Feb 23, 2014

Horsey Year 2014

English version : Happy New Year Everybody !!! 
"A New year, A New Start, A New Chapter, A New Beginning, Forget the bad, Cherish the GOOD, I sincerely wish u a very blessed new year ahead. Happy New Year."
Cantonese version : Gong Hei Fat Choy !!!
Mandarin version : Gong Xi Fa Cai !!!
年大吉 (Wish you luck in the Year of the Horse.)

I know this post is superb backdated but at least imma back to my almost dead blog. 
OMG! Never tot i've abandoned my blog for 9 months 21 days 7 hrs and 34 minutes
*smack head* LOL kidding
I dont even know how long I've leave my blog. 
I main hentam on the above timing only.. heh

Btw did I tell u that I loves CNY the most ? As I can shop happily without feeling guilty but this year I was so busy at work until I've no time to shop at all but luckily I still managed to purchase 3 outfits (T.T) at the very last minute. Scared the shit out of me, I thought I m going to wear 'old clothes' during CNY. 

This year I went back to Malacca much earlier on 30th instead of 1st day of CNY. Yay!!! Must start appreciate and enjoy my CNY before I get married and settle down to unknown fisherman town. You'll have the same feeling when you're hitting three-o FML. 

Lets see what we have for our dinner on 30th. This year we did not prepare 10 dishes 1 soup anymore, we opt for something very simple as my popo is getting old and weak, try not to trouble her. And she doesn't have any confident towards her children and grandchildrens, most importantly she did not want anyone to steal her fame and limelight. SO SIMPLE IZ THE BEST! But at least we still get to taste her femes stewed duck *slurps*. 

While we're busy preparing, Xin busy snapping picture and Linda posing -_-lll

After dinner, we always chillax at the car porch. Enjoying the thunderous fireworks and family bonding session instead of sitting and watching television. And that's Bobby, chilling beside the bicycle because he is so afraid of the fireworks *evil grins*

Popo, dad and mum busy preparing for the prayer thingy.

while we busy snapping our OOTD for Day 1 heh (The long awaiting moment)

Spotted any difference ? Yes, I m so lady-like in red dress with big curls ? heh! Better agree on it as Im sure you doesn't wanna mess with my private hair stylist a.k.a Linda T (my beloved shorty cuzzie)

Plus I have a very good photographer (my bro) during CNY. He took lotsa pics for us and surprisingly it turns out quite well ;)

Later on, we went to 2 famous temples in Malacca. Exposing ourselves to the UV -__-lll 
Its really people mountain, people sea. 

And we have steamboat for dinner.. woot! my favourite 

On the 2nd day, we will visit Gugu's house as usual. It is so hard to get everyone to ready on-time especially my beloved Xin "Mo Wang" (Queen of Slow). As usual, she will took up all her time in make-up, dressing up and etc.

We have assam fish (popo cooked it specially for me thou), chap chai (mixed vege), Pongteh chicken (Malacca style, prepared by Kai Ma). Best explained why I had 2 bowls of rice. Burppppp~

OOTD for 2nd day. 
Left : Day time outfit for house visiting
Right : Night outfit.. hehehe! 
I know I m so 'hiao', keep changing clothes like fashion show even thou I've 3 outfits only FML

Finally a group picture of us ;) with my new camera SONY NEX F3 *flips hair*

As usual, we will have our dinner at different Chinese restaurant (every year) on the 2nd. 

We continue with our BlackJack as usual after dinner and camwhore with our matching pjyamas bought by Linda during her previous HatYai trip. My mum even volunteer herself to help us took all the pictures just like the good old days. 

And guess what ? I've received a big bag full of pre-loved clothes by cuzzie Jilyn too. 
Yay! which means NO shopping for the next few months time. 

On the 9th, we usually went to Yinnie's house for Bai Tian Kong.

Last year, we have Wen to celebrate with us. But she is now married and moved to US (T.T) 
Altho we're 9,334 miles away but our friendship will remained the same. Love both of you!

- The End -

May 31, 2013

Bangkok shopping 2013

I'm back from Bangkok again, my favourite country after-all.  A best place for a short and budget trip, as everything over there is like sho eff-ing cheap, i mean reasonable heh. A place whereby you can get good food, cheap beer and shop until you're drop. Excited max! LOLOL!

Previously I m very lazy, chin-cai blog about my throwback Bangkok trip but this time I will my marked every single footstep in bangkok kay (I hope its gonna be helpful) but no promise *wink*

I bought my ticket via AirAsia for RM 334 (Flight + Tax + Insurance + Baggage) 3 months before our departure date which I find it OKAY cos sometimes I just worried I will caught up with last minute works/ any special event until I have to burn my air ticket. T.T $$$

So this time I am staying at Metz Pratunam, walking distance to Platinum Mall too. A very clean and neat hotel with good internet connection but not recommended if you're going in a group of girls /solo trip as this hotel is still new and alot of taxi couldn't really find their way yet and you have to walk through dark and quiet alley every time. And here's a picture of my hotel ;) 

O ya, if you're a person cannot live without internet like I do. You can purchase the "Happy Tourist" simcard at THB 299 whereby you're entitle for 100 baht free call and 7-day unlimited internet/3G. Happy max ! Thats why I can update my Instagram every single hour.. Teehee!

