Jun 30, 2008

Black obsession

Wee, im back..
Im back with a new addiction
Fashion addict *winkz*
I just can't stand without fashion
So I’m turning my ranting blog into a fashion blog *bua ha ha ha ha*

This is the 1st set that I created using Polyvore
I named this set
(The black obsession)

This set is created solely based on my own fav colour.
Yeaps, I adore black colour, I find it mystery.
Its just seems like there’s something beneath the color.
(Totally unpredictable)

1st item : Extra Large Slouchy Hobo Bag-Black
(Basically I think this is a must have item for every girls, its just like doraemon’s pocket that allowed us to fling in all our thingy such as hp, journal or log for personal or business use and etc)

2nd item : Cute polka dots tube top
(Suits Malaysia weather)

3rd item : “Shutter glasses”
(The latest and most favorable glasses which I doesn’t know why, totally useless for me as I find it blocking my vision when I put it on)

4th item : Black Patent Mod Ballet Plastic Flats
(I just love plastic and flat shoes, ain’t it cute ?! Flat shoes suits a clumsy girl like me who doesn’t know how to walk with heels -_-lll easier for me to shops around too)

5th item : Accessories
- Cute heart shape ring
- Classic Hardware Retrolite Heart and Key Necklace
- Black glass bracelet
- Shalimar Black Mystery Eau de Perfume
- Ipod

- the end-

p/s : Next set coming soon

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