make us learn something? and this time i really learned.. alot!!!
I don't know what the future holds but i'm glad that I've grew up..
and so do you, you ougtha grow up too..

Mail me at
if you would like to share your love stories, problems and oppinions

- The End -

Sep 14, 2009

Janice Wei Lan : Morning

When I hear the birds start singing

I wanna see you
Hoo, hoo, do do do do do...
When I see the leaves start fallin
I wanna see you
The only thing I'll do
Don't you know
Is to rush and run to you

When I hear the clock start ticking
I start to miss you
Ooh.. The only thing I'll do
Is gonna dream of you

Wanna stay by by by your side
You are my everything
You are my only link
To the angel's wings
Talk about love love and
I can't stop thinking of you
Such a crazy thing
Like snow fallin' in spring

(You know every morning)
When I hear the birds start singing
I wanna see you
Ooh.. The only thing I'll do
Is to rush and run to you

When I hear the clock start ticking
I start to miss you
Ooh.. The only thing I'll do
Is gonna dream of you

I found my angel in my life
I cannot see why
I cannot see why
We can't be in love till we die

Wanna stay by by by your side
You are my everything
You are my only link
To the angel's wings
Talk about love love and
I can't stop thinking of you
Such a crazy thing
Like snow fallin' in spring

One day we'll spread our wings
You and me da, you and me da...
Spread our wings
Wannabe wannabe wanna
I wanna be,be your lover
I'll run to you...ooh...

Monday Blues

The alarm rang at 8.30 am
and poignant me sleepily hit the snooze button.
When the alarm sounded again, I hit the "off" button
and lazed for a few minutes in my soft cotton sheets.

Minutes later, its 9.30 am FML
im late ! Shit Shit Shit
Running around not knowing what, where, when and how..
Gawd, why am i so clumsy and stupid..
*Slap me x5*


Outfit of the week :

Zebra dress which make me looks uber fat *hate it*
mayb accesorize it with a belt will be betta
add a blazer, and you can wear it to work too.. boohoo

Blazer is a true must - have in my opinion, they don’t go out of style easily and you can wear them for almost every occasion!

Blazer 3

I am becoming more and more selective in my purchases, sometimes I wonder why I'll buy so much when i only wear some of it? But now i'm paying more attention to colors and cuts- i've noticed that i am gravitating more into black and white

and Net is dressing sluttishly lately.. teehee!
My clothes were lobang here and there
and every where ever since i'm recovered from the 7 years psoriasis..

I feel G~o~o~D
Bought this from Trends Report
and imma loving it

Psst! Wanna see more outfit pix ? Kindly support poignant Net by clicking on the ads or purchasing Net's pre-loved *Email to ask for Net's pre-loved blog link*

The End

Sep 13, 2009

Fantabulous Day

Outfit of the day : I name it fantabulous jumpsuit *winkz*

It feels so right not to wear according to my age…
and WHITE, my fav colour *slurp* boohoo...


Not sleeping well lately cause
Im so regret selling out my fav high waist pant
*slap me x5*

Next Update : Chainmaille Trend Report
*Stay Tune*

Sep 6, 2009

Lost in the middle of nowhere

T-totally bussyy..
But I'll try to find a time to blog, WOKAY ?!!!


Outfit of the week

Havent been wearing like this for century
but it feels good at times..

- The End -

Sep 2, 2009

Crampy Crappy Net

GGGGGRRRREEAATT!! Now im sick again
Tell me, how much I've been in this past few months..
Period Pain. Headaches. Coughing fits. Upset stomach. Feverish.
etc. etc. etc.

Gawd, I'm suffering with severe PMS
Stomach cramp, bleeding heavy enough, sick stomach,
light headed and overall, just unwell in myself.

and I'm down with migraines for a few months now
B.U.T I have a special medication that helps with those...
which is my dear ciggy that kept under a stack of magazines

The upset stomach is probably from a combination of things.
Heat. Stress. Food. *slurp*
and fever coming from nowhere *sweatx2*

Yesterday, all of those symptoms came together and crashed
after running through the rain, *stupid me*
and sitting in the blardy freaking cold LRT for 45 minutes
with sleeveless bodycon dress and a pair of high heels..

Hence, I've been laying in bed since I'm back from work
with the worst of worst raining cold season.
Fever. Sore throat. Headache. Upset stomach.
Achey. Tired. No appetite.
Etc. etc. etc.

Daddy saw me so sick til he came to measured my temperature
with this stupid long stick

and poignant Net put it under my armpit *sweatx3*
GRRREEAAATTT !! Now im sick plus crazy

- The End -

Trend reports : Hippie headband/hairband

Headbands are a great fashion statement it appears
a total smashing style hit and future editions of Fashion Trend Alerts

Aint its the "Best accesorries of the year" ?!!!

Well, now there is so much you can do with it. If you want new ways to wear a headband for different events such as a more elegant one, casual and dressy. It is super duper easy and a headband is the perfect fix for those bad hair days.

Woo, I love the bohemian look

Any strappy headband or scarf can work and simply tie it around your forehead. Push up hair on top to give it a little tousled look and now you’re a classy hippie.

(Imma have the same one as pix attached! Its so urban.Me like !!)

For the next step up, tie it around your forehead twice for an elegant look that is unique. Maybe a poof behind your bangs, from big to small will make a headband look adorable. Tease your hair and either leave it down or put it in a pony tail and you will have the look.

Tousled hair means you have a lot of different styles to choose from. If you have tousled curls, you can make a headband look cute and simple or chic and classy. Leave some sections of hair in front and place the headband on. Blake Lively has done this sultry look on the scenes of Gossip Girls multiple times. (oo~ me like~)

That's a simplest trick for lazy day. Just simply put up your pony tail and slick your headband back. My favourite fashion icon (Lindsay Lohan) has been spotted numerous times with this look. It’s even great to keep your bangs out of your eyes for those workouts

The End !