Aug 10, 2008

I heart Blogspot

I can blog AT LAST, few weeks back, something wrong with my blogspot, I couldn't upload any picture. This irk me alot lorh bt luckily now i can upload all the stupidity photo that i took with my ex-classmates *winkz*

Let the photo(s) do the talking , STAY TUNE
Check out the sampat-ness and stupidity that hits us *lmao*


Seeing that working life is so hectic with all the peer pressure, frantic and etc, therefore I think its time to pamper myself thru shopping. I haven't been pampering myself very much here lately. Although I did yesterday I bought a new mini skirts, a high waist skirt, bag and a new top and 1 new pair of earrings. *winkz* That's how I usually pamper myself, by going on a shopping spree. *Yippie*

Check out the items that I bought in Treadzoo bazaar yesterday.

OooOOoo~~ can't wait for the next bazaar..

Taa !!

p/s : Want to view more picture ?!
Too bad i'm too lazy to upload *kekeke*


c r y s t said...

that denim mini!! is it from stit stit? HAHA i almost buy it that day.. ;)

3=2+1 said...

I'm nt tat sure its from who.
Lol! izit ? Luckily u didnt buy it or else i'll cry ;p I cant resist it too til she said its only 5 bucks, then i quickly purchase without thinking. Love it so muccchhh ^___^