Dec 10, 2012

Outfit Post

Finally I'm back to this blog after a long hiatus.
Sorry, am too busy with work lately..
Was away to Jakarta and China for almost a month..
*self-explaining, just in case you will like to know my updates*
I even wanted to stop blogging and delete my "superbglamorous" blog cough~
 but when I checked my blog traffic, surprisingly there are still some readers and I'm actually still earning from nuffnang! even thou it's only few ringgit a month.. but it's enough to make me happy *i'm a happy kid LOLOL*

Today, I m going to share-about what I normally wear to work and outings ;) Yes, my dressing mode is back because I finally have a colleague who can help me with taking lotsa lotsa lotsa~ outfit pic of mine until she gets really fed-up but I don't care ;) *bitchy mode ON* tee-hee
 All clothes are bought 1/2 years ago at Bangkok, so pathetic right *sob* 
I guess I need to shop more lately...*hinting to boyfie*
Bangkok again ? Pweaseeeeee ~~~~~ *sob*


Thunder blouse : Platinum Mall, BKK
Black skirt : BKK
Shoe : Lotus Road, China
(Forced to buy this shoe after both of my legs is full of blister)

P/s: Kindly ignore my pose and focus on my outfit pls and FYI I'm not playing superwoman in da office, Imma very professional when it comes to work *cough*

Ruffle white blouse : Platinum Mall, BKK
Jeans : Platinum Street, BKK

Polka dots vest : Randam night bazaar, BKK
White spaghetti: MNG
Black legging : Pasar mlm
Polka dots sneakers : Chatuchak, BKK

 Studded white blouse : Sg wang
Black legging : Sg wang
Inspired studded clutch : Sg wang
Shoe : Vincci

Merry Xmas in advanced !!!

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