Mar 8, 2012


As time goes by ~ I think somehow or somewhere I've lost the urge to share everything and anything about my life with others. I m not pun-intended to neglect my blog, I always wanted to blog, but the laziness deep inside me didn't allow me to. Lazy bug strikes !!! In conclusion, it is not my fault and I would not plead guilty for being a LAZY BUM ;p

I am almost almost fainted looking at the gazillion un-edit and retarded picture of me - I really had no idea of what to blog-a-bout *smack head* Even blogging nao takes me like forever-and-a-half, I guess I m really rusty at blogging, writing and editing *Big sigh*

So I guess I will just randomly update my blog using my Instagram photos as I really had no idea of what to blog about ;) T4 it would be all back-dated picture of me heh..

This year is a bit speacial, we had our CNY reunion dinner @ Dorsett Hotel but still i prefer home-cooked meal prepared by my beloved ah ma ;(

OMG! look at this, that and those... ain't its tempting ? *evil grins*
and a pic of me - enjoying my food ;)

Packing all my cny clothes back to Malacca,
can't wait to meet my fatty Linda, crazy Xin and beloved Po Po ;)

and being force to play mahjong with my idiotic DD
but nemind la - once in a year - so good of him to let me win all of his $$$ ! Love him max !!!

And birthday with bestie @ Neway ;)
an impromptu plan that ends perfectly before I flying off to Singapore again

and meet up with babes @ Havana, Changkat ;)

Life had never been easy for me, was really busy with work. Yes, I was in Singapore for eff-ing 17 days long. Rest 3 days and flew to Bangkok alone for 5 freaking days, how sad and boring it is but it's fun thou - to be independent at times. Will blog about my torturing experience in Singapore and Bangkok one day/ some day .. tee-hee!

and this is what I miss the most while Im not around. BAK KUT TEH !!!

ahem, but of cos i miss my bf more *cough*

What makes me happy the most is :- shopping in BKK ;)
altho wardrobe is full of new clothes ;p
(Isk, tak insaf2 jugak)
Halleluyah - may god bless me ;p

Last but not least, let me end this post with an outfit of the day

Kindly ignore the messy background ;)

I'm not sure when will the next update be, but till then. Have an awesome day. :) Taaaaa !!!

P/S :

Nowadays I m so addicted to draw something (as pic attached below)

Oh well, altho I can't draw as good as this but my drawing skills aint that bad as compare to Kenny a.k.a ah Fai !!! a boobs that doesn't looks like boobs, deng ~


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