Thats me, keep 3G-ing. The speed was acceptable for normal surfing like map, browsing fb or instagram ;)

On our 1st day, we went to Chatuchak for food hunting + shopping.

The wording of "2 for THB 100" is making me go crazey but SK is more cray cray than I do. He wins on the 1st day. He shop more until he is really broke on the 1st day itself. LOLOL! Can you imagined how torturing is him looking at me shopping happily on 2nd and 3rd day while he can't *Evil grins* 

Things that sell in Chatuchak is basically way much cheaper. I can 4 cute sandals/flat at THB 750 and lotsa nice bags for THB 199. Happy max ! I also bought myself dolly wink lashes, maxi and plain tops in different colours. LOLOL!

Can you see the size of the prawn is as big as my palm.. Slurp slurp

and let me introduce you, my kuli for  entire trip ;) Can you see how happy he is.. *cough* 

Tadaa !!! my favourite pork noodle soup with extra spicy. Kindly ignore my super unglam face after a sweaty, tired, sticky and long shopping in sucha hot weather. Make up also melt -__-lll My advise to you, no need to apply make up if you're heading to chatuchak cos you'll end up like me.. LOLOL!

Next visit : Asiatique @ Riverfront 
How to get there ? just take BTS to station saphan taksin take exit 2 to the pier for free shuttle boat to Asiatique
(Note : Free shuttle boat to Asiatique but there are still people selling THB 20 per person for express lane, do not get cheated as you will still end up queue-ing up. Need not worry cos it just takes few minutes for the queue.)

And here we are ;) See, how happening is it. Highly recommended for nice dining, best place for chilling and chit-chatting.

Dinner time. Not really into jap, western or italian food because I wanna try their local delicacy ;) So wantan noodles it is.I just can't get enough with their noodle soup *slurp slurp* Btw that is my 2nd bowl of that night ;p

Didn't really shop over there as the its kinda pricey. I m sucha cheapskate ! LOLOL ! Look what I bought for both of my furryballs ;) Dog treats!! YAY ! I have fried drumsticks, BBQ drumsticks, bacon and BBQ stick - cost me about THB 250 ;) I m looking for dog collars and dog treats @ Chatuchak but the price for the dog treats is almost the same in KL so i didnt bother to buy until I saw his cute little drumstick in different sizes and flavours ;p Cute right ?

And pressie for Bee ! for accompany the demanding princess to shop until drop and walk until you crazey ;p

2nd day : Platinum Mall. Whole-sale mall. Preferable to go with a group of gf(s) whereby you can get any 2 items in the shop for whole-sale price ;)

No photos as I am busy shopping but there's a photo of me enjoying my food @ Platinum Mall food court. 

and let me reveal half of my shopping hauls for today

After that, we went to Siam square night bazaar whereby I bought alot of cheaper tops and blouse. THB 150 for nice long working blouse. Hardslap on forehead! This time I really shop until drop. Broke max ! T.T Who wanna sponsor me bread and water for the next few months ? *Big watery eyes*

Tips : Advisable to shop at Siam Square night bazaar on weekend as I went back on the 3rd night which its Monday but it's not open ;( although its stated in the website that it opens every single night from 8p.m until 11p.m. Disappointed max T.T

Third day : Terminal 21 
A shopping mall opened in early of 2012, located at Asok BTS station. It has a total of 9 floors - different concept for each floors that well decorate into famous city street such as Tokyo, Rome, Paris and etc. Even the toilet is designed according to the themes too. Check out the toilets in every floor like I do kay.

Photo time ;)

Lets see what I had for lunch... Pad thai (Our so-called fried kuew teow) Must try in BANGKOK! Beef noodle and fried oyster. Yum~~~


And i bought myself a Tamagotchi P's. YAY ! PM me for more information if you're interested ;)

This time was kinda disappointed as I think they gonna demolish Bonanza Mall as I saw alot of shops had closed down ;( and I saw there's construction underway going on.. 

and we have ShabuShi steamboat as dinner ;) and this is my third time to ShabuShi. Imagined how much I love this place. But food is getting so-so only, less varieties as compare to my 1st and 2nd visits. Now I don't think its worth the price anymore. Boycott !!!

This time I went to Big C supermarket which is located right opposite Central World which is highly recommended by Miss. Wen *sweat*. Bought Daddy's favourite cashew nut (but advisable to purchase at China Town - way more cheaper). and I even top-up Pocky in different flavours, gonna try their local i-chef's tomyam paste and most importantly 2 big packet of dried ground chilis) YUM~~

A must buy item if you're happen to be at Boots, Thailand. (Kinda like our SASA or Sephora) that sells  lotsa beauty or cosmetic in cheaper price ;). You may find Boots in Big C supermarket too.

Another must to visit place, it's Erawan Shrine which known as Four-faced Buddha. 

Thats all for today ;) Hope I will be able to come back to this beautiful country once again ;)

AirAsia specially prepare this VIP plane for frequent AirAsia traveller and they even prepared red carpet for us... LOLOL! Perasan max! Kidding only...

Check out SK excited face with double chin with the background of AirAsia's 100th dragon plane... heh

Much appreciated if you could leave me a comment to discuss about interesting places, yummy food and best hunting adventure in BANGKOK ;) 

- The end -