Aug 10, 2008

Immature Piggy

A short brief of PIGGY’s working life :-

I’ve entered the work-world, and spend each day waiting the day to come to an end. Been working like a buffalo for the past few weeks and so far I still couldn’t find any of my new colleagues that I can go crazy with. Maybe because most of them are not around the same age as I am, therefore I don’t feel quite at home *snort*

My job scope is still pretty new to me. It's a constant challenge since I started and I’ve got lots to learn! Actually, im still on the fence as to whether this is what i really want to do; because all the while, i've always thought of myself doing something related to media - Advertising, Events or PR , something that i'm really comfortable in doing. Since I have learned the gravity of problems, i've always been unsure with calls and mails handling. Lol. I do it now, but i dont like all those calling, mails and etc.

Apparently, the last few weeks have been one big attempt for me to escape from what I fear (9-5 job, acting hardworking, politics, etc). Therefore, I have chosen many paths, paths that have not been right for me. I have left a lot of jobs on bad terms (I "copped out" a lot). Like I have been running away from adulthood, I have ran from job to job, as I mentioned, leaving on bad terms. I know my coworkers and boss (yes, I am talking at the job for which I am currently employed) have know idea what to think of me. I am sure they wonder why I avoid being at work (we are allowed to make our own hours, something I don't have the discipline to do). I am sure they think I am odd.

My new job just encompasses all the things that I feel for, be it in a good way or bad. Best of all, I get to be a PR executive in my first job! But it’s just a name only. However, it is still a good platform that allows me to learn about servicing industries.

It always seems to be just a matter of time before I "Jump the Couch" (like Tom Cruise) at every job. Things always begin well. Oddly enough, I interview well. Then....something happens, a communication breakdown between another employee and me, a work load that is not into my interest and with my sub-par coping skills, or anything that seems out of my control. As always, when the "shit goes down" I bolt. I guess I shall just pick something that I’m enjoy doing it so I won’t find that myself dreading to work anymore.

Okok, i'm rambling too much about my job.

There are a few health issues at home - mainly my grandma. Sigh. Hopefully everything turns out well and everyone stays healthy , happy and WEALTHY *evil grins*

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