Oct 24, 2008

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

Halloween - Ghost

Something creepy is happening! Everyone was discussing the spookiness and eeriness of Malaysia’s first ever Silent Halloween organized by Nokia and Nuffnang. Everyone shares the same topic -> Silent Halloween for the past few weeks, this has been a hit topic everywhere and anywhere such as office spaces, saloons , gyms and esp kopi-tiam(s). FYI, i'm a "Kampung girl" who had never been to any Halloween party before *big wet eyes* as Halloween is something of a non-event in this country (Malaysia) and this time I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic. *if I’m able to win the tickets*

Well you’re wrong if you assume that “Silent Halloween” means no laughter, no voices, no goblins, no ghosts, no Sabrina the witch, no mummy. There is music for every holiday---and Halloween is no exception especially with Nokia XpressMusic ! The first ever music that I purchased/downloaded to my handphone is “The Addams Family” ringtones.

And I’m always at the center of attraction when ever my hand phone rang; it’s not because of the prettiness or cutetiness of the owner (>.<) but it's the sound quality of my Nokia . I’m able to set every different new ringtones to different callers to amazed my friend and most of the time I’ll be threatened to send them the ringtones, but motionless their sound system is not as good as my NOKIA *evil grins*

This year, Silent Halloween organized by Nokia and Nuffnang is a fun time for people of all ages to dress up and eat tons of candy! What are some of your favorite Halloween costumes? Here is mine:-

The Black Witch

The bloodsucking vampire
The catwoman

The sciccorshand

It should be a glorious day for the kids *like me* to get their treats. Let’s adventure the Silent Halloween with costumes and make ups on to say "Trick or Treat" with a smile and giggles. Let's party ghostlet(s) !!!

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