Apr 23, 2008

Im back from nowhere *woOOoT*

I'm not sure where to start since I've been absent for so long.
I'm not even sure if anyone is still out there reading this.. teehee!

But I think its time to doll out the great things in my life, to counter whimper of some bad stuff going on!! Besides, I just feel like be reminiscent to myself of the wonderful aspects that may or may not happen in my life

Meaning ?

It’s time to gather few friends to have a blast and wonderful HOLLY-DAY.
Spring offers the best weather to travel, with beach tourism (bikini time *winkz*)
I seriously need a relaxing trip to the beachside reading moi lil black dress book
I want to experience hot spring bath, I adore the sensual luxury of bathing

Woot ~~

Life is great.

Life is AWESOME.


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