Apr 23, 2008


Sometimes I wish I was someone else at somewhere else

For a while I struggled with those kind of horrible feelings, I didn’t see a future for myself I didn’t want to be who I am, I thought everyone in the world had a better more interesting life than me and I just hated everything, So… I did the right thing (i think) and I decided to get away from it all. I thought about what I really wanted and I am about to do it and I am so excited about it.

Because of these feeling I had, I feel totally destroyed. But I am shortly moving to a new life where I am going to meet new people, do new things and hopefully try be a new person, in a way. I hope this will make me happy.

Sometimes i wish this world was just a crazy dream, sometimes things aren’t what they are meant to be, or what they seem.I felt so tired of those life threatening disease but in reality who can we blame for these things. Life is hard

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